Just Too Excited…Josie Likes Me

August 4th

Dear Journal,

Will miracles never cease?!!  I actually ran into Josie down by the docks where I had gone to take a stroll, which is something that I find myself doing more of these days.  I wasn’t in the mood to go drinking with the Bitterbeers again on a Friday night in Iron Forge even though it can be fun and the girls there are very friendly, even if they are rather short.

At least she’s not angry with me and still wants to see me again.  She’s even coming to Dalaran for a couple of days, which also means that I have to let my parents know so that they can make sure the guest house, is ready for a visitor.  It’s been a while since we’ve had anyone new come visit.

We actually got to talk for a long while and I was surprised that Harrier didn’t show up at some point but he didn’t.  Strange thing is that I kept feeling like he would pop out of the ground down there and start being his usual sunshiny self.  To be honest, I think he’s sweet on Josie and is jealous that she is seeing someone like me.

Vashlan has been spending a lot of time at the Blue Recluse and I am beginning to wonder if he hasn’t found something other than magic to take up his hours.  I know he’s kind of hung up on the Draeni attorney that we have working here at the office in Stormwind but she’s usually off on some errands alone when he’s not here.  Kind of an odd girl, smart, witty and tall.  Poor Vash knows very little about women and I hope that he doesn’t get too hard of a crush on her because I know how painful that is when it falls to pieces.  That first love is a hard one to get over and I don’t know that you ever forget it.  Oh well, he hasn’t said anything but I’m wondering, him and his fancy robes and all that reading. 

I will have to admit that I was very excited in seeing Josie last night because it’s been a while.  I had all but given up on that relationship going any further because I hadn’t heard anything in quite a while either.  She said that she had been busy with the shop and I could believe that because the few times that I have been by there and looked in the window, the place was packed.

I guess that Josie is going to be staying the weekend pretty much in Dalaran, not this one but next week.  I can hardly wait to show her around again.  I hope that there is a party there on Friday night; it’s been a while since I’ve been to one of those things but I think I still know how to dance, shake your booty and move your feet in time to the music, seems about all there is to it.  I had told her that I thought we could actually do some exploring while she was there and to bring some warm clothes.

I have a new mount, one of those rocket things which will make it easier to go exploring on because she can ride with me.  I think I will just take her to the pretty places that I know of and avoid Ice Crown as much as possible because, let’s be honest, that place is not pretty and it’s full of scourge still.  What girl would find that sort of thing pleasant?  Let’s see, we can always tour the Borean Tundra and take in some of the other places.  Oh, the Basin will be great because I’m sure she’s never seen anything like that.

I’m just so happy she’s coming and my mind is all full of ideas as to what we can do.  No, not that, although I wouldn’t mind it, it’s been a while since I’ve been with a girl.  She’s very beautiful and I wouldn’t mind sharing her bed, however, we have time to get to that part of our relationship, I think.  I don’t want to rush her or myself into a situation that we won’t be comfortable with.

I did tell her last night that she could bring a chaperone with her to Dalaran if she wanted.  I even suggested that she bring her employer with her, however, she didn’t seem to keen on that idea.  I even suggested that we could have my Mom do it or even the housekeeper because I didn’t want anyone thinking that we were up there screwing our brains out.  I want to treat her like a lady and always be respectful of her because that’s what a guy is supposed to do when he’s dating a girl.

I just had a weird thought too.  What if we did it and she got pregnant.  Well, yeah, I would definitely declare her my mate; however, what would the baby be like?  Would it be born with the Curse, or would it just be a normal human baby.  Well, it wouldn’t be a normal human baby anyway, I’m Kaldorei/Sindorei which is a strange mix, I know.   I don’t even know if she would want children, we’ve not known each other long enough to talk about things like that. I don’t think I want any right now anyway; my brothers have kind of put me off having one of those things crawling around under foot.   

Hey, Kal, you’re getting way ahead of yourself there young man.  I know I like her a lot and want to spend a lot of time with her, getting to know her and being friends, however, I don’t know that I can honestly say that I love her at this point.  I know that my heart starts pounding like a hammer on an anvil in Iron Forge and that I get real nervous, you know the sweaty palms and so forth. 

I did kiss her last night; I mean I really kissed her.  So, I know that there is definitely some magic there at least.  She’s a good kisser and definitely had things gone on for much longer, I might not be worrying about a chaperone.  I really hated leaving her at the door of the shop last night, however, it was late and I needed to get some sleep because I have a lot of work to do so I can take some time off when she comes to Dalaran.

I did tell her that I would stop by the shop this week.  I would rap on the window so that she would know that I was there, however, I don’t think I’ll go in.  Maybe she can take a break and we can sit outside in the sun and talk for a while.  Oh yes, more flowers, I already ordered more flowers to be delivered to her too.  If that Harrier is sweet on her, that would definitely build a bonfire under his bum but that’s not why I’m sending them.  I just like to think that Josie likes them and it will make her smile and remember me a lot more.

I need to get up from this window seat and get cleaned up.  I am wondering if I should grow a beard, to look a little bit older or something.  I’ll ask Josie if she likes beards before I do, although it is tempting to start one now.  Wonder if I can grow a heavy a beard as Vash has.  He looks silly with all that hair on his face, prancing around in those robes.

I better get my mind on what I’m supposed to be doing or I’ll end up shooting something I shouldn’t when I’m out in the field today.  More pelts and more fish.  How did I end up with fishing contracts?  Oh, these are “special” fish, I see.  Well, okay, the money is good.

I just can’t wait until next weekend.  I don’t know why I am so excited; a grown man shouldn’t feel like this.  I think I feel like I did the first time I took a girl out and that was a real long time ago.  She just does that to me I guess. 



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