Playing Catch-Up

What a prolific bunch of people I know that have been just writing away while I have been occupied with other things.   Still trying to catch up with you all so that the storylines won’t die or at least get confused.  Sorry for my inability to keep up with all of it while I was busy with some RL stuff.

Back to playing WoW and loving every minute of it.  Great bunch of people and I will admit that I have been dragging my feet in getting leveled and geared worse this time than I have ever done in the past.  I think I just have too many characters and each one of them is a special one in my eyes.

Love Panderia with a passion and it has even brought my son back to the game with a little bribing from Mom.  Hey, it’s allowed!! I can’t begin to say how much I love the MoP area and I’m starting to figure out some of the new changes in the old content as well, can’t say I’m overly fond of some of that, however, we always have to adapt to things that we dont’ have any control over, amirite?

I’m loving the teamwork with Gingersnaps and SafeHaven these days, just wish that I could dedicate more time to it but the writing bug is trying to strike me again and I so desperately want to get caught up with the rest of you.

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