More Worries and Concerns…How Do You Tell Your Friend to Shutup?

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author 


August 18th

Dear Journal,

I wasn’t sleeping all that well last night, so, I woke up before dawn.  It’s kind of enjoyable having the peace in the house with everyone sleeping.  I think I scared Agatha when I walked into the kitchen and started rattling around making my coffee because she usually is awake long before anyone else in the house.  When she came out of her room she had a frying pan in her hand and was all set to smack any intruder that may have wandered in.  There isn’t that much of a chance of that happening with the wards back in place on the house as they should be though.

I’m sitting here looking at the stack of contracts on the desk as per usual and I have to thank my lucky stars that they don’t seem to be dwindling any at all, if anything, they’ve increased.  I have more government contracts than normal and that tells me that something is going on that the general public is not aware of, especially those of us isolated away up here in Dalaran.  More supplies for the army and navy as if we’re getting geared up for more war.  I hate to say it but it sure does have all of the markings of demands that were made on the company right before the last war starting leveling out a bit.  Oh hell, why did I even think that we’d have an enduring peace in this Light Forsaken World?  No one is happy unless there is something getting stirred up.   I hope that we don’t get called back in for active duty again, like the last time.   I don’t want to leave Amyn up here in Dalaran with the little guys or she might have to report back in.  With the size of these orders, I’m expecting anything at this point.

I am also sitting here and kind of chuckling at Dawnglory again.  How that man has lived this long without someone just stomping him into the ground just amazes the heck out of me.  He can be very well behaved at times and then, like this last ordeal at dinner with Kal and his girl friend, he was almost out of control.

I think I damned near broke my foot when I was kicking him under the table, trying my best to get him to shut up and his sister was beet red with embarrassment.  I hope this girl from Stormwind didn’t understand half of the stuff that he was saying because it was bad enough that the rest of us had to endure it.  Poor Kaldor looked absolutely mortified and I think Amyn just about blew a gasket, although, she kept smiling and kept talking to poor Josie to distract her from my business partners somewhat inebriated ramblings.

This young lady that Kal brought home for us to meet and to visit with the family for a while seems likeable enough.  She is very attractive and I definitely do appreciate her manners, she’s just a very nice young girl.  I tried to explain to Dawnglory that not all Gilnean people were given the Curse, that some of them just escaped the conflict unscathed pretty much.  No, he’s having none of that because he is thoroughly convinced that she’s a wolf in girl’s clothing. I thought I was going to die and wanted to crawl under the table when he started asking the poor thing if he had issues with fleas and how the rest of the Pack was doing.  How could he do something like that?  He knows better and normally he comports himself with more decorum that he had at the dinner table night before last.   I suppose it had to do with the fact that he and I both had had a few drinks before dinner after we got cleaned up from our sojourn into Ice Crown.  I don’t normally drink a whole lot of brandy before dinner, however, I swear that the marrow in my bones was frozen from stomping around over there most of the day and that wind is just as bitter as it was during the war.    

Yes, Dawnglory and I are getting back to our normal way of life again and I think that the hard feelings that were developed with our fight in Silvermoon have been somewhat healed.  At least I feel more comfortable with him right now than I was there for a few days. 

We had spent most of the day out searching for Sollonne and we both came up pretty damned empty handed.  I think that we have scoured every nook and cranny of Ice Crown and killed a few scourge while we were at it.  These religious zealots are the worst things to deal with.  No, they are true cultists as you would have it because they don’t wear uniforms and they don’t appear to gather together in large groups.  Just groups that seem to like to torment people that isn’t of pure Kaldorei blood.  Of course, I’m not telling Amyn a whole lot about this and I’m definitely not telling her that I am missing one of my best employees up here in Northrend either because she would have a royal fit.  That woman gets so protective of our children that sometimes I wonder if she had time to do other things with her life than to just make sure that they were okay. 

What traces we did find of where Sollonne may have been actually came to light when one of our other employees heard one of the flight path attendants talking about the fact that he hoped that the people that paid him some gold for waylaying one of the beasts would come back.   Of course, the employee was just kind of sitting there in the Animal having a few drinks with his friends and he said that the girl that took the wyvern out sounded like it might have been Sollonne, the description fit and the day that she disappeared matched up as well. 

I know that she had been tracking these people because that was some of the mail was coming from that we had gotten in Orgrimmar.  I wonder if they had started sending some to the office here in Dalaran.  If she was that hot on their trail, I’d be willing to bet that we got a box of body parts here.  I swear that I wish that woman would tell me things ahead of time so that it isn’t a bloody surprise, literally.  Dawnglory and I both talked to the people in Orgrimmar to see if we had gotten any more of those bloody reeking packages that we seem to get from time to time.  Yes, we get a lot of different things shipped to us all of the time, however, these packages are always wrapped the same and they are always seeping something, the smell usually kind of gives away what might have been contents.  They said they hadn’t seen anything for a few days, not since Sollonne had been in the warehouse a couple of weeks ago. 

I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept having these nightmares of opening these boxes and finding Amyn’s head or the little guys’ heads.  The last time that we got boxes with those heads in them, it didn’t bode well for any of us and gave me nightmares for weeks to follow.  I thought that a lot of it had stopped when the business with the Bloodsworn had been dealt with as well as my withdrawing from my affiliation with that particular guild should have curtailed it.  So, if it is truly continuing to happen, then it’s more of a personal thing than it was an organizational type of thing.  Sure, I’ve had my employees attacked in the past and I’ve even had some of them killed, however, not anything as nasty as the box that I got with Sol’s braid in it in quite a while, the trashed out comlink and the sigil told me who had been attacked.  Wish to the Light that it had told me more.  The ring in the box is bothering me because it looks familiar to Dawnglory and I both, we’ve seen it before but neither one of us can remember where at this point.

I know that we’re supposed to head back out to Ice Crown again today to go back over some of the ground that we have already covered to see if we can see anything that will lead us to our quarry.  I want to get Sol back in one piece, her hair will be shorter but hair grows back. 

I had to tell Amyn that we aren’t going to be able to take that trip to Nagrand or Feralas for a few more days due to some business constraints and she acted a bit disappointed although I know she understands that I can’t leave right now.  Damn it all.  I was hoping that we could take a break and take what was supposedly left of the time that we had allocated for our honeymoon that we had to call short due to the crap in Silvermoon.

Where would I take a captive if I was some religious zealot trying to avoid someone in Ice Crown?  I know that I would steer clear of the Argents if I didn’t do anything else.  Guess I should go and cross some palms with gold and see what the boys at the Ebon Hold have to say for themselves.   Gold seems to buy information even from the living dead.  I suppose I ought to take Felaran with us just in case they feel a bit better talking to someone that might possibly be part of the brotherhood. 

Well, Fae should be back up here next week and that will help get things organized here in the office again.  She needs to come up with a better system than “Oh, just put it on Fnor’s desk so he can see it first” idea because I have a stack here that looks like it is in danger of toppling over and I am not in the mood to crawl around on the floor picking up pieces of paper. 

Dawnglory told me that our wandering goblin has finally shown up again in Orgrimmar, which is kind of nice to have that little family back together again.  I know that Zippie and Zednick were a bit upset with Dooddah for not coming back with them when they decided that the money was better with Morningstar Enterprises.  At least Zed hasn’t gotten drunk and mooned Garrosh again, oh, that was a very expensive bit of bowing and scraping that we had to do to get him out of the stocks that time.  Well, I will have to admit that life is never dull when the Prattfalls are back in my employ because they are constantly coming up with things to make money.  A light bulb in the Under City has been a mediocre success, however, Zippie has some kind of insurance that she is trying to sell the Lady for slip and falling.  I hope she doesn’t have us covering the losses of some Forsaken falling and losing a part or something. 

See, it’s not all seriousness all of the time.  Those little green goblins do make me smile.  Now, if I could only get them to team up and try not to sell everything in the warehouse at cost some days.  Sales, they call it.  I call it unloading old stock that would be left at some orphanage that might appreciate it more than some poor “mook”…that’s what they said, thinking it was some of our better quality stock. 



Fnor Morningstar

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