Getting Back To Normal

October and November have been a bit on the rough side of things here lately.  Lots of RL things going on and I’ve been unable to spend as much time writing or even playing WoW very much.  The mood and the heart weren’t actually in it to say the least but I think I have gotten myself through all of the hard times for now, I hope.

We had a very loving little dog that was having a lot of health issues.  My spouse and I were dong as much as we could to make sure that her quality of life was as good as we could make it.  However, this was not meant to be.  After a very long illness, our beloved little dog, Daffney, had to be put down November 6th because there was no longer any hope for her recover.  She was fourteen years old, a tiny little white poodle that ruled the household with an iron paw.  She will be sorely missed and we don’t foresee that we will ever replace her at this point in our lives.

Of course, we were both teary eyed for a few days and I think that we both still have bouts of tears every now and again when we think about how we used to take her with us everywhere.  You can do that when you’re retired.  She would love to go for rides and she would tell us if she wanted a particular “fast” food when we were driving down the road by hanging her head out the window and barking.  Her favorite food of all time had to be Popeye Chicken, which we were able to help her eat that as part of her last meal.

Unfortunately, animals can’t tell you that they hurt or where it hurts, so, we tried all that we could to make her “better” to no avail.  Unbeknownst to us, she had liver failure and a tumor that was destroying her red blood cells so rabidly that she was just unable to keep up the fight.  She was too old for surgery, even after a blood transfusion, so, we helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge to where all of the good little pets get to visit with their old friends and have a good life.  I don’t know who was crying more, the vet or my husband and I.  She had a good life and was such a special loving little dog that we will continue to miss her for years to come.

Now, I am free to play more WoW, go out without worrying about how upset Daffney would get while we were gone, she had separation anxiety that was unbelievable.  She was there with 24/7 for the years I had to recover from open heart surgery and was there with me when I left my job for the last time.  Out of her fourteen years with us, she always had a human with her for at least 7 of those years.  To say that we loved her would be a small thing. She was still trying to stay with her people right up until the last hour of her little life.  ’twas indeed a sad thing for us but we know that she is in a better place and she has her old friends to play with now.

Well enough sadness.

I’m getting back into WoW with a vengeance, just topped off my first 90 in Panderia and I am really enjoying the new xpac.  It’s nice to run around with your guildies and have people to talk with.  Great times are in store.  I’m looking forward to getting back into my writing, reading and other things that take up my time in this fantasy land known as World of Warcraft.  Definitely looking forward to getting back into my RP that I have had to put on hold for the last couple of months.

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