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Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.




November 12th


Dear Journal,


I can’t begin to tell you how much better it feels that I am able to finally sit down in my office in Dalaran.  It’s been a terribly long time since I have written because my duties in Panderia have kept me more than a little busy and I haven’t had the time to write anything in my journal.  I felt fortunate enough to really be able to write a few notes to Amyn and getting those smuggled back to Orgrimmar and on to Dalaran.


I know that leaving Amyn here in Dalaran while I went off to defend my faction was one of the hardest things that I have had to do for quite some time.  It was more of a personal issue and not one that was I was anticipating.  Why was it so much harder to leave her here in Dalaran while I went off to fight in Panderia for the Horde than any other time we’ve been separated by political strife?  We were already mated and I have a strange feeling that it had more to do with the fact that we have only been married a short time in the Sindorei fashion for a few short months.


I know that I had applied for some leave a couple of weeks ago after the initial fighting was undertaken and we managed to survive that onslaught, however, I had a few nicks and caught an arrow in thigh fired by some overzealous Kaldorei.  It wasn’t a serious wound, just uncomfortable as could be with the way that the field healers were rushed handling things.  The limp is almost completely gone now, thank the Light.


I know that I was almost dancing with joy when I finally got permission to leave my command for a few days to go home and see my family.  Of course, my own Commanders probably think it rather odd that I wanted to go home for a while to check on my wife and children; they don’t know the details of my personal life all that much, just that I’m married.  Only one of them has any clue that my wife is Kaldorei and that we have children together, one of them is actually fighting here in Panderia for the Alliance. 


I’m also still trying to keep up with the goings on with Morningstar Enterprises with the help of my sister, Faendra and my loving wife is taking care of the business in Stormwind.  Things seem to be going well, although I will have to admit that I was shocked at the number of contracts on my desk here in Dalaran, I’ll have to talk with Faendra a bit to see what is going on.


My mind is kind of wandering this morning; I think I’m still exhausted from the trip back here and being able to sneak into the house without anyone being any the wiser. 


I know that I stood in the bedroom watching Amyn sleeping in our bed, the way she had curled herself around my pillow and held it against her was almost heartbreaking. Even her cat just kind of reared its head and stared at me for a moment before settling back down to sleep some more.   Amyn is usually a light sleeper so I was a little shocked when I was able to strip down and slide between the sheets before she opened her eyes with a startled gasp and a squeal as she gazed into my eyes.


Let’s just say that the two of us made up for some lost time there in the bed.  I know that the passion was very high and we made love until the sun started to cut through the curtains at dawn.  Her body was something that I have missed and the way that we made love last night was almost like we never wanted it to end.  I think she missed me as well.  I know I have a few love bites that will be hard to explain and it’s doubtful that I’ll even try to explain it either. 


I know that she is still sleeping and we haven’t even shown our faces out of the bedroom yet. I keep glancing back to the bedroom and watching her lying there with that white mane of hair flowing over the black satin sheets – yes, I will probably join her again soon. I just want to hold her in my arms, fill my nostrils with her scent and just hope that the time never ends.  I love my wife and I’ve missed her more than I thought I could.


I heard Agatha humming and singing in the kitchen before she popped into the office with a cup of coffee for me.  Yes, I will have to admit that she almost caught me sans garments but I had been fast enough to throw on a robe before she came in.  She was all smiles and told me that she was happy to see that I was home for a while at least, although, she did say that she wished that it could be like old times again soon.  Yes, I’ve missed my creature comforts here in Dalaran almost as much as I’ve missed my family.


Apparently, my eldest son has been back to Dalaran to see his Mother and his brothers for a few days too.  He’s still here in town and will be heading back to the front in the next couple of days from what his Mother told me last night.  She said that he’s changed so much from the boy that went off to war and that he’s lost that boyish outlook on life.  Seems he’s grown a beard too, which I can well imagine is a way of showing the world that he’s all grown-up now too.  I know that I haven’t told his Mother that I had seen him a couple of times while I was out scouting on my own.  He’s a good soldier from what I saw and yes, he’s changed a lot.  I know that he was always several inches taller than I am before he left to go off to fight in this thing and when I did see him out there in the woods, he looked much more the Kaldorei male than carrying after his Sindorei Father. 


I did chuckle a bit when Amyn told me that Kal has started referring to me as his Father now.  Seems he’s grown up a lot more than I thought he would.  I guess she has let him read some of the letters I’ve sent and he seemed to be happy that I was alive and doing my job  – maybe there was a little bit of pride there, I don’t know.  I will have to admit that each time my troops have skirmished with a group of Kaldorei, we held our own and I always had my heart in my throat with that fear that one of those people would be my own son. 


When I left Dalaran to go fight for the Horde and rejoined my Rangers, I was very confused and extremely unhappy with the whole situation.  I didn’t understand the reasoning behind the Theramore incident and I never will because it just seemed so pointless. 


Panderia is beautiful, in its own exotic way.  The people that I have met there are of a different ilk than any I have ever met before.  They know why they are fighting for their land and I will have to admit that I am more prone to follow their example with things rather than following the edicts passed on through Garrosh Hellscream.  I guess the only thing that I could compare them too is the Tauren – peace loving, in touch with nature, however, very fierce fighters when the orders are given.   It is a different land and the Panderians are very much in touch with the land.  I hope we don’t destroy or defile too much of it with this “war” that we have going on. 


I’m looking forward to seeing Kal and Vash later today and the two little guys.  However, I feel like I need to go back to bed for a while with my wife.  My lovely Kaldorei woman.  When I am in her arms, the rest of the world just seems to disappear.


Fnor Morningstar

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