Oh, The Joys Of Homeownership

You never know when RL is going to throw you a curve ball.  Oh, the joys of homeownership.  You never know when things are going to hit the brakes and you get a good case of whiplash.  I would like to apologize for not being readily available in-game during the last few days, however, when the plumbing in your house decides to take an unannounced sabbatical, it makes life interesting.

For the last forty-eight hours, we were unable to run water in the house, use the lavatory, take showers or even wash our hands without making the trek across the street to one of our neighbors.  Nothing like camping with all of the creature comforts of home, however, people would definitely frown if you used the same principles of when you are actually camping…you know the shovel, go behind the bush, dig a hole and do your thing before burying it again.  At least cats have litterboxes, yes?

I do have one question though.  With the number of plumbers that I have seen in the last couple of days, it must be a professional thing that is required of them – you know, the squat down and half their butt is seen over the top of their pants.  Do they have a test that they have to pass before they are given a license…you must shoot all of your customers a halfmoon when you squat down.

At least things are settling down now and we don’t seem to have the constant parade of plumbers through the house at all hours.  Thank goodness we live in an HOA or I’m sure we would have filed bankruptcy.

See ya in-game!!

2 thoughts on “Oh, The Joys Of Homeownership

    • LOL I can relate to that. At least I got some sleep last night … more than the two hours I got the night before at least. I was totally zonked out yesterday – the patch drops, new things to do and our plumbing dies all at the same time…is there a correlation to that?

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