Another Visit With A Friend

July 25th


Dear Journal,

I had such a great evening with Makota. I had no idea she was coming to Thunder Bluff and I was sitting by the bonfire just reading a book before I needed to go inside and sleep for a while. I was a little tired and I just hope that it didn’t show.

She is so sweet that it is hard for me to think sometimes when I am around here. I asked Nahai if he ever had trouble like that and he just laughed. You see, Makota is the first girl that I have ever spent any time with other than my sister and my Mom. I usually get too shy to talk and then I just kind of wander away from them.

We talked about Makota’s kodo and she is so very pleased to have her. I know how I felt when I got my first mount, they are the most marvelous things and you can just shower them with all of the attention that you want because they like that.

I guess she did come to Thunder Bluff on Sunday and saw part of the Story Circle and seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. She is very shy and wondered why some of the other patrons didn’t really notice her. I felt bad that I hadn’t been home to go with her but I had some business to take care of in Orgrimmar that day and didn’t get home until very late. I told her that I would make sure that I was going to be in Thunder Bluff for the next one and that I would go with her.

She seemed to be very surprised at the crowd that attended there. Well, yes, a lot of the people make a special trip here just for that every week. I know Mom likes to sit in the doorway of the house sometimes and just listen to the stories while she knits or does some mending. Mom wasn’t at Story Circle this week either because she was visiting an old friend in Bloodhoof.

I guess Makota’s guardian, Ahali is feeling better now. She had been very worried about him when we first met because he hadn’t been feeling well. It could have been any number of things wrong with the old fellow. I know my Mom hadn’t been feeling that great either, however, whatever it was has gone away. They are both old and I know that old Tauren can be a bit moody at times. Who knows?

I hope to see Makota again soon because she is fun to talk with and she seems interested in my family. Maybe I should talk to them and we could have dinner either before or after the Story Circle on Sunday. I know my Mom is anxious to meet her because she’s the first girl that I have ever had anything to do with.

I hope that Makota gets over her fear of Naton one of these days. He’s my older brother and he’s a Death Knight that is different from all of the stories that I am sure that she must have heard. He’s gentle and kind. When that hunger arises, he leaves for a while and comes back, acting just the same as always. I know that he has asked me to help him get some more mithril ore because he has several orders to fill before the end of the month at the smithy. I still like to go watch him work; he makes some beautiful armor that people seem to clamor for these days. Which I had better stop writing and go start doing some mining before I have to go back and talk to my instructors about what they have planned for me next.


Tahfal Cloudhoof


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