Guess WHAT Came To Dinner?

More coarse language and rather unmentionable thoughts go through this fellow’s head at times.

August 15th

Hey Book!

Oh man!  I’m sitting here this morning and just laughing my ass off.  Well, maybe not that fucking hilarious but I think that Fnor’s kid is in for a rude a wakening when he tries to bed that little girl he has visiting here in Dalaran. 

Felessa and I joined the family for dinner last night and we did some shifting around at the table so the two little lovebirds could be closer to Amyn.  This was the first time that I have laid eyes on this girl and I will have to admit that she’s kind of attractive for a human girl with that long black hair and she has some nice tits on her which that red dress she had on really did enhance…her hair.  She had a strange name too…Josie or something like that, which is okay I guess.  Humans always have weird names and especially the ones from Gilneas, must have been all that inbreeding or such not enough family names to hand around. 

I know that my shins are still sore this morning because I had Fnor on one side of me and my sister on the other and they kept kicking me under the table.  Okay, I’ll admit that I had had a few drinks before dinner, just trying to get the cold out of my body and to quench a real dry thirst from being up in Ice Crown most of the day trying to track down Sollonne with Fnor.  That’s another story altogether and I’ll try to get to that later.

Fuck me!  I have bruises where Fnor was kicking me.  I was trying to make small talk with this girl, trying to make her feel at home and I guess my judgment got carried off by the second bottle of wine.  Anyway, she was sitting there all prim and proper and eating her dinner and I kept watching her.  Ever notice how these humans will rarely look you straight in the eye sometimes?  Well, I kept talking and asking her about her family, which she apparently has none but has some real close friends that she lives with.    I just kept watching her and I’m not exactly stupid either when I’m watching people.  Some of her mannerisms were a bit antiquated but that’s all part of that locking an entire bunch of people up behind a wall, I guess.   When I started asking other things about fleas and how the rest of the pack was doing, I think Fnor tried to break my leg and my sister pinched me so hard that I thought she drew blood. Then it hit me!

She won’t meet my eye contact; she really smiled when Agatha brought out that standing rib roast that we all like on the rare side anyway.  I mean this girl really smiled…really smiled. Gilneas + nice looking girl = Fucking Worgen!!  Kal hasn’t said anything to his parents about it yet because I mentioned it to Fnor and he said that he thought I was mistaken. 

I think we would have all shit our pants if she had flipped into that wolf thing they do and pounced on the table to grab that roast.  I think it would have been hysterical as hell because I could have watched Fnor’s dignity and facade just fade off like something in a windstorm.  Holy fucking shit!  That would have been hysterical as hell but I guess this girl knows how to control her animal instincts a bit better than some I’ve run into in the wild.

I don’t think the kid has taken this one to bed.  A worgen is something I’ve never bedded either, come to think of it – nawww; don’t think I would want to do that anyway.  Can you imagine taking this woman to bed, just pumping away and all of a sudden you have this furry thing with your member shoved inside it.  No Thank You very much!!  Man!! I know my dick would probably try it’s best to crawl up in my chest cavity while I’m trying to run the fuck away.   No, don’t think that even Fnar Dawnglory would want to bed a Furry.  That would be like trying to take your cat to bed…no, that’s even too sick for me to even think about and Dawn is by far the closet female feline I want to have.

Damn! How do you tell your best friend that you think his son, with his already screwed up bloodline are going to be bumping uglies with a Furry?  Holy Shit! Maybe the kid doesn’t know either, that’s quite possible and I know he probably didn’t run into too many Worgen in Shattrath, not with the way that Sentinel Mother of his kept a tight rein on the kids.   Maybe I can get him off to the side and ask him a few questions and possibly hint at what I suspect.  Man, you’d think Fnor would be on his toes about this sort of thing and Amyn, in all of her wisdom and her mothering instincts would have thought about this too?   Fuck!  Am I the only one with a brain in his head in this house?

I even mentioned it to Felaran this morning when I saw her in the stables. She’s playing Mother Hen to the girl while she is here to make sure that Kal doesn’t take her to bed or something.  I guess her reputation is being guarded because Kaldor wants to make sure that she is really special or something.  I thought Fel was going to clock me one and then she started laughing.  She told me to mind my own business and if the girl is a puppy too, that’s a bonus in a way, Kal could always take her hunting with him.   What else could I expect from a fucking dead woman?  She’s fine with everything as long as no one tries to make her do something she doesn’t want too.

Okay, Dawnglory, don’t get your panties in a wad! If no one else is concerned about it, you shouldn’t be either.  Well, I hope this girl doesn’t eat Kal’s face off or something because his Momma would be really pissed off.   I’m a little concerned that this girl might flip out and scare my poor little sister to death, I mean, she’s just been rescued from being possessed by some demon bitch and then to have the main character in that kid’s story come to life at the dinner table might screw her totally up.   Why the Fuck did I bring Felessa here at this particular time?

Well, at least Fel will be at school most of the day and most of the family is here in Dalaran right now in the evenings with the exception of Faendra.  She still in Silvermoon and is planning on making the move to Dalaran next week again.  I think I’ll take a quick hop down to see her and maybe we can talk a little bit more about “us” and I can tell her about what’s going on here in Dalaran.


Fnar Dawnglory

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