Josie Is Coming To Town

August 11th

Dear Journal,

I am so nervous this morning that I can’t contain myself.  I talked with my parents last night and everything is ready for Josie to get here and meet them.  I think they will like her a lot and I hope that she likes them too.  They seemed to take everything in stride when I told them that she was a human, however, I definitely didn’t tell them that she was a worgen because I think Fnor might flip out or something.

The guest house will be just fine the way that it is and I don’t think there will be a problem with a chaperone either because I have to let Josie meet Agatha and my aunt to see which one she’d like to have stay there with her.  I hope she isn’t too upset that I neglected to mention that I have a Sindorei Aunt that just happens to be a Death Knight.  I know that some people get a little strange about having a Death Knight around; however, Aunt Fel is really a lot of fun once you get over the idea that she’s dead. Agatha would be able to take the role of chaperone too, doesn’t matter to me, I just want to make sure that Josie’s reputation isn’t put in danger while she’s here visiting.

I know that Josie said that she would be here this afternoon and I am not exactly sure where she is going to be landing.  I might just go wait by the flight masters for a while or go to the Inn to see if she is there.  We both were so excited that I guess we forgot to discuss that kind of detail.  Maybe she has a mage friend of something that will teleport her in, however, she didn’t say.  Damn it, I’ll be running all over Dalaran this afternoon, just trying to catch up with her, I guess.  At least she knows where our house is, if she remembers.  This is not starting out that great, I’m expecting a guest, don’t know where they will e coming in at but I promised to be there.

Oh crap, I need to get cleaned up and start jogging around Dalaran.  I need to shave, I started a mustache but I don’t know if Josie would recognize me with it    Now, Fnor wants to talk with me about what kind of food to serve.  He ought to talk to his housekeeper, you’d think? 



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