Makota Came To Dinner…We’re Going to Dalaran!!

August 18th

Dear Journal,

Oh, Makota came to dinner night before last and I think that she was kind of surprised at all of the food that my Mom had cooked.  Mom really made quite a bit of food because the rest of the family was supposed to be there, except, they weren’t.  I was kind of disappointed and I think that Makota thought it was kind of strange too.  I hope she didn’t think it was planned that way because it definitely wasn’t. 

Of course, Makota looked so nice when she showed and I think I was more than just a little bit surprised that she came too.  Mom had been cooking all afternoon and made sure that everything was ready for when Makota got there. 

I was really kind of disappointed that Mom wasn’t there to meet Makota but her friend in Bloodhoof Village needed her to come down, some kind of old lady emergency of some sort or other.  Well, Mom just frowned and shook her head and told me how sorry she was but she had to go.  I know that my face probably showed how I felt because I was nervous enough having company coming for dinner and then all of the family had other things to do.  It wasn’t like I was going to do anything rude, like belch, at the dinner table for Earth Mother’s sake. 

I had walked down to the forge to see if I could get Naton to come up to the house while Makota was there but he wouldn’t’ leave work because he said he was behind on getting some things done and couldn’t’ spare the time.  It is probably just as well that Naton didn’t show up for dinner because I think Makota is afraid of Death Knights.  Poor fellow really does fit his death name of Sadheart sometimes.

I guess that I should have reminded everyone that Makota was coming for dinner that night when we all got up in the morning and they wouldn’t have all made plans.  I guess it was my fault and I will remember to do that next time.  I was surprised that Nahai didn’t stick around and try to check out the new girl in the house but he had made plans to go with Mahamura to Feralas to gather some more herbs and Maha was going to gather some hides. 

Makota really like Mom’s cooking though.  We ate like we hadn’t eaten in weeks.  Of course, I knew that the crawfish would be a big hit because it is a family favorite.  Mom likes to make them real spicy and they didn’t disappoint us.  I almost had to laugh at Makota a couple of times because I could tell that the dish was a bit spicier than what he normally ate.  So, I told her the trick of eating bread with it so that it wouldn’t just build up the fire higher in her mouth.   Oh, Mom had made a huge bowl of nuts too and that seemed to be a favorite of Makota’s too.

We even made up a platter for Ahali to have when Makota got home too.  I hope that he liked the food and that he will be willing to take the trip with us all to Dalaran.

Makota had written her friend in Dalaran to make sure that she was okay with her pregnancy.  It seems like she is doing better although she seems to be kind of sick.  We’re going to be taking some herbs up from Mulgore and my Mom is going to go with us and I hope Ahali will too. 

Mom has done some midwife stuff here in the Bluff and I hope that we will be able to find something that will help Lali from being sick all of the time.  Yes, I did ask how long it takes for an elf baby to grown and my Mom wasn’t real sure but she thought it would be around the same amount of time that it would take for a Tauren to have a calf too. 

I’m really excited about going to Dalaran.  I’ve never been and I keep thinking about the fact that the city just kinds of floats up there in the air like that.  Makota said that we should be okay as long as we stay away from the edges.   Mom says that it’s beautiful and we won’t have to stand real close together all of the time so that we won’t fall off either.  She was laughing at me when I told her that there wasn’t’ any furniture for us to sit on up there because Tauren were too big.  She has been to Dalaran before and she said they had some very nice park benches that we might be able to use if the mages hadn’t removed them or anything. 

I already have a bag packed to take and my Mom said that taking a portal wasn’t going to be too bad although we both kind of agreed that it might be more fun if we took the zep.  I’ve never really been in a portal before, I’m afraid that if we go too fast that I’ll lose my bag or something.  Do they hurt?  Makota said they made you feel strange because you start out in one place and end up in a place far far away.  Well, I hope all of my stuff gets there with me.  I’ll make sure I have everything fastened real good before I go in one though, I don’t want to lose my new nose ring, Mom said it makes me look very handsome and older. 

So, Mom has a big bag of herbs and food that she is taking with her because she can cook for us up there and we won’t have to spend a lot of gold.  She even said it was expensive, however, Naton told us that we can stay at this one Inn that wasn’t very expensive and wouldn’t’ be uncomfortable because the elves don’t like it that much.  Doesn’t sound real exciting with a name like The Filthy Animal.  After we heard the name of the Inn, Mom put some cleaning stuff in her bag so that we wouldn’t catch some strange things while we are staying there, she was mumbling about bedbugs and things. 

Mom said she was looking forward to meeting Makota and was very excited about meeting Lali and her mage husband.   She says she hopes that the herb mixtures that she is bringing up there should help Lali with her morning sickness too.  Of course, she always gets excited about women having babies and things.  I did tell her that Lali and her husband were different and I hope that was okay. 


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