Life Is Never Dull…Is it?

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author 


August 2nd

Dear Journal,

It just seems as if it will never end, no matter what we do.  Just when you think that the people in Azeroth have gotten tired of bloodshed and death, that peace will finally be a reality instead of a dream, something new raises it’s nasty head on the horizon.  At least this time it’s not all out war and it won’t be infiltrating my abode here in Dalaran – I have Amyn and the boys to think of and possibly a new baby in the future.

I think I’m just cranky this morning because I didn’t realize how much Dawnglory did in Orgrimmar until he wasn’t there like normal.  I have too many people working for me sometimes and I don’t know how he can manage to keep them all straight in his mind.  I will be happy when his sister is well enough to travel back to Dalaran to finish recuperating from her ordeal because I will at least have him close by to bounce ideas off of him.  I think that he said they would be here this weekend and that he would already be trying to find a place where Felessa can continue her studies – she still doesn’t remember anything and I am going to tell Amyn not to mention anything that might trigger off memories if Felessa doesn’t bring it up first.

I thought that things were going to settle down somewhat and they have.  I just have to deal with the fact that someone has broken into the warehouse in Orgrimmar and made off with quite a bit of our materials that we have gathered in the last few months.  Sure, we were stockpiling some things so that it made it a lot easier to fulfill the contracts and now, a lot of armor and weapons seems to have grown feet and moved out.  This sort of thing wouldn’t have happened if Dawnglory had been there, however, I understand how he feels about his sister and I am not going to hold that against him either – he’s rarely missed a day of work in these last few years.

I think what upset me the most was that Zippy is the one that uncovered the thefts.  She had decided that she and Zednick would run a quick inventory to see what we had in stock that could be sold to increase our profit margin.  I’ve already sent word to Faendra in Silvermoon that she is to get her hind parts over to Orgrimmar and start running the numbers.  I did tell her to plan on being there for a few days because she needs to get away from Dawnglory for a while before she falls head over heels in love with him.  He is quite the charmer with the ladies and she already knows this from past experience, plus, her inside knowledge of him after being exposed to his charms all these years.

I did happen to run into Felestrien night before last.  It was really an odd encounter because I couldn’t sleep for some reason and thought that I would take a quick run up to the tourney, just to get away from the city for a short time.   

We managed to make our way back to Dalaran because if we were going to sit down and talk, I’d much rather be in the comfort of my own home and away from the winds that seem to blow in IceCrown all of the time.  I know we were both standing there and shivering with the cold as we exchanged pleasantries before I just said that we could talk back here at the house, which Felestrien agreed with.

We talked about the things that happened in Silvermoon, how things had been pretty much finalized and it appears that we did most of the things correctly.  The only thing I can see that we truly made an error on was the fact that the warlock from Undercity left with the soul shard.  According to Felestrien, we should have just destroyed it after the soul, or whatever it is, was captured.  No, the little warlock was more than happy to haul the thing away with him when he went back to his city.  I suppose that it never entered my mind that the fellow might use it for something other than just disposing of it.   So, now I have to find someone to go track the fellow down before he does something stupid, like releasing the thing or have it start taking over what is left of his soul.  Do you know how many warlocks there are in Undercity?  I never realized that it was such a haven for the fellows, or, I just didn’t want to know the information because if there is one type of person I am almost deathly afraid of and that just happens to be warlocks.

He also wants to take a look at Felessa when she gets back her to Dalaran if Dawnglory is in agreement because for her to have lost that much of her memory is a bit peculiar and we’re not real sure that she is completely “over” whatever it was that Angel did to her.  Oh, the healers are great for tending to the body but I don’t think that they have had that much experience in dealing with an entity like Angel was.

Also, I guess I’ll be making another trip to Silvermoon with him as well so that he can observe the reanimated body that is just lying there now, seemingly unconscious and seemingly harmless at this point.  The last word that I have gotten is that nothing has changed.  If anything, they say she looks even younger than when we brought her in.  That is indeed rather odd.

I wish that we could have had the time to have Felestrien go with us on our little adventure there, however, I knew that he had his hands full with his family and I didn’t want to impose on him if there was any way that we could avoid it. 

Now, I’m just sitting here staring at this mountain of contracts here in Dalaran and I am almost sure that there is an equal stack in Orgrimmar if not larger.  I’m not accustomed to having someone break into our warehouse, not with the wards and guards that we have on the place and I have to agree with Zippy that it has to be someone that works for us.  That’s the only thing that I can think of at this point, now; I just need to find the rotten apple in the barrel and dispose of it. I wasn’t planning on going to Orgrimmar this week and it does look like there isn’t going to be any way out of it.

I am a little bit worried about Amyn because she looks tired and says she still isn’t feeling well.  I suggested that she spend some time alone in bed and get some sleep. I honestly do wonder if she’s not pregnant again.  She’s not throwing up all over the place and doesn’t get that strange look on her face when we’re eating dinner yet, so, maybe it’s something else.  I hope she’s pregnant, however, that’s the selfish man in me coming out.  I would like to have a daughter or even another son if Amyn would be okay and the child healthy because I know I have so much more to offer to a child now than I did when my sons were in the process of growing up.

Speaking of sons, I need to sit down and have a man-to-man discussion with Kaldor because I think he might be heading down the wrong path on a few things.  Yes, he told his Mother about a company that was trying to get him to do some outside work for them and I don’t think that would be such a good idea.  I am pretty sure that a lot of people know that he’s of mixed blood and that his parents are very much alive and well.  He sure as the Light doesn’t’ need the money because that kid has made more money by himself with his contracts that I did the first year I was in business and apparently, he’s still going strong.   I don’t know if I should just slip into Stormwind, like I have done numerous times in the past, or have him come to Dalaran for a few days.  Yes, and we also need to talk about the number of flowers that he is sending to some young lady down there too – if he’s getting serious about a girl, you’d think he’d want to talk to his Father about it.


Fnor Morningstar

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