Almost Time For Goodbye

I know I haven’t been posting a whole lot of late and my RP had dropped to almost total zero. I’m actually sersiouly considering quitting WoW when my subscriptions are up for renewal  I love the game with a passion, however, the new patch has shown me a side of the game that I would rather not see or have it forced upon me without my permission.  I love the changes and had such high hopes for the new cross server mergers, however, those rosey ideals have been trashed rather rapidly.

Character immersion has been shot to hell and gone with phasing in and out of zones, ending up on a PVP server when you have no warning is no fun.  I find myself becoming increasingly angry when I log in and at my age, that’s not a good thing.  I honestly don’t mind change and normally will roll with the punches, however, this last thing just tilted the cart too far, I think.  I’m finding the game to no longer be something that I can sit back and enjoy.

I will continue to fulfill my obligations to the guilds that I currently belong too, however, I probably won’t be saying a whole lot at this point.  I’m from the old school of, if you can’t say something “good”, then, don’t say anything at all.

2 thoughts on “Almost Time For Goodbye

    • I hope so too because after eight years of playing the game, I was just totally put off by quite a few things that happened. I’m hoping that things will change and I can still enjoy MoP – flew into a pvp realm and didn’t know it and totally got greifed, ganked and teabagged – not a fun thing when you’re not ready for Pvp.

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