Just Working…People are just Weird

August 30th


Well, what the fuck is Fnor thinking about now?  He hears rumors in Orgrimmar and he thinks something catastrophic is going to happen and he wants to stop the world for a while.  He doesn’t have that kind of money or power that I am aware of.  If he did, I’d definitely be talking to him about my percentage of profit that I am apparently missing.

I have so many contracts here in Orgrimmar right now that it would take a very large mammoth just to get the piles of paper to another location.  Lots of government contracts, lots of privateers wanting to stock up on stuff and let’s not forget the usual plethora of odd things, the usual kidnap and ransom things, the bodyguard duties and most of all…the little side trips that people seem to want to take with a bunch of guards so that they can say “I’ve been there!”

I had a few contracts that I needed to get to Shattrath, some to the Ranger we sent down there and a few others to be distributed to the other employees in the area.  I found the Ranger in the Tavern down there and he was sitting there at a table with a young lady.  A very attractive young lady, I might add.  I thought he knew her but apparently they hadn’t even introduced themselves to one another by the time that I got there. 

The Ranger is a nice enough fellow and I understand that he is going through a lot with his personal life, however, he is rather moody, and it appears.  His cat wasn’t drinking the water in Outland and I assume that he had tried a bunch of different things with no luck on that.   The young lady at the table was a mage and offered to make some conjured water to see if the cat would drink that.  Oh you would have thought that we had committed the most heinous act when the water was offered to his cat.  Dawn drank it without any problems but she’s not a real finicky kitty.

I know some hunters are overly protective of their animals and I definitely am knowledgeable about my animals, however, I don’t act like the fucking world is going to crash down if they aren’t given what I think they need.  It was an awkward situation.  One of these days I am going to have to explain to this fellow that I am not some kind of moron and I have been at my profession for a very long time without the benefit of his wisdom. 

I would like to be a friend to the fellow because he seems likeable enough, however, I think he might want to remember that he is working for the company and I don’t work for him. Yes, I suggested some things when I was there in Shattrath and you would have thought I had stepped on his cock or something with the way he was acting.  We’ll have to wait and see how he works out, if it doesn’t happen, he can be easily replaced, plain and simple.  I thought he was being overly sensitive and a bit rude and voiced my opinion – that was another mistake.  He’s an odd duck and very hard to figure out and I don’t know if our personalities are going to mesh very well. 

I talked to the mage for a while and apparently she was in need of the services of a bodyguard.  I thought that the Ranger might be in need of some extra gold and asked him if he would be interested in that sort of thing?  For the money, not to shag the woman.  Apparently, that was another mistake on my part with the way he acted and I can understand the reasoning.  Sure, his broken heart is posted on his forehead and we’re all supposed to be cautious of that.   I can sympathize with the fellow and empathize with his feelings, however, I don’t think my middle name is doormat and I don’t have a “kick me” sign on my back either.  I think we’ll just keep it at business until he gets over being so damned sensitive that you’re afraid to even talk to him about anything.   I’ll keep checking on his progress down there and I’ll see how he is doing – who knows, we may yet become friends at some point. 

Well, anyway, I offered the services to the woman for one of the contractors from Morningstar Enterprises if she wanted that service.  I did get Zippy to send a letter out to her and I hope that she will take the contract, which, I might end up being the one to take it myself.  Couldn’t be that difficult to take her around the area and let her study leylines or whatever it is that she wants to do.  I will definitely have a time limit on how long I plan on spending my time down there.   No, I’m not in the mood to hit that at the moment either, I’m still trying to catch up with Fae and hopefully, we can try to build a relationship that is more than what it is right now. 

As for Fnor and his freaking “The Sky Is Falling!” thing, I am going to see what I can do with the contracts that we have here in Orgrimmar and try to keep everyone as close to their homes as I can.  Yes, I have an allegiance to the Horde; however, I have a bigger allegiance to myself and my sister.  You know where you keep your ass alive?  It’s been too peaceful of late and that warmongering bugger sitting in charge of things has all the markings of being a bit too aggressive with his own thoughts and not those of his people.  If it comes to war, I’m not real sure which way I’ll go other than as far away from the trouble as I can.  If I get recalled to the Rangers, I’ll go and do my duty, however, we’ll see how things go from there.  At least I know that Felessa and Fae are safe in Dalaran and they had better stay there if they know what’s good for them.

Well, I think I’ll go do some target practicing and see if I can hear anything else about whatever is going on in this crappy place and maybe overhear something since the peons in Garrosh’s seem to be working out a bit more.  Hmmm…Should be some interesting shit going on.


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