Back to Work…Same Old Shit, Different Day

August 23rd

Journal, Book, Whatever I feel like calling your ass today.

Well, things are at least settling down a bit now that Felessa is back in Dalaran going to school.  At least I know she will get some decent food to eat and gain some of the weight back that she lost in that fucking debacle with the demon or whatever in the fuck you want to call it was.  At least I know that she will be safe.

I wonder how many times I have to fucking apologize to these people about getting drunk at dinner the other night and asking some embarrassing questions to Kal’s little puppy girlfriend?  Yeah, I’m real sure she’s a worgen, not too many people escaped that disease in Gilneas that I am aware of.  I don’t know that many Worgen though, I’ve killed and skinned a few in the wild but I didn’t talk to them while they were attacking me.  These civilized versions are supposedly different and I have accepted that, just don’t ask me to try to tell my skin not to crawl, okay?  I know I’m not apologizing again for my behavior on this matter; they can kiss my tight elf ass if they want another one.  It’s not forthcoming.

At least I can find my way around the office in Orgrimmar now.  Man, don’t ever leave a little goblin neat freak in charge of things while you’re gone, Dawnglory!  Oh, it looked great and things were labeled, counted, recounted and put in order but I couldn’t find a fucking thing.  She even counted my pens and put them in order by brand name, color and then by length.  I still can’t find some of the contracts I had in the middle of my desk, they weren’t finished. 

I know that I felt glad that I was able to pull the contracts that I wanted to give that new Ranger in Outland to work on.  They should keep him busy for three or four months, however, as crazy as he seems to be, he’ll probably get them done in two.  He’s definitely trying to bury himself in his work because of his emotional trauma that he supposedly endured from some tart in Dalaran.  That’s his problem to deal with, not mine and I won’t shoulder the burden.

I know that anytime I mentioned anything about women when I met him in Shattrath, he acted like he was all affronted by it or something.  I did explain to him that when I am talking about our products and women in the same breath, it’s because I want to take their money, not fucking shag them.  Man has a one event buffer.  To him, right now, women are evil; they are the devil or something.  To me, I sell products that we produce to women and if I happen to go to bed with a few of them, that’s all the better for me, right?  I’m definitely not into the boy toy thing and I’ll knock the shit out of this fellow if he leans that way.  I don’t mind someone preferring that but don’t ever cramp my style because that’s what you’re into. 

I know I kept catching him staring at me when I was talking like I was speaking some unknown tongue or something.  I bet the poor turkey thinks I’m a lot younger than I appear.  Silly fool, I’m eight years younger than the Old Man, Fnor.   I just don’t show my age all that much and I’m sure that if he looked at my service record it would make his look like something he scribbled up in his playpen while I was out fighting battles.  I have to kind of laugh because this Silvermoon escapee is on my turf now, I was raised in Shattrath, in the orphanage and I know this area like the back of my hand. 

I like Sath, I truly do but the man has got to let go of his feelings in regard to women.  Just because this girl or whatever it was in Dalaran decided to screw around on him doesn’t mean that the whole sex is rotten to the core.  I like to party and I like to spend time with women, however, that’s not all that I do, damn it!!

I think I’ll let this fellow flounder around in Shattrath and Nagrand for a week and then I’ll make another trip down there to see how he’s doing or if he’s survived that long.   He’s got the skills; I’ve seen that evidenced with the contracts that he filled before he got sent down here.  Skinning is an art, no matter what some idiot might tell you differently and each one of the skins he turned in was done correctly, the hides were cured and the pelts were clean and didn’t have any holes or tears in them. 

Apparently, he doesn’t care for Orcs all that much either.  He’s kind of made the remark several times when we were in Nagrand as well as mentioning that he didn’t like going to Orgrimmar.  Well, there are going to be times that he is going to end up getting teamed up with an Orc or two in our line of work and I hope like hell he doesn’t turn his delicate little nose up at that thought – the more people on the job, the more money they make sometimes. 

Sure, I’ m not overly fond of having to spend as much time as I do in Orgrimmar.  It’s dirty, noisy, and full of all kinds of races and the dust gets into everything.  You could be just out of a bath and you’ll see a fine coat of dust on your armor that you had barely hung up on a stand less than ten minutes ago.  No, I don’t have any dalliances in Orgrimmar, that’s too close to the home base for it to be prudent.  Oh fuck no; I don’t need some bimbo dropping by the office to visit me there.  If they want to work for me, fine, if they want to go to bed with me…let’s go somewhere away from Orgrimmar.  At least Fnor has gotten a new taste of how things are in Orgrimmar.  It’s the same old dirty, nasty, dangerous place that it was before he took off to Dalaran with his Kaldorei family.  At least I got one hefty raise for making the trek down here and staying here for weeks at a time to take care of the business – oh, that reminds me, I need some more body bags or I need to start charging for people not returning them in a useable condition.

I mean, fucking come on.  You get a contract to take a bounty in Under City…you tag and bag to make your delivery.  This one particular one was kind of funny because the employee was in such a hurry to make the delivery, do the collection and get back to Orgrimmar for a hot date that he forgot to clean out the bag all the way.  It’s not funny when you find a bony foot in the bottom of the bag when you’re folding it up to be shipped out again for use.  Since when did Forsaken start wearing toe rings?  This one was doing overkill in that department or maybe he was just trying to figure out a way to make sure the toes stayed attached?  Who knows?

I need to head back to Dalaran again tomorrow to give Fnor a hand on find Sol.   We’re still in the belief that she might still be alive and might still be in Ice Crown somewhere.  We have a couple of more caves that we want to check out and I guess that Felaran is helping out some too.   I asked Fnor if he had told Amyn about Sol being missing and he said he didn’t want to worry her right now because she already had a lot on her mind with Kal falling for this human girl and he didn’t want to upset the applecart by telling her that Sol was missing and why.

Now, that brings to mind one thing.  What if Fnor’s son gets with this girl and they have kids.  What would those kids look like, one third Kaldorei, one third Sindorei…and one third Worgen?  I’m not sure that this Curse thing passes on from the parent to the offspring or if the baby would be human or what?

Sorry about the ink splashes there.  I got tickled and started laughing when I had my quill full of ink.  I just had a visual of trying to put a diaper on a wiggling puppy or would you housetrain them?   No, no, no, Dawnglory!! Don’t even go there and don’t you dare ask a soul within earshot of Fnor and Amyn.

Okay, time for me to go out and make the rounds here in Kalimdor.  I need to go find out what’s going on with a couple of my hunters in Uldum.  They are well overdue for a full order of hides from down there and I’ll be damned if I am going to pay the fine for the contract being late, I’ll take it out of their asses before I do that again. 





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