Trials and Tribulations – Children

August 2nd

Dear Journal,

I am sitting here in the sitting room with my feet up and just enjoying the quiet before the storm sets in.  Yes, I will be going back to Darnassus and picking up my two little boys that have been driving my parents up the wall for the last week. Well, let me rephrase that, the youngest is driving them up the wall and my oldest of the two is just embarrassed as he can be.

It seems the youngest has decided to become a bit of a thief in a way that couldn’t help but be noticed and has my Father absolutely furious with him.  It seems that he had taken a dare from one of his friends that he could slip into the Temple and make off with the rice cakes that they have prepared for offerings.  Well, let’s just say that he was caught immediately.  I know that both of my parents are extremely devout to Elune and were more than just slightly embarrassed that one of their grandsons would or could have committed such a sacrilege.  My Father paid the fines, paddled my son’s backside quite heavily and my son is still doing his penance for the attempted theft.   He has always been the one boy of mine that has given me more trouble and caused more upheaval of all four of them.  Fnor is furious at the whole thing as well I am.  How could he do such a thing?

I think part of the problem is that Volardan has always been one to be more than just mischievous about things.  He was constantly getting caught in Shattrath for doing something that he shouldn’t because he just didn’t know when it wasn’t a smart thing for him to do it.  Being the youngest, he was definitely pampered by my mate and was spoiled beyond belief sometimes.  He looks a lot like his Father; however, he isn’t anything like him in some of the more complimentary things.  I know that Fnor has warmed up his backside a couple of times because of the things that he has done in Dalaran.  He’s always thinking that he is fast enough or stealthy enough to slip into a shop and try to get something that he wants without paying for it – it’s like a game to him.  We weren’t exactly poor in Shattrath either and it just seems as if history is repeating itself.

Riand is very much like his Father in the way that he goes through things and studies things – how to do the task and what the consequences are when he completes it.  He was going to be quite a good hunter and would have been one of the best, I think, except for the one mistake that cost us all quite a bit.  He didn’t realize that his Father was hidden in some bushes and was stalking some clefthoof when he fired that errant shot and caused them to stampede.  Of course, I lost my mate that day and my son was severely damaged emotionally from a simple mistake that anyone could have made.  I know that he is probably the quiet one, always was, however, the loss of his Father and how he feels responsible for it has made him even more so.  He has been spending a great deal of time at the Temple in Darnassus and I think that he is either doing a penance for the loss of this Father from guilt or he has a true calling.   I would like to feel comfortable in leaving him with my parents in Dolonaar; however, I don’t want him to feel like he is being cut off from the rest of the family.    He is a good boy and I hate to see him get hurt because of something that Volardan has done either. I will talk to him privately to see if he wants to come back to Dalaran after I have discussed it with my parents.

I haven’t felt well since that debacle in Silvermoon, however, I think that we can safely put all of that behind us and just hope we never have to endure anything like that again.  The whole thing was just as macabre as anything that I have ever seen or heard of, however, just leave it to my husband to get involved in something like that.

I thought that I might possibly be pregnant, however, I went to the healer and she said there was a possibility that I could be and it was too soon to tell just yet.  I haven’t said anything to Fnor about it because he would be so anxious about it to make sure that he would drive me insane.    I have to stop taking any of the herbs until we can be sure that I am pregnant or not because if I’m not, there is something else going on.  She said I had taken the other herbs for a long time to keep from getting pregnant and it would take some time to get them out of my system, however, if taking the opposing herbs had worked that quickly, she would definitely be surprised. 

I know that we have been trying as hard as we can, sometimes, having sex two or three times a day in all the positions that we could think of that might make a baby.  I don’t think Fnor minded all of the sex because he was always willing to comply if I started it or when I didn’t, he would.  I was really starting to feel like a cornered animal there for a while and he would walk in the room and expect me to spread my legs like some trained beast. 

I’m sitting here blushing at some of the things we’ve done and the foreplay involved that really embarrassed Agatha the day she walked into the living room and Fnor was down on his hands and knees with his face buried under my robe – there was no doubt in her mind what he was doing.   We had both thought she was out doing the marketing when the mood struck.  I have to stop thinking about that right now too because it’s making me squirm in my chair and making it hard to write. I may just have to go find that man in his office if this feeling keeps distracting me like it is now. 

Anyway, I just feel physically drained all of the time and I just want to sleep more than I ever have.  I keep trying to remember how I was when I got pregnant with Kal and Vashlan because I think I was very tired all of the time with Kal because I went to the healers to get some herbs to make me get some more energy and found out I was pregnant.  Plus, I am thinking that my breasts feel heavier than normal and when I put my armor on yesterday they definitely seemed larger.  I am in that quandary of trying to decide if I want to be pregnant or not this soon or if I do.  I know that we’re trying and if it happens, it happens.

I think it would be fun to have a baby around the same time as Lali and Raleth because the babies could grow up together and be playmates here in Dalaran.  I just have all kinds of happy thoughts about that because the little ones wouldn’t have to endure some of the things that m older boys went through in Shattrath.  Yes, Shattrath is a very open city but there were some people there that were very cruel to them sometimes and I know it was hard for them deal with.  Oh the bloody noses and black eyes that Kaldor had when he was a boy were quite enough to make me wonder if Fnor and I had made the right decision in having babies.  Vashlan wasn’t so much the rough and tumble boy that his brother was.  I think that his magic may have already been showing at that point but we were too blind to see it.  He was a great skinner of animals but I will even have to admit that he was a terrible hunter.

I just heard Fnor talking to someone on the comlink and start swearing. That’s usually not a good sign and it probably means that he is going to take off for Orgrimmar.  He doesn’t usually swear if he can take care of the problem from here in Dalaran.  I know that he misses having Fnar in Orgrimmar so he can contact him to take care of things.  I hope nothing has gone amiss in Silvermoon again, you never know with those Sindorei there, they do seem to like their drama.





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