A Horrible Evening

August 6th

Dear Journal,

What a miserable evening last night turned out to be.  Of course, I had invited Makota to attend the Story Circle, which I will admit that I hadn’t been for a while either.  I know she is shy and probably felt real uncomfortable being around that many people, although, it was a much smaller group than what I have normally seen there in the past.

She was curious about things and asked a simple question which some answered rather rudely.  I guess that she got real upset about the reaction of some of them and left.  I was in a bit of a quandary at that point because the stories hadn’t even started yet.  I did tell her that people came there to learn some of the history and traditions so that they would be carried on, guess she didn’t hear that either.  However, I got up to follow her and find out what was wrong. I had an older bull following me.

He said that I looked familiar and introduced himself, which was kind of a shock because his last name is the same as mine.  Well, after much discussion, and my Mother showing up in the middle of things, it turns out that he is a distant cousin.  Funny thing is that my Mother seemed perfectly okay with this fellow having the same last name.  I know there are other Cloudhoof families scattered all over Mulgore and the Barrens, we’re all related in some shape or form, however, I can’t say I’ve talked to that many.

I hope that our “new” cousin wasn’t too offended because I was rather anxious to go find Makota and find out what was wrong and I wanted to leave right away. 

I do know that Makota is very shy and sometimes people aren’t that friendly to strangers.  Last night was no different than any other for the most part at one of those gatherings.  Unfortunately, her question to me was overheard by others and they answered her..Some were not real kind.  She wanted to know why Blood Elves were at the gathering.  I know she has led a very sheltered and secluded life and the question was not unreasonable, however, the affront was taken by the elves.  I thought they were rude in the way that they answered, however, that’s something I am not responsible for. 

Naturally, she is still upset by everything that happened and I think that she blames me for it; however, it’s not my fault.  If she is going to get out in the world and be around other people than the ones she has known her entire life, she is going to have got used to people being rude or stay closeted in her camp in Mulgore. 

She kind of hurt my feelings with the way she acted when I did find her last night.  I guess that’s how girls are. All I did was invite her to a gathering that I thought that she might enjoy.  No, people didn’t jump up and greet her when she arrived, nor did they talk to her much other than to rebuke her question.  However, she didn’t give anyone a chance to get to know her.  She might have had a different experience if she weren’t so sensitive to things.  I don’t think that I will attempt to invite her to that particular gathering again. I know she wanted to meet some people and I’ve failed at that miserably.

Now, I have to figure out what to do.  She is the first girl that I have ever talked with for any length of time and I think that she is so angry with me right now that she doesn’t want to see me again.  It really wasn’t my fault and I was still punished for it.  I do want to see her again and I know I apologized to her several times last night which didn’t seem to matter.

I hope I see her again because she was nice to me until last night. 

I got home and couldn’t sleep because I was upset and my feelings were hurt too.  I’m not a girl, so, I can’t show my feelings a lot…it would be unmanly, I guess. I don’t know what to do.  I don’t want to talk to my brothers about it because I’m sure they would probably laugh. 

I hope I see her again.  She said she wasn’t ever going to come back to Thunder Bluff again because people were mean.  I hope she doesn’t decide to hide in her tent when she runs into other “mean” people out in the world because it might get to be real lonely for her.  She said I could visit at her camp if I got permission from Ahali to do so.  I’ve never met the fellow and I guess I’m supposed to write him a letter or something, I don’t know.  It’s not like I’m planning on marrying her, I just want to be friends, that’s all.

This whole thing was such a mess and it wasn’t meant to be that way.  Now, I have to act like nothing is wrong and do what I need to do.  I think I’ll go do some mining for Naton, he always needs ore.

Oh, that’s another thing, I think Naton bothers Makota.  She’s never really talked with him a whole lot; I don’t think other than when she met Maha and him one time.   I know she’s probably only been taught the bad things about Death Knights and that’s why she can’t seem to get her head wrapped around the idea that he’s just like everyone else, he’s just not really “living” as she knows it.  He’s probably more “alive” than some of the living people she’s run into with the small circle that she is in.  He’s kind hearted and would do anything for someone to help them if they asked him too.  Maybe one of these days she will realize that.  Oh well, it doesn’t matter, she probably won’t want to see me again and it makes me very sad.



2 thoughts on “A Horrible Evening

    • LOL he only knows his sister and his Mom, so, he’s heard that somewhere. Yes, he will stop by when Ahali is out but he would like to make sure that it is okay and it doesn’t make Makota angry again.

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