Why Now…In This Time and Place..Why Now?

September 30th


Dear Journal,

I am sitting here in Dalaran, alone again, with a very heavy heart.  All of my Sindorie’s feelings of what might come to pass have happened.  He kept apologizing to me for the things that the Horde has done.   I could see the pain, anguish and sorrow in his eyes each time he looked at me.   I kept telling him that I knew that it wasn’t his fault, that I knew that he took no glory for the damages that have befallen the Alliance, still, that sorrow was still there as I bid him farewell.

Yes, he was recalled to fight.  His age didn’t matter, his family didn’t matter, and however, his affiliation to his countrymen was something that he had to uphold.  His honor forced him back into a battle that he doesn’t believe in.  I could see it in his face that his heart was breaking, that he didn’t want to go.

It was hard enough to see my husband go off to battle for something that he didn’t believe in, however, it almost killed me to see my eldest child following in his Father’s footsteps.  Kal didn’t want to go, however, like his Father, he felt honor bound.  He’s young, he’s never seen the horrors of war, and he has no idea of what it is like to see his friends killed one by one.  I never wanted this for my children to go through as their parents have already seen it.  When he comes back, if he comes back, he will be changed – he will be a grown man, a bit more cynical when his innocence has been hacked away by some horrid green monster.    There is no joy in war, my son; there is only bloodshed, death and tears.

This new country, why do they have to go to foreign soil when there is so much strife in our own lands?  I can see the Horde going for the resources, the greedy bastards that they are.  I can see them destroy a country that appears to be filled with these new furry races that are a peace loving race, however, they will fight to uphold their beliefs, just as we will. 

My parents have moved to Dalaran to be safe.  They have both decided that they are too old to go into a battle again.  They are both world weary and only wish to live out their last remaining days in a place where they can have the illusion of harmony.  My Mother has started making her life here already, getting her pots out, and changing a few things in the guest house for her and my Father.

Vashlan has moved back to Dalaran to train, which is one more person that I won’t have to worry about. I thank Elune daily that he has his mind and his nose pressed into a book at every opportunity.  Maybe this is his way of denying what horrors may be going on in the world.   

I’m sitting here in the sitting room, tears slowly streaming down my face.  I didn’t even tell my Sindorei that I might be with child…another child to add to our damnation of daring to be in love even though our races are at war.

Yes, even if I am pregnant and I get called back to active duty, I will go, I don’t believe in this war other than the fact that the idiot leading the Horde at this point needs to die.  The poor people in Theramore didn’t stand a chance against the weapon that was used against them.  Yes, civilians were given the option to leave, however, how many died because they chose to stay behind with their loved ones.  I know that a woman will stand with her man to the bitter end; I’ve seen it many times in the past.  How many more orphans have they added to so many other homeless waifs? 

We had our brief time of a somewhat awkward peace in some parts of Azeroth.  Now, it has all been swept away by one foolish act. 

I just want my husband and my son to come home in one piece, that’s what I pray to Elune all of the time.  Yes, I understand that we’re traitors because we dared to love one another, however, my son never asked for this.  Oh, I beg of you, Elune…keep them safe.











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