Stalking the Prey…Part I

We searched for days; it seems like and finally found the old abandoned building, just as I remembered it. Of course, the years had eaten away at some of the things that were left behind, pieces of old furniture lay rotting in the rooms, drapery hung at the windows almost as sheer as the cobwebs that had joined with them. The house smelled of rotted age and it smelled of old death – a fresh kill has a much fresher scent, almost metallic as it wafts under your nostrils through the air.

Dawnglory and I both knew that Felessa was here in this building, the tracks led here and the cats seemed to know she was here, however, they were very nervous about crossing the rotten threshold as if there were some kind of barrier there stopping them.

I know that as I was standing there, the thoughts of time passed raced through my mind. The first time that I had been to this building with my beloved Noble Lady, M’Lady was what I called her all of the time, it was a game we played with one another. I know that my reverie was disturbed by the trill of a night bird and the soft hoot of an owl which caused me to almost jump because of the nearness of them.

My loving wife was not far away with her little band of people from Stormwind. I will have to tell her how dangerous this was at another time for her to bring her people so close to a full complement of Rangers here in Tranquillien, so very close that I could almost think that I could see their shadows in the brush, I couldn’t hear any footsteps or any other sounds, they moved like ghostly shadows in the darkness.

I know that there have been many comparisons to Sentinels and Rangers in the past; however, I have never seen a Ranger moving as stealthily as these Kaldorei will do in a wooded area; they almost become one with the forest. It is a second nature to them, these creatures of the night forests. I can remember my younger years before I was seasoned enough to know that these Kaldorei can make a kill without making a sound and blend back into the forest, without a trace or any sound before you even realize that they have breached your perimeter. Rangers can move with as much stealth as these Sentinels, however, I don’t think that we were granted with the grace that these beings seem to possess.

I know that Paladin with our Ranger group was already starting a part of his ritual prior to our going any further into the old dilapidated building, the priest was joining in with soft incantations, the warlock was already preparing her runes and had her soul shards at the ready. We would be moving soon, to start the final assault on this being. This was not going to be a full frontal assault because it would forewarn Angel of our coming and she might have a chance to shift her power to another source.

Dawnglory and I had discussed this with the Rangers and we all agreed that it would be advantageous if I removed my necklace, opening myself to the powers of this being, as a distraction. Possibly bring her out and away from the source and away from her latest victim, Fnar’s sister. We were just hoping that she hadn’t done anything to Felessa, such as some kind of conversion for a new resting place. We were gambling with not only our lives but the lives of everyone involved.

I really wish that I had had a chance to notify Felestrien of what it was we were doing; however, I knew that he had his own issues to take care with his wife and children. He at least was able to discern what we might be dealing with and gave us all some idea of what it is that we needed to do. I don’t trust this strange Paladin from Silvermoon; however, the Rangers seem to think that he is one of the best in the region. However, he’s not my friend and the trust is just not there. If he makes one mistake, it could spell doom for all of us. I’ve met the warlock before and she is good at what she does, however, I’m fighting with myself and trying to tell myself that I have nothing to fear from her, the thing I fear is in this building.

Dawnglory says that he can hear a faint humming sound beneath our feet, as if someone were chanting something very low and very methodically. He said that the voice sounds like his sister’s, although, it’s changed and he can’t make out what the humming actually is. Could be that the person is indeed chanting a spell, or something; you can almost taste the danger in the air.

I know that I was upset with our warlock because she is saying that she will grasp the being known as Angel and force her into a soul shard as well as pulling Felessa’s soul into a shard as well. I don’t understand, will that be the end of Felessa as we know her? Can we get her soul back into her body undamaged?

I hear a click from behind me as if someone was notching an arrow into a bow and then I hear a call of the owl from tree line again. This time, the call is one that Amyn and I have used a lot…withdraw, the time is not right. I hand signal Fnar and the bowman with us and we slowly start retracing our steps back out of the building and crossing the threshold.

I know that when we crossed the road and came to a stop on the hill where the other Rangers had gathered, you could almost feel the tension leave the air. The time was not right; our prey may or may not be aware of our incursion into their territory. For all of sakes, I hope that she doesn’t know how close we are.

So, we wait.

(To Be Continued)






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