Winds of War

((Since only a few of my characters have been exposed to the actual scenerio that is/was Theramore and the Lore is a bit dicey at this point, having not read the “book” in addition to playing the game – there will be errors.  This is just how my character feels about the impact of the scenerio – no knowing all of the information, if any that was provided via Warcraft.))

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author 

September 24

Dear Journal,

Yes, everything that I have been feeling for all these many days has borne fruition and I’m more than a little bit distraught.  I’m sitting here at my desk and feeling as if I have aged a thousand times overnight because I had felt that something was going to happen, something horrific.  I thought that when Deathwing struck his blows against the world, that that was the worst thing that could have happened.

No, this has been even worse than anything that has ever happened.   We had all gotten comfortable with our lives and we all felt that we had made progress in healing some of the rifts between the factions, however, that rift has now become a chasm of such proportions that I have no idea how we can even attempt to heal it from a diplomatic standpoint.  I doubt that we can, there is nothing left that we can use for any kind of leverage to heal the damage done.

I know that Amyn is in the same boat with me.  We have our children to think of and our lives to be concerned with.  It’s like hearing a shoe drop somewhere and you know that another has to follow..but, follow it to where.   Will we even be safe in Dalaran?  I honestly don’t know but I will definitely kill anyone that tries to harm my family – this goes beyond faction, it is more a matter of the soul and he heart.

This whole thing could have been preventable if things had been left in more capable and sane hands other than that fool that now sits in Orgrimmar, gloating and feeling self-righteous.  If only Thrall could have foreseen the destiny in those “dreams” of his, healing the planet.  He forgot one thing, the people that live on the planet should have been swept aside and started anew – that would have healed the planet.

War!! Yes, war has once again reared its ugly head in the world and I am filled with trepidation and dismay.  It’s on a scale that I have never encountered before and the bloodbaths that I have heard of won’t be stopping anytime in the near future.  Yes, I have people that I care about that are involved in this thing through no fault of their own.  One person made a decision that will tear everything asunder if we aren’t prepared.  Are you Prepared?  I know I’m not, not by a long shot.

Yes, I am a member of the Horde just by happenstance; my allegiance is with my people to a certain level.  However, my priority is with my family.  Yes, I know my sons are an abomination in the eyes of some, both Horde and Alliance – however, Elune, the Light and the Earth Mother allowed us to bring them into this world – what does mankind have to say with that.  I used to take great pride in my faction affiliation until I saw how they could be bought and manipulated with a pack of lies and being lead by a true madman.   Now I feel anguish and shame.  I will do my duty; however, it will be with a sad heart.  I know that Amyn feels the same way; her people have given a great sacrifice for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This war is going to bring so much death and destruction to our planet. Than we have ever seen before.  It will make Deathwing and Arthus look like a child’s fairytale.

I’ll maintain what normalcy I can here in Dalaran for as long as I can.  We’ll survive this as we have all of the others; however, I hope that the cost isn’t too dear.  I know that Kaldor has already seen the devastation wrought, his Mother has not but she knows from the things that she’s overheard. 

If Amyn and I both get called back into military duties, it will be with more than a heavy heart.   Yes, we’ve faced one another across the battlefields in the past – the Sentinel and the Ranger and we’ve both survived with the blessing of the higher powers. 

Yes, war is here and I know that it will outlive my generation and possibly Amyn’s too.  Who knows what these next few days and months will bring.

Dawnglory was in Shattrath when all of this came to pass, on business, as per usual.  Our communication links went into a tailspin and were not working properly – even sporadically they would function as they should.  He’s made his way back to Orgrimmar and will be back in Dalaran to report what he has seen.  Of the destruction that has occurred, he’s been very graphic in his description of the survivors and it breaks my heart.  One wonders how a sane man could have loosened a weapon of such magnitude on helpless civilians as well as the military in Theramore.   Yes, it reminds me of the last war and the war before that one in so many repects.  All of people being pulled into an abyss by some idiot that thought he had some idealist thoughts on how to preserve what they thought were important.  I know that the Alliance it going to retaliate, where and how they will do this is still a mystery.

I know that when Amyn and I retired for the night last night, we were both weeping.  All we could do was to hold one another in our arms and try to tell the other one that everything will be okay, when, neither of us actually knows what the outcome will be. 

Yes, I will be heading back to Orgrimmar and Dawnglory and I will be going out to check on the status of our employees to make sure that we haven’t lost any to this holocaust.  The people I have that report directly to me in Northrend are all devastated by the news we’re hearing and all are concerned about their families.   So, it’s back to going around 24/7 in our armor because we will be hard pressed to tell friend from foe at this point. 

Business, we’re being inundated to the point to where I don’t know that we can serve everyone.

Amyn and Kal will go to Stormwind to see what we have left in that area and tread very softly around some of the people that we knew.  As I said before, it’s hard to tell friend from foe these days. 

My heart and my soul weeps for the travesty that has been befallen all of us.

Fnor Morningstar

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