Sorry to say that I haven’t been playing a whole lot in the last few days due to RL issues – health and an old pet of mine is on her last legs. Poor puppy is 14 years old, blind, almost deaf and has arthritis sometimes it’s hard to just to get her outside to do her thing.   RL has more bearing on what I do with my time.  I’m an older player, so I do have to make sure that my health isn’t adversly affected by long stretches of time spent on the computer.  I’ll try to get back into blogging and RPing again when things settle down because I do miss that aspect of the game tremendously.

So, I play when I can and do what I can in WoW.  I have my Alliance main almost to 86 and having a tough time keeping up with the rest of the guild that he belongs in – I’ll keep trying but if the guild feels that I’m not doing my part and they kick me out, I’ll be sad but I understand.

On another note:  I love the new expansion to pieces.  It’s awesome and it’s a game that I could very easily get lost in.  I love to quest, don’t really care all that much for dungeons although I realize I have to do them in order to have the gear to raid.  Blizzard has done a fantastic job with the expansion and it is well worth the money that I spent to get it.  The music, the lore and just the whole dynamic is  a product that has blown everything out of water.

Sure, I’m not overly fond of some of the other things in the game that Blizzard has recently done which I won’t even go into other than to say that it leaves me feeling a bit disoriented every now and again – when I start getting stressed out with the game, it’s just plain silly to stay logged in.

LOL, don’t know why I’m even publicly posting this but just in case some people were wondering about what was going on. Love you all, miss the hours I used to spend in-game but if my body tells me it’s time to take a break and that break is a day or two, I have to do that.  You can’t play at all if you’re dead – seems reasonable to me.

2 thoughts on “Whew!!

  1. I want you to know that no one will ever kick you out of the guild. You contribute more than just a character. Having you around is the best part. Don’t worry about trying to “keep up” with anyone. Take care of you, first and foremost. You’ll always have a home with us.

    • Oh, that made me almost cry there. I seem to be able to play for a little while before the vertigo gets unbearble. I will try to play a little bit more on Kal and try to keep in touch, right now, it’s a struggle to even log in some days. *hugs* Give my love to all of the guildies.

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