Talking with Makota…maybe a trip to Dalaran someday

July 31st

Dear Journal,

I was sitting out by the bonfire this evening as is my usual place to read away from the family and I saw Makota walk up.  I know that I was smiling and had a bit of a chuckle because she was afraid that she had missed Story Circle.  I think that she was embarrassed a bit when I told her that Story Circle was yesterday.  I know it happens, I sometimes lose track of all time when I am studying and working all of the time.  Maybe we will be able to go to Story Circle next week when they have it again.  I don’t even think that my Mom made it to the Circle this weekend either because she usually has some of the tales that she likes to share with us at dinner.

I know that I am always nervous when I am talking to Makota and the only thing I don’t do is to shut up like one of those clams when she is around.  When I get around a crowd of people, I can barely speak for fear that I will say something wrong or someone will notice that I am being too quiet.  I guess you could say that I am shy around others.  I’m confident in myself with my work and what I believe, however, simple conversations can sometimes just leave my mind spinning.

We sat there and talked for a very long time last night, much longer than I thought we had until I noticed the stars.  Of course, the bonfire had been lit and the prayers said as they are every night.  It always brings me a sense of peace when I sit there and watch it.  It also lets me know that the day has ended and it’s time to prepare for the next day when the sun rises.

I did ask Makota about her elf friend, Lali because I was still concerned about her.  She had seemed ill when her mate showed up and made one of those portal things to take her back to Dalaran.   Portals still scare me a little bit because it’s always a nervous time, that stepping into the nothingness and coming out miles from where you started out.  What if something were to go wrong?  Would your spirit be guided home by the Earth Mother or would you wonder around in some kind of vacant exile forever?  Oh, that’s a scary thought.

I suggested to Makota that she ought to write to Lali to see if she was okay and I also told her what my thoughts were on the illness.  I mean, they are elves and I am sure that they do things to make babies happen.  Maybe she is pregnant?  I’ve seen some of the women here in the bluff start acting strangely and they usually end up announcing that they are going to have a child shortly thereafter.  I bet that’s what it is.  I bet the elf girl is pregnant.

We were both kind of joking with one another about taking the adventure on of going to Dalaran together.  Of course, I’d have to bring my Mother along and she would have to bring Ahali so that people wouldn’t think we were doing something that we shouldn’t.  I bet my Mom and Ahali would like each other because they are old and they could be grumpy together.  Of course, Makota has been to Dalaran before, I’ve never been.  I guess there aren’t that many Tauren up there in that city but I am curious about the gnomes and things that seem to wander around. 

I bet my Mom would like to take a trip like that.  She hasn’t been away from Thunder Bluff all that much and the only time that I know she has gone to Dalaran was when she went to that trial there that was supposed to be in Orgrimmar.  She said it was a beautiful city; however, she was too afraid that she would get lost and would miss the trial and be in trouble for not doing her civic duty as a juror, so, she didn’t explore anything.  She didn’t even get any of those cakes while she was up there either.

I know there is a zeppelin that goes to Northrend in Orgrimmar and we could take that and I suppose someone could tell us how to get to Dalaran from there.   Ah yes, Nahai told me there is a fort called Warsong there and there was a flight path that we could take to Dalaran, he’s the one that has traveled almost as much as Naton.  Well, I’ll have to give it some more thought and I can talk to Makota about it again.  She said she was going to write to Lali and we can wait to hear back from her.  I do hope its good news and that the elf isn’t sick, she seemed like such a nice girl and I think she is Makota’s best friend.

I did ride part of the way back to Makota and Ahali’s camp with her last night.  I thought that it was the only thing to do.  I know my brother, Naton, had seen us leave because he was working at the forge and was giving me some ribbing about it when I got home.  However, my Mom said that I did the right thing by making sure that my friend made it home safe.  

Oh well, I should get busy and go help at the smithy a bit.  I did get the ore that Naton had asked for and I am sure that he will have some new things to show me.  I enjoy standing there and talking to him as he works sometimes because he tells me some of the more interesting things about being a Death Knight, not all the bad things that he’s had to do. 


Tahfal Cloudhoof



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