Ponderings…or How To Kill a Demon

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


July 14th

Dear Journal,

Finally, I am starting to actually feel like I’m waking up and this is only my third cup of coffee and probably the same number of cigarettes at this point. I know that I feel like the luckiest man in the world because my being tired this morning has a lot to do with my lovely wife being extremely amorous last night. It was extremely difficult for me to get out of bed this morning because she lay there in my arms, her body next to mine and it was all that I could do not to wake her up for a morning romp.

I can lean forward a little bit in my chair here at the desk and look directly into the bedroom to see her laying there with our kitten, Junior, curled up next to her. Little bugger just seems to know the warmest spots on your body to snuggle. I know he wasn’t too pleased last night when he was summarily booted out of the room and into the office to spend some time with Pan and Lumina – we had other things that we wanted to do and some parts of my body seem to be targets for him, which causes a great deal of coitus interrupts.

Yes, I will admit that my mind keeps wandering back to the bedroom; however, I do need to concentrate on a few things for the business before it gets completely out of hand and Dawnglory goes off the deep end on me. He’s been doing a fantastic job in Orgrimmar with the new hires and getting them properly evaluated and placed in the ranks, which is more than I can say for what I’ve been doing here in Dalaran.

I was very happy to run into Raleth and the rest of the group at the Inn the other night because it was a definite change for Amyn and me. If we hadn’t of run into them we wouldn’t have this latest addition of a furry little runt named Pan Junior in our midst either. We’ve been too reclusive of late and we need to start getting out more and seeing people that we know. After all, we can’t be parents and business people all of the time, it gets rather boring. Of course, it seems that with all of the weddings that have been going on of late, the talk has turned to children…well, how to make them it seems. I think Amyn and I have that bit down to an art form with our children at least…we did seem to have the boys rather quickly although my stepsons are a bit further spaced apart in years. We didn’t say anything to anyone but we are actually trying to have another baby ourselves, which is no surprise.

I’ve never been with Amyn throughout a whole pregnancy because I’m an ass and would run off to take care of business or just sort of wander away while she carrying our sons. I’m ashamed to say that it was just purely the idea of making more money to take care of my ever growing family and wanderlust to find the perfect mate, when I already had the best one in Azeroth. Just being a stupid male, I suppose.

Yes, I’m still worried about this woman in Silvermoon and I have been waiting to hear back from Felestrien to see what our next steps can be to rid ourselves of this threat. I have also found out that there has been some trouble between Faendra and Felessa, which, not surprisingly seemed to be rather a silly young girl thing. Apparently, Fae was angry enough to get physical with Felessa and punched her in the nose and I guess there was some hair pulling and scratching that went on too. Then, this Angel seemed to befriend Felessa even more. This is a very dangerous being and she is trying to undermine my family as surely as the sun rises in the morning.

Felestrien and I know that she is pure evil on two feet and we have to figure out a way to rid ourselves of her. Someone or something that is trying to take over my life. I am still mortified that this thing has taken the body of my dearly departed love from years ago and has reanimated the body. She looks the same, she doesn’t act the same and you can feel the hatred when she is near. Is she a danger to me? Most assuredly. Is she a danger to my loved ones? I have no idea what she is doing. I do need to warn Felessa and Faendra about this creature without endangering them more than I already have because it is my responsibility. I also feel like this thing would not even have been created if it hadn’t of been for something stupid that I’ve done in the past. Its funny how karma will show up to collect its due at the most inopportune time.

I had no idea that Dawnglory’s sister felt the way that she did about me but I guess that was why she acted so strangely at our wedding. She performed the service as she was instructed to do and with the authority that she had been granted through her studies in Silvermoon, however, her emotions were definitely all over the map with it. I honestly had no clue that she had this little girl crush that had grown into something else. I’ve always looked on her as one of the girls comparable to being one of my sisters. Now, it seems that this Angel thing has formed an allegiance with her against my sister, Faendra; I really need to get this resolved before either of the girls are damaged permanently.

The big question in my mind, can we kill it without causing ripples to occur that might affect others? That’s the scary part. I know that this Angel is aware of my name and the connection that I have with my family. Does she know the long reaching relationships with the other people that I know? Is she doing this for revenge or power? So many unanswered questions keep flitting through my mind. I need to get this resolved as soon as possible so that we can all move on with our lives.

I know that we are still getting some more those packages delivered in Orgrimmar that Sollonne would normally deliver to me in person, however, no one has seen her in a while and I’m extremely worried. I know that she was delving into the background of these cultist or racial purist that seems to think that my family is a perfect target for them. I’ve done some checking around here in Dalaran to see if anyone has heard of a group called “The Shadows of Elune” – odd name that, however, it does pinpoint the fact that they are operating out of the Kaldorei city of Darnassus. How large is the group and how big of a threat are they to my sons in Stormwind or even to Amyn? I’ve spoken to my sons about the danger and they seem to understand that they need to be cautious with any strangers that might approach them.

Amyn knows of this group from what she has been able to find in her questioning of various people that she knows in Darnassus. It does appear as though they are a small group; however, that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. A bunch of zealots acting with any kind of organization or strategy can cause a great deal of damage. I’ve found this out when I was dealing with the Bloodsworn, they never seem to stop. Maybe this group is an offshoot of that one, you never really know.

My loving wife is a bit preoccupied with what has been happening through the efforts of this thing in Silvermoon and I know that she is trying everything in her power to find out what it is and how it can be dealt with. I was a bit angry with her. She has been searching for another avenue of ridding ourselves of this problem with different Paladins in Stormwind as well as trying to delve into the dark magic with a warlock that she has encountered. I’ve asked her to stop and all she did was give me that look that I know only too well which means that she is already making plans to do something about it whether I want her to get that deeply involved or not. How to you stop an angry Sentinel? Well, if she weren’t my wife, I’d kill her because that is the only way you can stop one of those things.

If this thing is similar to the Bokor that we dealt with in the past, I know that they are perfectly capable of body shifting but they have to have a base, vessel or an area where they keep something vital to their existence. I think it’s like a vessel of some sort similar to a soul shard, which I have a deathly fear of for several reasons. I willingly admit that I am extremely fearful of warlocks to start with, however, this thing seems to be even more powerful than that because she can flit in and out of existence with a mere wave of her hand. How she took control of me for those few moments outside of Silvermoon and wiped any thoughts from my mind of what she was doing almost has me afraid to return.

I need to go back to Silvermoon and confront this thing. It’s the only way that I can protect the girls there and to make sure that it goes elsewhere. Why did she choose this particular body and why is she intent on exacting some kind of revenge on me, personally? Maybe it’s not just me that she is after, maybe it’s something else. I wonder if I should force Faendra and Felessa to come back to Dalaran to live for a while. That would be an action that might stop this thing in its tracks; however, it could follow us here to the city.

I know that I am still wearing the necklace with the holy water to protect my mind from her intrusions, however, I wonder how much of that protection is actually masking what this thing is really doing and not allowing me to see what it is that she is truly after. I think that I am too insignificant for her to really want to do anything with. I know that these things probably live for power over the living and it shakes me to my very soul. There we go again, soul, maybe it is collecting souls.

I just know that I need to take some kind of action. I can’t stay here in Dalaran and hope for the best because it’s not going to happen. I’m not a coward and I hope to the Light that I am not a fool; however, I can’t wait indefinitely for Felestrien to finish his research on how to deal with this.


Fnor Morningstar


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