Stalking The Prey – Part II – Finale

July 26th

((Due to the lack of interest on the part of the participants on this particular level of this story, I have decided to discontinue it. 99.9% of the participants were actually my characters in-game. It had great potential to go a lot further than it did, however, I am less inclined to utilize my creativity on something that no longer interests me.))


We waited patiently on the hillside with the Rangers. I think that we were all overly anxious to get the job done and end this charade. I was certain that we could handle almost anything with the people that we had in our group. Fnar and I were just anxious to end this, get his sister back in one piece and put this all behind us.

I’ll admit that our friendship has taken some damage from this adventure and will someday get back to where it once was. I was stubborn and blinded by my own ego to think that I could handle this whole ordeal alone. It has caused a lot of friction between us all that shouldn’t have been allowed to happen.

We were standing there, waiting, after Amyn had given her signal from the woods that we should withdraw to a safe area. Now, I could see a strange light emanating from what would have been the basement and saw Angel emerge slowly. It was almost as if she were aware that there were others in the area, however, she continued further away from the house. Here was the opportunity that we had waited for, the time that the thing would be away from its source.

The paladin, priest and warlock were ready for the assault as were we all. I could hear some chirps and trills from the woods as Amyn’s group moved in for their attack on the animated body that we were calling Angelese. I heard a shot from the woods and could tell that the Kaldorei were in pursuit of our prey, or at least this portion of it.

The Rangers rushed towards the basement entry and descended the stairs with Fnar and me following closely with them. What we found in the basement was horrific enough that it did cause us to pause in the assault.

A large glass container was sitting on an altar surrounded by a glowing light and the contents seemed to be aware of our presence. It was a malformed child floating in some fluid that seemed to be very much a sentient being. Before I could even take a moment to think things through, the jar crashed to the ground and the “thing” within it was hacked to bits.

Fnar saw his sister huddled in a corner of the room, her arms wrapped around her knees with a very vacant looking face. The body was there, we weren’t sure that Felessa’s soul was still intact. He scooped her up and headed back outside and I could hear him as he fled, calling her name with no response.

I could hear some of the shouts from outside of the confines of the basement, the pop of spells being cast, the glimmer of magic in the air as it sped on its way. I could also hear the cries from the Kaldorei contingent and see the flashes of light from the direction that Angel had taken.

When the Rangers and I headed in the direction of the sound of conflict, we saw what was happening. The Stormwind warlock was busy trying to get the soul shard of the creature as the Paladin hurled his powers at the same time. I watched as Angel’s body crumpled to the ground, a light of a very odd color seemed to emanate from her…something searching for another body to inhabit perchance. I heard the warlock shout out and the light disappeared.

((And so ends this chapter in the Morningstar/Dawnglory saga of the raging thing called Angel.))






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