Amyn’s Thoughts

August 13th


Dear Journal,

I know that I could tell that my beloved was sorely disappointed that we were not going to have a child just yet.  Those green eyes of his welled up with tears, however, he quickly smiled and told me that it was okay and that we could keep trying.  We won’t be keeping up the pace that we were to have a baby because that seems to be part of the problem, we’re trying too hard, says the healers.  I could believe that because that seemed to be the only thing that we did anymore when we saw one another.  Yes, we both wanted another child, however, with four sons to raise, we are more than blessed by Elune and it may not be the right time for us to add a fifth child. Part of me is disappointed, however, there is a part of me that is happy that I won’t be carrying around an infant on my hip or strapped to my back when I’m out in the field.

We finally got to meet Kaldor’s girlfriend.  Her name is Josie and she is such a tiny little thing, however, she seems to be totally entranced with Kal. She seems to be well-mannered and somewhat educated the way that humans are, however, there is just something there that makes me feel uneasy.  There is a strong possibility that this girl may have been cursed by the worgen disease that is found in Gilneas although I know that not all people were struck with this particular thing, however, Kal hasn’t mentioned it and I’m not going to ask him. I have some mixed emotions about it because he is my eldest son and I don’t want him to make the same mistakes that his Father and I did in the past.  What is that old adage?  “Act in haste, repent at leisure.”  Yes, that was it and I think that we may be repenting in some ways but Fnor and I both love our children to the very depth of our being.

With the way that Kal is acting, I know that he hasn’t partaken of the pleasures with this girl yet and I hope he takes his time because that one act can change a relationship very rapidly to something that may not have been intended.  His Father and I both hope that when or if it does happen that they will have taken precautions to prevent any offspring for a while because we both know that we started our family when we were too young to realize the full ramifications of what we were doing.

I’m just worrying about my son at this point.  I guess this is all part of parenthood and that it is something that I am going to have to accept whether I like it or not, he’s growing up and is almost a full grown man.  I can still remember when he was born and the fears that I had that it would be discovered that he was of mixed blood and the midwife might take his life because he would have been considered an abomination back then and I a traitor to my race and the political faction.  He was such a cute baby and I can remember how he would always fuss when he needed his diaper changed, he still fusses when he’s feeling like his clothes aren’t fitting just right, not quite as noisily as he did as an infant.  Oh, how I used to worry about him and kept him with me as much as I could because I never thought that anyone would take care of him the way that I did.

The other boys are doing just fine.  Luckily, Vashlan is enjoying his studies and the little guys are at least getting used to the idea that they are back in Dalaran for a while and aren’t going to have free run of the place like they did before.  We’ve hired a tutor for them and they spend most of their days in the little classroom that we put between their rooms.   Of course, they are complaining that they now have to share a bathroom, which is just how it is going to be until such time as they outgrow the need for a tutor here.  I will keep taking them back to visit their grandparents and leaving them there for a time so that they can grow up with the Kaldorei traditions that Vash and Kal missed out on.

At least Dawnglory is back at work again and his sister seems to be on the mend.  That just means that there is less for Fnor to do and he won’t have to keep commuting back and forth between here and Orgrimmar as much, which was really starting to prey on his patience and mine.  We seem to argue more when he feels over-burdened with the company, however, he likes the money that keeps coming in whether he is out in the field or not.

Kal left Romey in charge of the office in Stormwind while he is here in Dalaran showing his girlfriend the sights.  I hope she doesn’t get a wild hair while we’re both away and does something silly.  She has her law books to keep her busy, however, she tends to get bored with that and takes it into her mind to rearrange things in the warehouse and do an inventory. I’m sure the Bitterbeers will definitely keep things in check.  Those are the best two dwarves in the world, they keep Kal on his toes and definitely have taught him a thing or two about drinking that he won’t ever forget.   I already know that we are overstocked with some of the furs at the moment, however, winter is coming and I am sure that that stock will be depleted very rapidly when the first snow hits.  I do find that Stormwind is rather strange sometimes because it does seem like things go in cycles, some of the people feel the need for our finer leathers during the summer months for whatever shoes and clothing they are going to need at the time and then, they go for the heavier stock when it gets cold.  At least we’re definitely showing a profit, not as large as Morningstar Enterprises, however, Shadowmoon is definitely holding its own in comparison.

I finally got an opportunity to do some roaming around in Borean Tundra last week, which was quite the experience without my Sindorei by my side.  I know that he would have rolled with laughter with the way that Lumina and both reacted to the overlarge spiders because we both exchanged glances, Lumina let out one of those infamous snorts that she is known for as if to say “Okay, if we have to do this, I still don’t like it.”   She’s a spoiled kitty girl, but she’s a joy to be with.  We got some nice hides and furs though, which wasn’t all bad, I suppose. 

I did also get an opportunity to go with Fnor again to the tourney grounds.  He’s so handsome in his armor and the look of concentration that he gets on his face sometimes is almost hilarious to me.  I’ve seen that look when he was still in the Rangers.  He puts on a good show and proudly displays any of his bruises that he might get when we get back home.  One of these days I’ll get tired of his taunting and start trying that jousting thing out.  It does look fun and exhilarating.  Now that we know that I’m not pregnant, I can start looking into that a bit more closely.  I have to laugh because I know that Kal will be shocked that his old Mother is going to join the “boys” up there one of these days.  Why should they have all the fun?

I haven’t seen poor Lali in forever and I miss our chats.  Fnor told me that he ran into Raleth the other night at the Lounge and they were talking about Lali having such a tough time with morning sickness.  I guess Raleth is just frantic and I can’t blame him because there really isn’t much to do about it except to endure it until it passes.  I know I was fortunate that mine wasn’t all that bad and I could bypass a lot of it by eating a few bites of a cracker and drinking some watered down wine now and again.  Oh, melon juice works wonders too, I’ll have to remind Fnor about that in case he gets to see Raleth again soon.  I bet those fizzy drinks from the Faire might have worked but I missed out on that this month because I wasn’t feeling well, damn it. I did giggle when Fnor told me that Raleth had named the baby “Potato” because he didn’t want to keep calling the little thing in Lali’s stomach – the Baby.  I guess that men are silly that way.  Fnor used to call Kaldor “Lump” when I was carrying him and he’d come in, kiss me, kiss my belly and start talking to Lump and would tell him about how much fun he was going to have when he went hunting with his parents.  It really must be a man thing because my Kaldorei mate did the same thing, although he would call my belly “Child” most of the time.   Come to think of it, I’ve spent a large part of my life pregnant, maybe it’s a good thing that I am not pregnant now, I need a break.

I will admit there are times that I do miss my Sisters in the Sentinels.  You know the camaraderie that you have with a group of people that you live, work with and sometimes almost get killed with builds a special bond that never really goes away.  Fnor was talking about taking a trip to Nagrand, I think that I will suggest that we go back to Feralas so I can visit some of my Sisters and just relax a while.  No, no, don’t get me wrong, I love Nagrand, however, Feralas will always have a special place in my heart for many reasons. 

We almost have a full house again.  Seems the whole family is migrating back to Dalaran again, which is a very good thing for Fnor.  He loves having his family with him and I must admit that a happy Sindorei is a very good thing.  I wish my parents would move to Dalaran or at least come visit for a month or two because I do miss them.   I miss the stories that my Dad tells and let’s be honest, Agatha is very good at preparing meals but she can’t hold a candle to the food my Mom makes. 

I guess I ought to throw on some robes and go sit with Fnor in his office for a while and try to drink some of his coffee.  He’s in there talking to himself and it sounds like he’s not happy about something concerning the Shattrath operation, which, unfortunately, I have a part ownership in as well.  I wonder what they’ve done now.  I hope they haven’t let the monthly allotments slide for the orphanage again because that makes Fnor absolutely fit to be tied.   I just know that I’ve been doing my part here in Dalaran, making so many little shoes to take down there or at least have them shipped so the Matrons can at least know that we are thinking about them.  We need to start making more trips down there to see the children; we’ve both been remiss in doing our part since we’ve gotten married and live in Dalaran.











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