Worrying About Children…Some Adults Too

July 18th

Dear Journal,

Fnor didn’t come night before last like I had thought he would but from what he told me, he had his hands full and made a mess of things. Apparently, in his zeal of trying to be the over-protective brother with his sisters, he did get more than a bit carried away.

I know with this monster that has been stalking him and, now, has started going after the girls in Silvermoon has him bordering on another one of those meltdowns that I have seen him go through in the past. It seems that this Angel has kidnapped Dawnglory’s sister. Fnor has hired some Rangers to track them down. If he had stopped to think for a moment, he should have let me know because I have people over in the area that could have been very effective in trying to locate them faster. Silly man, he will learn that he doesn’t have to do everything himself one of these days, that’s why he married to me. I’ve already gotten in touch with my people and whether the Rangers will even realize it or not, they will have shadows moving along with them.

Poor fellow definitely over-reacted with the Dawnglory and Faendra thing. We almost had an argument about it when he told me what happened and I told him my opinion. Fae is old enough to decide for herself if she wants to take a man into her bed and it’s really none of his business. He has to let go of some his Sindorei ideals with their planned marriages for whatever reason. Faendra is a very smart girl, not just in education but she has good common sense and I have never seen her act inappropriately at any time. Besides, she and Dawnglory would make a very attractive couple even if he is almost as old as Fnor, he’s still very handsome in that blonde rakish way and he knows it too.

I’m very frightened of what has happened because Dawnglory’s sister, Felessa, is definitely in danger with this Angel person and the silly child probably is clueless to the fact that she’s in serious trouble. I guess that Dawnglory is staying in Silvermoon with Faendra and will be working with the Rangers to try and find his sister. I’m sure that Fnor would have wanted to stay and take control like he usually does, however, under the circumstances, I’m just happy that he came home.

I’m sure that it will take a little while for the dust to settle with this physical confrontation that he had with his business partner and best friend. Fnor didn’t come out of it unscathed either because he sporting quite the shiner. Seems that Fnar can throw as good a punch as Fnor and I can’t blame him either with the way that Fnor was trying to beat his brains out.

I know that we got some very welcomed news when I went to the Lounge night before last. Lali is pregnant with Raleth’s child. She’s still very early on with her pregnancy but she definitely does have that glow about her. I know that couldn’t be happier for them. We talked about midwives and that sort of thing while we were sitting there and I am sure that the young man at the table was more than a little bit bored with the hens clucking about a new baby being added to our growing number. Lali will have an easier time of it here in Dalaran because she will be surrounded by her friends and the people are just more open about things. I know that she and Raleth will find out how different your life becomes once you’ve added a little person to your household.

No, I’m not pregnant yet, which was kind of disappointing, however, we have all the time in the world to make that happen. I am truly enjoying running the business in Stormwind and being able to come and go as I wish without the added worry of having to take care of a new baby just yet. Fnor was disappointed far more than I was when we knew that all of our efforts had all been in vain, however, he is determined to keep trying. I don’t mind that at all. I think it just takes time to get all of the herbs out of your system too, which, I had been taking quite regularly there for a while to prevent an unwanted surprise.

There appears to be another faction forming in Stormwind these days that has caused me concern about the boys staying in the city without being properly guarded. Another group similar to the other zealots that want to stamp out the mixed breeds. This is nothing new and I have been dealing with this sort of thing since Kaldor took his first steps, which was quite a while ago. It isn’t the children’s fault that their parents were of different races and they are not blight on the humanity which these people seem to rant and rave about. Kaldor, Vashlan and I will be very careful when we are dealing with the citizens of Stormwind because you never know if someone that is near to you might be one of these zealots.

I am almost determined to demand that the boys come home to Dalaran; however, it would be rather difficult to get that demand answered. Kaldor is just finding his own level and is capable of handling any difficulty in his own fashion; however, Vashlan is another story. He needs to be somewhere that he can get the proper training without being under my wing all of the time. A wild mage is a dangerous one and that would get him killed faster, I would think, than being of mixed heritage. Fnor knows nothing about this new group in the city and the rumors have been flying around the city quite a bit of late. I know that the boys will be careful and I know that Kal won’t let anything sneak up on him, however, Vash is the one I’m more concerned about because when he has his nose in a book, the world could come to an end and he wouldn’t notice until he stopped concentrating on what has his attention.

Speaking of the city, I do need to go to Darnassus today to talk to a few people as well as stopping off in Dolonaar to see my youngest two sons and my parents. They are really enjoying being grandparents and are trying to get me to let the boys stay for a while longer because of their schooling and their friends that they have made. I will have to discuss this with Fnor because he misses the two little scamps getting into so many things here in Dalaran.

I had to laugh at Fnor’s response to how the boys were doing. He’s very proud of the older boys and how well they have turned out; however, he just rolls his eyes when the little guys start their antics. He says he wants to be a good example for them and maybe they will just settle down. After the debacle in Silvermoon, he truly has no room to talk. They are little boys and as children, they are going to have to learn some things by doing them. No matter how much time you spend talking to them, they are just going to have to experience things for themselves – that includes the oldest two as well. There isn’t much for them to do in Dalaran and I they aren’t used to being as confined as they are here.

It was nice seeing Fnor back home, even if slightly bruised up and frazzled. I think that he is afraid that he has damaged his friendship with Dawnglory more than he is about hurting his sister’s feelings. He was very upset that he lost his temper enough to have struck her more than anything. I don’t think that he has ever struck a woman off the battlefield in a pique of anger that I am aware of. He was already doing his thing of trying to find something that will make it up to her.

All of this stuff in Silvermoon has us all on edge and I am afraid that it will come to a bad end if we don’t get it resolved soon.


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