New Hire …and Let’s Get Some Women Damnit

((Some coarse language that some might find offensive, proceed with caution – this fellow is kind outspoken.))

August 8th

Dear Journal,

Well, I was finally able to catch up with the new hire that Fnor wanted me to talk too.  Seems like a bit of a moody fellow, however, after hearing his tale of woe, I can fully relate to that.  Damned women will make a fellow fucking insane sometimes.

Anyway, I did get Felessa deposited off in Dalaran and she should be able to start some of her training up there next week after the healers have decided that she is physically strong enough to attend them.  She still doesn’t remember shit and I am not going to fill in the blanks for her at this point because I would like to be able to forget them myself. 

I guess Fae is going to be coming back to Dalaran for a while too because she doesn’t feel comfortable staying in the house while that animated body is still in existence at the healers in Silvermoon.  I mean what the fuck, why didn’t it just disappear or fall apart of something.  It’s just laying there taking up space and money while we stand around and wonder if it’s still alive in the way that normal people are. Fnor is paying the bills to have it taken care of and I guess that’s his prerogative but it sure as hell wouldn’t have been something that I would do either, I’d just let the bitch die. Well, maybe not die but cease to exist and I’d burn the corpse so that she can’t come back from wherever in the fuck we go when we croak out.

Fae and I haven’t had much of a chance to talk since all of this came down the way that it did and I hope that we can pick up where we left off.  I mean, that kiss that she gave me definitely lit a fire a fire in my loins and I’d like to be able to think my returned kiss made her a bit hot too.   Do I love her?   I don’t know about that part of it but I do know that I would love to get between those legs and find out if it’s as good as I think it will be.  It’s been a while since I’ve deflowered a virgin too…well; I want it to be special for her because it could turn into something else for the two of us.  I care about her not only because of the fact that she is Fnor’s baby sister and has been Felessa’s friend for a few years.  She just seems special – kind of innocent in a lot of ways and worldly in others.  Those big green eyes of hers and that flaming red hair, cute little mouth, tight little ass and those breasts, perky and well rounded, just make me want to do things to her. 

Yes, Fnor has finally agreed to allow me to date her after that fight in Silvermoon.  The whole fucking thing was stupid to start with.  It wasn’t like I was there screwing his sister, I was there looking for my sister that had been hauled off by Angel.  We’re still a bit tense with one another and I don’t think that I will ever get over some of the things that he said for a while.  He probably won’t forget my knee in his balls either, he still kind of winces a bit when he steps a certain way.

As for this new hire. He’s a Ranger and he’s got experience under his belt that makes him a very good candidate to work for us.  However, I am going to move him along slowly because he’s a bit of a strange fellow.  He doesn’t like to do certain things because it probably offends his sensibilities or some shit.   However, if there is enough money involved, I bet he will do just like the rest of us.  He’ll get the job done.

Man, it sure does sound like this girl in Dalaran did a number on him though.  What a little whore she must be.  Seems they were engaged and she’s out there screwing other guys while she’s living with the Ranger.  He’s a nice looking guy and he sounds like he’d be pretty even tempered, however, no man would like his woman out there sleeping around like that.  He didn’t say what her name was or anything but she’s in Dalaran, I’ll probably fuck her if I run into her and she’s that easy to get in the sack.  She’s probably not all that good either if she’s out there running the streets or even nailing the Ranger’s sister’s fiancé. How stupid is that?   Sounds like she’s not too picky either, the guy is a cripple and engaged – well, different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

I did tell the Ranger that I thought he ought to tell his sister about his woman screwing her fiancé because he might be the kind to go out and do that again after he’s married.  Apparently the sister is making a “love” match and not one of the typical arranged marriages like his other sister is.   I know that if my sister was engaged to some dufus and I found out that he was screwing around, after I kicked his ass, I’d tell her about it.

I gave him a bunch of contracts that will keep around the Silvermoon area for a while until after his sisters get their wedding stuff dealt with. No, I won’t be giving him any of the bounty hunting contracts for a while nor will I expect him to do any bodyguard work until I find out what he’s made of.   I’m not a cold hearted bastard and I know that he would like to be there for these things.

After he fills his contracts there, I’ll be taking him to Outland for some hunting and skinning.  It’s weird that he’s never been there but I guess he hasn’t been out in the World that much from the sounds of things.  He must have had some real cushy assignments in the Rangers, not like what Fnor and I went through at least.  Hell, I don’t think there is a fucking shithole anywhere on the planet that we didn’t get sent too.

I think that when I get his butt out to Outland for a while, I’ll introduce him to some of the girls at the brothel in Shattrath…poor guy probably needs to get laid something fierce.

Oh, there is one girl that I’d like for him to try out.  She’ll make a real man out of him or he’ll die trying.  Draeni women are hot and I bet they are even better than a Kaldorei; however, he might want to try one of those too.   He said that he was just going for the experience and skins – however, I know that when a man’s compass starts pointing hard North, it takes more than a hand job to get it to settle down. 

Well, I need to get off my ass and get some of gear taken care of.  I’ve been a bit lax with Felessa being sick and I noticed that some of the tack was in need of some special care.  I would so hate to fall off my mount and bust my ass because I’ve been lazy. 

Fnar Dawnglory



7 thoughts on “New Hire …and Let’s Get Some Women Damnit

    • Well, basically, she was sleeping around on him and she lied about things all the time – couldn’t be trusted as far as he could throw her. Fnar isn’t sure if he’s slept with her or not because he doesn’t know her name and he’s hit just about every female, hooker or not in Dalaran.

    • He actually didn’t say much about her, just his usual line about her cheating (he says with Thero and Aeramin), he was actually really catty about Thero though XD

      And yes I lol’d at the compass line, for a good few minutes.

      • LOL, well, Fnar has a one event buffer for a brain sometimes. Sath only said she cheated, red flags in Fnar’s mind. LOL thanks, glad you liked that particular line.

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