Makota …and How Long Does It Take For An Elf Baby To Grow?

August 11th

Dear Journal,

Well, I will have to admit that I am happier today than I have been in the last few.  I did actually run into Makota last night in Bloodhoof Village while I was doing some fishing.  She didn’t seem angry with me about the Story Circle thing, although, she didn’t mention the letter I had written.  I will have to ask her about that too because I would like to meet Ahali before I just dropped in or something.  I don’t want him to think that I am that kind of bull.

We sat and talked by the lake for quite a while and she still hasn’t heard from her elf friend yet.  She is worried about that; I did suggest that she write to her again because you never know what is going on when you don’t hear from someone.  We sat and talked about the fact that Lali is married to a blood elf and what their baby might look like. I know that I thought it was funny when Makota mentioned the fact that it wouldn’t have fur.  Well, it was funny and I thought someone would definitely have to do some explaining if the baby had fur.

We kind of discussed going to Dalaran, however, I told Makota that it might not be such a good idea to just show up there when Lali is pregnant, she might not appreciate a surprise visit of two, possibly four, Tauren showing up at her door.  Yes, I would still ask my Mom to go with us if we went and I know that Makota wouldn’t go unless Ahali went too.

I was really surprised to find out that there isn’t any furniture in Dalaran that will fit a Tauren.  Well, no wonder there aren’t that many Tauren up there; you don’t even have a place to sit down unless you can park your backside somewhere on the ground.  Doesn’t sound real hospitable to me, but it would still be exciting to see a floating city, we don’t have to stay long, I suppose.

Makota was telling me about a party that the elves have before they get married and I am still wondering why they would be pinning something on a naked elf picture?  She didn’t say exactly what it was that they were pinning but from the way she was blushing, I would assume it’s a male thing being pinned on the picture.  We were laughing about the fact that the men probably have a party like that but I am not sure what they would pin on naked girl elf picture unless it was clothes or something.  I guess its part of the ritual that they do before they get married.  How odd is that? I hope we don’t have to go to one of those parties when we finally get to go to Dalaran, I know that I would probably embarrass myself or something stupid.  I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a naked elf, male or female, doesn’t look like there’s much to them even with their clothes on.

Oh, we talked about babies, what theirs would look like and the fact that Makota thinks that they need all kinds of stuff before it’s born.  You know like a cradle and some blankets, food and stuff. Well, we were both curious as to how long it takes for an elf to grow a baby.  I said I would ask my Mom about it because she’s had four calves and I’m sure she has an idea how long it takes to grow a baby.  What a weird question for me to be asking my Mom. I know how long it takes for a Tauren to have one, I just have no idea how long it takes a tiny little elf to have one grow.  Lali is Kaldorei, so, she’s taller than her Sindorei husband.  I bet this baby is going to be real tiny and pink. I wonder if they are born with all that hair on their head that would be awkward. Well, if I’m going to ask my Mom embarrassing questions, which might be one of them to ask anyway.

Who would think that I would be asking these kinds of things? Here I am a Light Walker, I should know some of these things and I don’t.  I guess I could ask my brothers before I ask my Mom because they might know too.  I don’t want my Mom or my brothers to think I’m messing around with that sort of thing because that hasn’t really entered my mind until now.  I haven’t ever kissed a girl other than Mom and Mahamura much less done anything like “that” yet and I don’t know that I want too at this point.  I know my brothers have laughed at me because I haven’t been with a girl yet, and I keep telling them that it all sounds gross.  Naton tells me that he remembers what it was like, however, Death Knights can’t do that or he hasn’t said that he’s been with a girl since after that happened.

I was kind of embarrassed with some of the things we were talking about last night; however, it was just good to see her again and to know that she wasn’t angry with me anymore.  We are going to see each real soon too, I think.  I just like talking with her, she’s funny, pretty and her ideas are so different from what I’m used to. 

I caught a lot of crayfish last night for my Mom to cook and I almost wish that I had given some to Makota to take home. They would have been good for her and Ahali to eat.  Maybe I will ask her to come to dinner sometime when she gets over her fear of the people in Thunder Bluff after her last experience.  That still makes me feel bad that it happened, however, I had no control over it.







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