WTF!! That’s My Sister!!

**Lots of language, so be warned ahead of time.  If you’re easily offended by coarse language, don’t read this.**

July 18th


I’m fucking tired. I’m fucking scared. I’m fucking worried. I’m still fucking angry at Fnor Morningstar and my nose still hurts, although it’s not broken, still hurts like a sonofabitch. I think that I’m just fucked anyway I look at it.

I haven’t written in a while and I don’t even know why I’m writing now except that I can’t talk to anyone at the moment. My sister is still missing and we’re still looking. I had to come back to Silvermoon to get a change of clothes, maybe a bath and some food other than the trail food that these Rangers seem to think is okay – it sucks.

I’m really angry with Fnor for many things right now, the biggest being that he neglected to tell the girls about this Angel thing, person or whatever in the fuck she is and left them totally vulnerable to whatever in the fuck she is doing. What a stupid, self-centered, selfish mother fucker would do that to sister, my sister and least of all to me?? I’m so angry about this that when I start thinking about while I’m writing about it, my hands start shaking.

It was bad enough that I stopped in to visit with the girls in Silvermoon and to see if I couldn’t settle this little girly row they had going and Felessa caught me kissing Faendra which set off another fight with the two of them. I don’t know who scratched my face but that fucker hurts too.

I saw this Angel kind of slip in the room in the middle of this cat fight with me in the middle and she laughed at us. I was about to turn around and bitch slap her face when she grabs Felessa by the hand and starts running out of the door. Okay, time for me to start chasing the bitch and my sister…stupid ass that I was, I’m running through Silvermoon chasing them in my armor which definitely slowed me down quite a bit or I might have caught up with them and just beat the shit out of this Angel. I think my sister must have been unhinged because all she was doing was running with this woman in a red dress and laughing hysterically. When I called out to them to stop, Felessa seemed to hesitate and the bitch slapped her – which made me want to kill her right there. I chased them until they disappeared on me.

The bitch was taunting me by just stopping long enough to yell out that I might have been fun in bed. What the fuck? I’ve never met this woman and I sure as hell don’t think I would have taken her to bed if I had met her. I may act like I screw everything in the world that lies still long enough; however, I do have some discretionary moments. I really don’t sleep with as many women as some people think that I do but that’s part of my own doing.

I got back to the house after just throwing my hands in the air after I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with them without a mount. How they were moving that fast, I’ll never know, I just felt like I had two tons of weight on my feet and I was slogging through mud while I was chasing them. They were just close enough for me to hear the laughter of Felessa’s hysterics which really made me want to make the whole thing stop. I’ll never forget that laugh, it was not my sister’s laugh, it was some crazy bitch.

I know that I was crying when I got to the house and somehow ended up in Faendra’s bedroom. We were both crying and I think that we were both a little bit hysterical ourselves. I know that I was holding her and she was holding me – we both fell asleep lying in one another’s arms on her bed.

What I should have done when I got back into the confines of Silvermoon was to have contacted the guards and told them what had happened and maybe they would have done something other than look at me like a stupid buffoon with scratches on his face. I didn’t know at the time that somehow I had lost my comlink which had cut me off from everyone. Who knows where in the hell it was? I know now that this Angel had it, how she got it during the brief time that she was in the room and I was trying to stop the girls, I’ll never know. Anyway, the bitch has it.

I guess Fnor called the next morning real early and Fae made the mistake of telling him that I was with her, lying next to her in the bed asleep – which is fucking true, I was asleep. He called her because he couldn’t get in touch with me because my comlink wasn’t with me – right?

Even if he had talked with me at the time, I would have sounded like a real dumbass because I was worried about my sister and I just wanted to get out there and see if I couldn’t find her. I didn’t know anything about this Angel at that point. I wish to hell I had because I might have just shot the bitch instead of chasing them.

Oh no, Mr. Asshole, didn’t want to get the girls involved in his troubles. Well, guess what, Asshole? Just because you wanted to solve a problem on your own, you left your sister and mine in a position of being in a lot more danger by keeping your fucking mouth shut. If anything happens to Felessa, you’re a fucking dead man, best friend or not.

I heard Fnor’s bike when he pulled up in front of the house making all the racket that he could. He likes to announce his arrival like that, what a dick! I was in my room getting dressed after taking a bath and I walked out into the foyer like an idiot when he called out my name. The mother fucker punched me in the face before I could even say anything and we ended up tearing up half the house because he thought I was shagging his sister. He didn’t even stop to ask about my sister, he was just interested in kicking my ass for something that didn’t happen. We didn’t stop hitting each even when we went through the big window in the sitting room and ended up out in the front yard like a couple of alley cats locked in combat over some piece of ass. Naturally, the commotion caught the attention of some of the guards in the area and we almost got arrested for disturbing the peace. I don’t know which one of the bastards pulled my hair to get me off Fnor but when I find out, I’m going to kick him in the nuts, and my head still hurts. We had to promise them that we would stop our unseemly behavior and go back in the house to settle whatever it was that we had going.

We were both stupid, we should have said why we were fighting and told them about my sister being a missing person but we didn’t. We were both just mentally and emotionally unhinged as any village idiot at that point. I still think I got in some good shots on Fnor and I think I may have kneed him a few time in the balls which ought to keep his dick inactive for a while.

Fae was still in the house, crumpled up on the floor, crying like a baby. Poor little thing had tried to break up the fight and got hit by her brother. I wanted to help her up but her brother was a bit faster than me, damn him. She and I both started talking at once to explain to Shit Head about what had happened and that we weren’t screwing ourselves senseless. That’s when I almost lost again because he starts telling us about this Angel. Oh, if I hadn’t already been through enough with the fight and my sister getting hauled off by some demonic thing, I would have strangled him and pissed on his corpse.

Of course, nothing would do for him. We had to go to the Rangers and hire some of them along with a warlock, a paladin and whatever to go out and look for the girls. Okay, we did that and I went out with them because Felessa is my sister and I have to get her back. First I’m going to kill Angel and we’ll be done with that bitch and then I’m going to give Fnor the dressing down that I should have done a long time ago.

Who the fuck does he think he is? I wish to the Light he had told the girls about Angel when this all started happening. I wish that he had kept his dick in his pants when he was screwing the girl that died and got her pregnant. Now, she’s back in some other form because he fucked her in the Nether.

Yes, I’m still angry with him and yes, I’m just sick with all of this shit that shouldn’t’ have been happening if he had just opened his mouth and communicated what was going on. The girls would have been in Dalaran or Orgrimmar and not at the mercy of this witch bitch. This is all his fault and he had better believe that I am going to chew him a new ass when this all gets resolved. Best friend, business partner or not…he had no right to put us all in his shit.

If I want to go to bed with Fae and she wants to sleep with me, it’s none of his business. We’re all adults, well, mostly. I care about Faendra in a way that he can’t even imagine. She has been like a sister to me in some ways and all woman in others. Why doesn’t he just mind his own business when it comes to that sort of thing? Fae isn’t something that he can buy his way up the ladder with in Silvermoon. Why the fuck should he care other than it would make some difference as to how he feels about things and it would probably help the business.

Do I love Fae or can I say that? I don’t know. I just know that she makes me feel differently about women when I’m with her. She isn’t just someone I want to sleep with; she’s someone that I want to care about on a different level. Oh fuck, never mind. I’m not even going to get started on that drivel. I need some sleep and then it’s off to join back up with the Rangers again.

Fnar Dawnglory

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