Did You Ever Feel Helpless and Confused?

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


July 15th

Dear Journal,

Well, I was able to catch up with Felestrien this morning or he was able to find me in my office at a very early and strange hour for one so recently wed. I will have to admit that my night last night was the exact opposite of what it had been the night before because my wife and I were battling about differences of opinion. It’s something that all couples go through at some point in their relationship and ours is not that different from others with the exception that we have been together longer than most. We were arguing about this thing in Silvermoon and some of the things that she has given our sons permission to do that I totally do not agree with. These things happen when you have two sets of children, my sons and stepsons, which have been raised almost completely by Amyn – which she will remind me of from time to time in the heat of an argument. She is definitely a spitfire and will not back down when her mind is made up, however, that’s why I think we’ve managed to stay together and even got married so late in our relationship, she’s my equal partner.

I was really rather shocked to see him standing at the door to the office because it was definitely earlier than most people would be out and about. I am assuming that he had been up late and hadn’t even retired for the night yet. He seems to do this sort of thing when he has fixated on something that has gotten his interest. Apparently, this issue with Angel has caught more than his attention.

I was surprised to hear that he had gone to the Argent Crusade to see if they had heard of anything of this nature. Luckily for us, I suppose, he found a Darkspear Champion at the grounds that had some knowledge of this kind of thing. He apparently had a name for this sort of thing which Felestrien wouldn’t even attempt to pronounce.

Felestrien had also carried in a very large satchel that looked rather bulky and heavy to carry. He reached in the bag and pulled out this large book that a wooden cover that was covered in very thick leather, the spine of the book was just a little bit more than rough bindings. He said that it was a compendium of some sort and then added a few expletives and just said it had some unpleasant shit in it. That I could believe, just by looking at the size of the book and the apparent age of the tome.

I wasn’t aware of this fact about the Crusade; apparently, they have been compiling phenomena information from all the various cultures around Azeroth. Apparently, some of the guesses that we had been making in regard to Angel were correct. She would have to have some kind of locus for her power to remain here and it feeds off of strong emotions such as anger, fear and sometimes lust. The higher the emotions in the people around it exhibit before their deaths, the more power she would get from the kills. We are already assuming that this thing has inhabited the unborn child of my late fiancée and that’s how she reanimated the body to start this hell with.

So, with the girls fighting in Silvermoon that would give her more power to feed from and whatever else she can gather on her own, which I would assume that there has been a rise in deaths along Murders Row that are going uninvestigated. Who would want to investigate murder scene where the apparent victim died of fear. I know I wouldn’t be anxious to delve into something like that either because it would take something pretty gruesome to scare a person to death.

I did tell Felestrien about the issue that was happening with Felessa and her apparent “love” for me that I was totally ignorant of at the time. How she had performed our wedding ceremony and how she had acted since she had gotten back to Silvermoon. I honestly was totally clueless about her feelings and I can assure you that they would not have been reciprocated other than the brotherly love and attention that I have shown her all of these years. I’m still in a state of shock over this revelation.

Apparently, Angel has befriended Felessa by feeding off of this broken hearted emotional state that she has been wandering around in, just drawing off that power. Of course, when the girls fought, that had to have been like a bonus charge of power for her.

Felessa felt so strongly about this physical confrontation that she went to Orgrimmar to see her brother, Dawnglory, and I assume that he did his usual thing of blowing it off. However, there was some mention from him that he was going to Silvermoon to talk to Faendra and meet this exquisite creature that his sister had told him about.

I know that I had spent a great deal of time this morning trying to get in touch with Dawnglory via our company comlink and have no luck with that. I wanted to warn him off about this girl that he was going to meet thanks to his sister’s involvement with her. I should have told him about the situation long before now, however, I thought that Felestrien and I could get the situation resolved without anyone else being the wiser – it looks like I was mistaken in those thoughts and my poor judgment could very well have cost my friend his life if he raised this creature’s ire.

While Felestrien was sitting here in the office and we were going over some of the information in the book, my comlink did go off. It definitely sounded like Dawnglory and he said that he and Felessa were trapped in a dark place somewhere and there was no way out. It really did sound like him, however, his voice sounded rather flat for someone that is usually very emotionally charged when he is verbalizing something. I know that I sat there with my mouth hanging open like some kind of village idiot and told Felestrien what was said on the link. I wasn’t all that sure when I verbalized it if that really was Fnar talking on the link or not – it was crazy.

At least the Light did give me a glimmer of intelligence back at that point because I decided to contact my sister, Faendra. She was asleep and sounded very drowsy and I don’t think that she would have let slip what she did if she had been totally awake. I asked her if Dawnglory was at the house and she answered in the affirmative that he was and was lying next to her in bed, sound asleep. Well, I was very relieved to hear that he was there, however, you could have knocked me over with feather when I found out he was indeed sleeping with my baby sister. I hope that he was just sleeping with her in the brotherly fashion and that he just happened to fall asleep on the bed with her and hasn’t been foolish enough to have physically “slept” with her. My best friend and business partner shagging my baby sister was not a visual that I wanted interjected into my mind along with all of the other things that I have going on.

Of course, this bit of information set me off on another emotional tirade that could have been left for another time. About how I hoped her virginity was still intact and that I had wanted something better for her than my partner. I had such hopes that she would make a good match in Silvermoon, meaning that I wanted something better for her and possibly something that would have brought her some prominence in the city. Not just a fellow like her brother, someone one of a better social standing than I could ever hope to attain. Luckily, I didn’t voice this to her on the comlink, however, I did voice it to Felestrien that got the most amused look on his face as he called Mother Hen.

I did ask Faendra if Felessa was at the house in Silvermoon and she said that she wasn’t. It seems that Felessa caught her brother with my sister and there was another fight. Angel was there and was witness to the new battle and hauled Felessa away in a pique of anger. Fae said that Felessa and Angel stormed out of the house and headed out the back gates of the city as quickly as their mounts could carry them heading towards the Ghostlands. Dawnglory tried to follow them for some distance because he wanted to bring Felessa back to the city and wanted to talk to her about what she thought she had seen. Fae said he told her that they just disappeared into thin smoke and her returned to the city because there was no way that he could track them. He had also lost his comlink, which means that the caller this morning was definitely not him, there was only one other person that I could think of that could imitate his voice so perfectly, however, it was dead of any emotion.

I wish I had forced the girls to move back to Dalaran prior to this all happening. They would have been safer here at the house than they are in Silvermoon, or so I had hoped. Not to mention, my sister wouldn’t have slept with my partner even though he has quarters here at the house not too many feet away from her room. I mentioned my thoughts of having the girls here in Dalaran prior to this and he said that he doubted it would have helped; it might have even given Angel access to the people here in the city that is close to me – Amyn and the boys.

I think that my main thought had been that this Angel would have come directly after me and would have left the people I care about alone; however, Felestrien definitely cleared that nonsense out of my mind rather quickly, as he usually does. He just said that she was siphoning off power from anyone she could before moves on.

I also had to tell him that I thought that Angel could have gained access to the house already due to a security breach with our wards on the house. Apparently, Vashlan, in his not too infinite wisdom, tried to help his brother out by shifting the wards around to allow access to the home by Kal’s lady friend. I was totally unaware of the wards being changed or even removed in some cases until we discovered someone trespassing in the house. I think that Felestrien was reasonably shocked at this announcement.

To say that the fertilizer hit the wind machine would be putting it mildly when I found out about the transgression. I actually almost struck my son, I know that I unleashed my wrath on him in such a manner that he probably won’t ever forget. Another reason why Amyn and I had our row last night. I got a mage to the house as soon as I discovered the transgression and had him repair the damages done by our apprentice mage. I also had him talk to Vashlan and to tell him that there is no way in all that was Holy that he could possibly be able to change these wards correctly at the level of training he had had.

Felestrien made a suggestion that I may take heed of. He suggested that we get one of the Senior Mages to set up a test for him secretly. Some kind of simulation that would show him exactly how much he doesn’t know about this magic art that he is still learning. I know that he needs to understand that he can’t play with something like this and he is definitely going to be told until such time as he can keep a city afloat on his own, he won’t be practicing his art here in Dalaran without permission from one of the Senior Mages.

I could definitely testify in a court of law that having children does more than complicate your life. It takes your life, spins it around a few times and drops it to the ground suddenly only to be picked up again and the process repeated. I love my wife and my children more than life itself, however, if someone would have told me the stress they can put you under a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed them. If it were a battlefield, I don’t even think a flag of truce would work.

Felestrien also showed me a passage from this tome that stated that the thing would have to its locus stored in a place that was important to the host, which in this case is departed fiancée, because it is a parasite of some sort that would be completely clueless about that sort of thing. This thing has been brought over through Chaos, which means it has no way of taking on a form of its own, it needed that unborn child as a locus and utilized the dead body of my fiancée as a tool to move through this plane.

I know that I must look like the biggest fool in the world at this point. Who would have thought that by having sex with someone on an altar in the Nether would have brought something like this into the world and cost a woman and my child their lives.

The only place that I could think of that this thing might have taken up any kind of residence, via its host, was in the old estate that her grandparents had died in years ago. The manse was abandoned and was all but falling down. However, my beloved wanted to renovate it and turn it into the showplace that it once was and welcome the Silvermoon society back into its walls. It’s the only place that I can think of that would possibly work and it is in the direction that the girls fled when they left Silvermoon last night.

I guess I need to have that property searched, as fallen down as it is, there can only be a couple of places that anyone could possibly hide. From what this book says, I need to have a priest, a paladin and a warlock involved in the searches because if there is a “soul” hidden there, it will get flushed out and the only one that will be able to capture it completely would be a warlock. One of the things that the book also mentions is the fact that if the locus us destroyed, it will lose control over the current host and will immediately try to find a new one that’s either helpless against its powers or has given consent to allow them to be used as a new host.

So, in a nutshell, that means that I have to have another host lined up for it or we have been able to find a ritual that will banish it back to the Nether from which it came. Sounds easy when you put it down on paper, however, I have an awful feeling in my gut that this is not going to be very easy at all. If I were able to find the locus today and destroyed it, the chances of Felessa being possessed are greater than I would even want to think about.

From the way that the runes lit up in the book when Felestrien was running his finger down the page and hit this one area, I’d say that this book has some magic of its own combined with his own faith in the Light. One thing specifically stood out in my mind as he read this out loud “Chaos beings want a body because they don’t have corporeal forms. They feed off the energies only beings like us can produce.”

I guess that means that if we were to find that locus today and destroyed it that it would then take over Felessa because she is probably the most innocent and unguarded person I have ever met. I guess that if that were to happen, there would be no guarantee that Felessa, the one we know, would survive that possession.

Felestrien said that he was going to write a letter to the Crusade at the Bulwark because they would take this threat very seriously. I guess they have a group of warlocks in that area as well. I think that we are going to need all the help that we can get and be as prepared as we possibly can before we confront this thing.

No, I’m not going to go charging into Silvermoon like I have an army at my back. I am going to warn Faendra and Dawnglory about the situation, which I should have done before now. I will also hire some of the Rangers to go out and search for the missing “girls” and have them get a priest, a paladin and warlock to go along with them just in case there is a confrontation.

I guess that Felestrien has had his hands full with his wife of late too. She was apparently taken ill and is on the mend now. I won’t go into any of the details at this point because if anyone were to read this journal, they would probably just shake their heads and run away. I hope that they will be okay; this couple has been through a lot in the short time that they have been together.

I will also take a swing around the exterior of the city because I just know that that Sentinel wife of mine is lurking in the woods there. She almost said as much this morning before she left in a snit, that she could handle things faster herself as I could with all of my planning. I hope that she hasn’t done anything stupid because I know that my life wouldn’t be worth living if anything happened to her.

Well, off to Silvermoon and putting what plans I do have into action now. Then, comes the time of waiting to see what else might happen with this being.


Fnor Morningstar


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