You Have To Love Technology Sometimes

I’ve been sitting here at my desk and just staring at two computers that I want to drop kick into the next universe.  It’s not the computer’s fault, I don’t think but it is the only thing I can put my hands on at the moment.

I had written quite a bit last night when our internet decided to take a whirl and go off line until after 2:00 a.m. due to someone’s misfortune of having an accident and taking out the main cable, phone and internet boxes that Xfinity has on one of the main thoroughfares.

I was writing happily along because I couldn’t play WoW with the internet down and had quite a bit written.  Got up this morning to finish up one of the blogs before posting to WordPress and  Lo and Behold, all of the posts that I had written and saved off on flash drive for Fnor were gone, all of them for the past year.  I started looking around and the ones that I had written last night were corrupted and I was unable to open them with the exception of Kal’s that I posted this morning.   I actually lost a few folders with data in them as well.   This only affected the folders that I had saved documents to last night.  Okay, not being a computer expert, I contacted Microsoft with the issue, paid the $100 fee for the super duper advanced assistance that you have to use for this kind of thing for the people handling Office.  Nothing, let’s just say that the money is going to be refunded.

I tried various and sundry different recovery tools that I found on the web, nothing.  Nope it wasn’t a problem with the flash drive itself either, all of the diagnostics that Microsoft ran and that I ran showed that it was operating as it should.

The only tidbit of information that I was able to gleen from this traumatic event was that all of these documents were saved off with the .doc extension which Microsoft is telling is very unstable.  Okay, this is one we’ve all used for years and I’ve never had this happen.  So, now, supposedly, I am to use the .docx extension for my documents. Luckily for me I have a lot of my stuff posted on Wraorg and WordPress, which I will now spend a few days transfering them back to another flash drive.

I was actually more upset about the RP blogs that I lost more than I was about the book that I have been working on for two years, which I had reached a roadblock with anyway – my brain just decided that it didn’t like the story and hadn’t even opened it for a couple of weeks.   Oh, I did check for viruses and nothing showed up even with doing an indepth scan.

So, if I seem to be a bit distracted and really not on my mark today when I finally get to get into the game of WoW, it’s because I’m still mourning my losses.


2 thoughts on “You Have To Love Technology Sometimes

    • Luckily, I found my back up that I had made on my laptop, just in case and I have been able to recover all but one of the documents now. I’ll admit I was sitting here with tears streaming down my face there for a while – all that work. Guess keeping a backup of a backup isn’t all bad. *Happy dances*

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