Having Fun With Josie In Dalaran…WTS two small boys to the highest bidder

August 15th

Dear Journal,

Well, things seem to be going well with my parents and Josie, which is a relief to me.   Oh, I knew they would like her and all that, however, I was still worried because she is the first girl that I have brought home for them to meet since we all moved to Dalaran.  The first girl I ever brought for them to meet was a girl I met in Shattrath and they liked her but her family didn’t like me, so, that didn’t end well…you know the usual racial taint thing.

We have had all kinds of fun, just exploring the Tundra and getting to know one another.  I haven’t taken her anywhere dangerous yet and I am trying to decide if the basin would be a good idea although there are some nice pools where we can go swimming without having to worry about something trying to eat us there.  One in particular that I like when I want to swim and that is the one up by Wintergrasp at the base of the waterfall, doesn’t appear to be that much wildlife around.

Even my Aunt Felaran has given her stamp of approval of the relationship, which is kind of funny because she’s the chaperone.  She kind of lets us get way ahead of her most of the time so that we can have some time alone.  Seems kind of strange dating a girl with a Death Knight dancing in attendance to make sure that everything is okay.  It makes me giggle and I am not even sure that Josie is aware of it all that much.  Surprisingly enough, Aunt Fel understands that a fellow needs someone in his life, a lady friend, other than family and friends. 

Of course, Mom and Fnor are asking poor Josie all kinds of questions because they are interested and curious about her. I don’t think they have figured out that not only is she from Gilneas, she’s a worgen too.   I think my Mom might be able to deal with that idea okay as long as it doesn’t present a danger to me, however, I think that Fnor would absolutely freak out.  I guess he’s had some bad experiences with worgen sometime in the past.  Luckily, that subject really hasn’t come up directly, it’s been hinted around a few times and I don’t think that Josie felt too uncomfortable in sidestepping those questions.  I just watched how my Mom’s ears would flick now and again when I know that she was making some of those mental notes to ask me about later.

Josie has dressed up in a nice gown every night for dinner, which is kind of funny because we don’t normally do that at home.  We just come to the table and eat like normal people; however, Josie has made quite the impression on Fnor with the way that her manners are very comparable to a Sindorei.  That’s a major plus in Josie’s favor, even if she might not realize it.

Sure, I’ve gotten a chance to kiss her a few times and there were times that she responded and acted like she wanted a little bit more, however, I am trying to maintain the decorum a little bit on this trip because I want her to get to know the family a little bit more…and me.  I wouldn’t mind taking her to bed, she’s attractive and I already know that she finds me attractive.  However, I am still a bit concerned about this wolf thing.  Do they change when they are having sex? It would be nice to find out ahead of time because it sure could be a shock to a fellow’s libido to be holding a nice warm woman in his arms and the next, have a snarling wolf there instead.  I’ll have to find a way to ask her about it without embarrassing her too.  I can’t ask anyone in the family about it because they don’t know about her other condition.

My two youngest brothers are really starting to get on my nerves because they keep following us around when we’re in Dalaran.  You know how little boys can be.  However, I pulled my Mom off to the side and asked her if she couldn’t keep them from following us, making noises and saying stupid stuff all of the time.  You know the sort of thing where they keep saying that Kaldor’s “in love” and some little poem they have in the minds about kissing.  I know I wanted to throw them both in the fountain last night when I was trying to steal a kiss from Josie in the Park and they popped out from behind some bushes and started making kissing noises.   I know that Aunt Felaran has already threatened to take them for a long ride and to drop them off the side of Dalaran to see if they would be able to sprout wings before they hit the ground, I told her that wasn’t necessary, I’d talk to Mom and get her to tie them down for a while with extra chores.

I think that Josie was a little surprised when she met the Dawnglory family, Fnar and his sister Felessa.  They are both as different from Fnor in appear as day is to night – that golden blonde hair that Fnar sports with pride and his sister’s almost white hair and extremely pale skin.  Felessa is almost as light if not lighter than Aunt Fel; however, she’s a live girl.  Fnar was very nice and polite to Josie and I think that she could understand what all he was saying most of the time just by the way he acted.  Luckily, he didn’t pull out all of the stops and start flirting with her, which would have made me very angry.  He is such a good looking Sindorei and he knows it, however, not all women swoon when he walks in the door either. 

I bought a nice bottle of Dalaran wine and some cheeses for tonight because I plan on taking her to the top of the tower overlooking the city and Ice Crown.  I want to have a picnic up there and I think that she will like it too.  All the stars should really be clear tonight if the mages aren’t too busy throwing out some more of their magic that keeps this whole city afloat.  I just want to sit on the balcony and be alone with her and the little guys will probably be out from under our feet for a while if my Mom does what she said she will do.  I’m looking forward to it, being alone with Josie and just being able to hold her in my arms and kissing her as much as we can in public.  The wine should be good too.  Of course, it will be cooler up there than it is down at the street level, which means that she will probably stay close to me too.  It should be nice for the two of us.

Josie likes the two-seater rocket mount that we have been using to do our exploring.  It definitely keeps us from getting separated and I like how she hangs onto my waist the whole time that she is on there.  Yes, she does lean up against my back sometimes and I can feel her kiss my neck now and again, which sends shivers up and down my body. 

Oh, we’ve wandered all over the Tundra and I think that I would like to take her to Grizzly Hills before she goes back to Stormwind.  It’s beautiful up there and I think it might remind her of her home a little bit from what little bit she has described to me about it.  It’s beautiful up there and the way the wind is constantly blowing through the trees, it always seems like there is some kind of magic music going through the air.  Oh, I’m sure that she will like to fish up there if she is into that sort of thing, I’ll have to ask her about that before we go because I can get some of the fishing tackle we have stored in the stables for us to use. 

I guess I should get busy and get dressed for breakfast.  I still haven’t asked Josie what she thinks about facial hair, so, I have to shave too. 



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