“A Sense of Foreboding

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author 


August 28th

Dear Journal,

I am sitting here in Dalaran this morning with the usual cup of coffee and my cigarettes because that’s what I intend to do for the next few days.   I returned home from Orgrimmar rather late last night after being stuck in the city for longer than I would like at times.

The place is rife with rumors and with all of the contracts that I have been getting in the last few weeks, the rumor mills grinding away, I am certain that something is definitely in the wind.   I know that I haven’t had contracts requesting a lot of items like this since the last war and I am almost afraid to speculate what is going to happen in Azeroth due to my past experience.  I know that I have such a sense of foreboding and my intuition is telling me to pull my family back to Dalaran.  I know that sounds stupid but it is just a strong feeling that I have that something is about to happen.

I know the last time that I felt this way and it was hitting me like a hammer for months prior to the rising of Deathwing and the feeling I have now is even stronger.  At least with Deathwing we had a bit of a warning, this is just a feeling that I have right now and I am going to listen to it.

Months before Deathwing rose, there were warning signs all over Azeroth.  The elementals were insane and would attack cities, villages and towns for no reason.  It was as if they were trying to drive out the humanity so that they could either cure their ills or they were filled with the murderous rage of a Nature that we couldn’t comprehend. It was indeed some harrowing times for everyone on the planet.  It seemed to be primarily hitting Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.  We all know what happened in the end of that cycle, we were all introduced to an insane entity known as Deathwing and the destruction that he wrought on the planet will never be forgotten.

I know that I am seeing through my contracts and from what I’ve seen in Orgrimmar, a heavy troop buildup again.   This makes me almost heartsick because it can only mean one thing and that is that our Warchief is up to something.  No one seems to know exactly what it is or when it will happen, however, the feeling is that it is going to be soon.  I’m almost afraid to check my personal mail right now because I feel like I may be recalled to take over a command in the Rangers again, which means only one thing.  All out war with the Alliance. 

Here we’ve been sitting with our rose-colored glasses on and thinking that the world would change for the better.  I don’t think that I will ever truly know peace in my lifetime.  My main concern right now is with Amyn and the children.  If it comes to another war with our factions, how safe will I be able to keep them?  It’s not like I can hold them hostage in Dalaran to keep them safe.  I don’t know which way my children will go if war comes again.  Yes, I’m worried; I’m frightened and deeply concerned.  What if my sons decide that they have to join the services – would I ever have to face my son on the battlefield as I did my wife on a few occasions?

Here I was sitting in Dalaran a few days ago, content with my lot in life.  I actually felt happy and content with everything. Now, after spending a couple of days in Orgrimmar and hearing the rumors flying around the city, I am filled with dread and fear.  Yes, fear that my family will be torn asunder and put into harm’s way.   The only thing that I can do at this point is to get prepared for what may be a very bumpy ride in our future.

I will be pulling most of the employees in the company back closer to their homes and families and will try to keep them there with the contracts that we have available.  More contracts keep pouring in, it’s as if they have almost tripled in the last two days and that’s what has me worried.  I still have to go through them and approve them; however, I am going to be extremely cautious as to which ones I take.  I will have to talk with Dawnglory and see what news he has been able to garner from the city as well because he is much more in touch with the population in Orgrimmar than I am at this point.  Although, being friends with some of the people that are privy to some of Garrosh’s ideas that he has floating through that warmongering skull of his and they are being very quiet on the subject, not matter how much I tried to pry without being obvious.

I know that the things that I have heard have disturbed my inner peace greatly and I just hope that I am wrong with what my intuition is telling me is going to happen.  I sit here in Dalaran, looking at the family that I have under my protection and I am also thinking about some of our friends.  Some of them are just starting out in life with their dreams riding a high that only being that young can give you.  I look at Raleth and Lali, starting their family already, a baby on the way.  What will become of all of us if there is war on the horizon?  What will that do to our children that we all love more than life itself?

I’ve already spoken with Amyn and she has said that she hasn’t heard anything of any great importance other than the usual grumbles and rumors that one always hears in Stormwind.  I suppose any large city always has those types of rumors floating around.  However, I did ask her to make the trip to Stormwind and start sending our employees out on contracts that will have them closer to their homes rather than running them far afield.  I also asked her to make sure that Kaldor and Vashlan returned to Dalaran as quickly as possible.  She is also going to Dolonaar to speak with her parents and try to get them to come to Dalaran and stay for a while; I know she would feel more comfortable with them being up here rather than there.

I know that I am probably being an alarmist but I’d much rather be a fool for wanting to make sure that my family is safe than to just ignore the facts that I see in front of me and adding the rumors, it could only mean one thing. 

I am still worried about Sol, however, I am going to keep a weather eye out for the other things and continue my search for her.  If they have moved her out of Ice Crown, then, the next place that has the best areas for hiding is Storm Peaks.  I will take a run up there later today or even tomorrow to see if I can see any signs of a group traveling through there.  Of course, I have some friends up there that might have noticed a group of people acting covertly in the area.  If it is the same group that we have dealing with for the last few months, they are going to be extremely difficult to find because they can blend in so easily with the rest of the population, however, I can’t imagine that Sol would be blending in real well if I know her.  Damn the timing on this!!   I know she didn’t have this planned but I wish to all that is holy that she had left some word with someone before undertaking this kind of adventure on her own.  I know she likes to protect the company and the family from any harm that she can, however, I think that sometimes her heart overrules her intelligence.  She’s gusty, brave and one of the best fighters that I have ever had the privilege of knowing, however, I hope she hasn’t gotten into something that will cost her more than just that long braid of hers.  Damn it!!

I need to get my mind on some more pleasant things or I’ll start drinking brandy.  I know that I have these concerns but I can’t allow them to push everything else out of the way at this point.  I have things that are still keeping all of us happy with everything for the time being.

I really did enjoy meeting Kaldor’s young lady from Stormwind.  I was really rather pleasantly surprised with how she conducted herself while she was here.  I know my son is probably living in a pipedream that might end up breaking his heart; however, it’s something that I can only warn him about and hope that the damage isn’t all that severe.   He’s very close to the age that I was when I first encountered his Mother and that little minx stole my heart for life, little did I know it at the time.

Sure, Dawnglory is speculating very loudly that the girl might be a Worgen.  So, what of it?  If she happens to have gotten that Curse handed to her, I’m sure that it isn’t something that she asked for nor did Felaran ask to become a Death Knight.  If she has that particular thing, that’s strictly between Kaldor and her.  I have no great love for worgen in the wild, however, it’s my understanding that these poor devils have the ability to live as both the creature and as a human…most are capable of keeping the beast under control.  I do wish that I was more knowledgeable about them and it would probably behoove me to find out some things because after watching those two together, she might be visiting Dalaran a bit more often in the future.  I just hope that my son is aware of what he might be getting himself into. 

Oh, speaking of my son.  He really trounced me at the tournament last week and I’m demanding a rematch when he gets back to Dalaran.  We took his Mother with us and I couldn’t help but notice that she was more than a little bit thrilled to see her son dump the old man on his backside a couple of times.  Damn that kid is strong!  I guess that the Kaldorei build has a lot to do with it too, his reach is probably a good foot or longer than mine and he is damned near impossible to unseat from his mount due to his size and weight.  Of course, she and Kaldor got into a bit of an argument because she wants to give this tournament thing a “go” and thinks that she would be good at it – I think it would be fantastic for her.  Kal is of the opinion that women shouldn’t do this sort of thing.  He and I had a bit of a discussion about his sexiest ideas and I think that I put the kibosh on those thoughts or at least he will know better than to voice his opinions around his Mother and me.   I will have to admit that I do like competing with him whether I win or lose at this point.

Oh well, just got another large stack of contracts dumped on my desk and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down anytime soon.  At least Faendra is here and she can start putting the things in order.  I hope Amyn doesn’t spend too much time in Stormwind today trying to do the same thing; I want her to get home.  Not to mention the little guys are here and they will make us all crazy if she’s not here to tie them down or something.  I know Agatha keeps giving them food and sending them back to their rooms to study some more.  Oh well, they will either put on 20 pounds or they will actually be in there working on the schoolwork they have been given to do today.  I’ll take them out for a walk here in a little while and hope that they don’t get into trouble, maybe a trip to the toy store, a new train set might be a good thing for them to put together and play with.

Fnor Morningstar

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