This is What Dreams Are Made Of…


November 17th


Dear Journal,


It has been wonderful having Kal and Fnor back home for the last few days, however, I am feeling the sadness setting in when I think about the thing that they will be heading back to Panderia tomorrow night.  Fnor has laughingly told me that he is going to take the last possible portal and flight out of Dalaran that he possibly can.


I know the way that Fnor was able to sneak into the house and the bedroom still has me a bit alarmed because I am usually a much lighter sleeper than that.  To awaken and fight a naked blood elf in the bed with me was a bit alarming until the adrenalin kicked in and I realized that it was my beloved.  I know that we both laughed and cried for a few minutes as we lay there just holding one another – it seemed like it had been a lifetime since we had been together, although it had only been a few weeks.


Yes, we made love as only we can with one another, his body finding all of those secret places that he knows only too well.  To feel  him in my arms, his lips on mine and elsewhere were things that I had desperately missed.  The hunger of our initial passion was satiated with that initial savage assault we made on one another and then we settled back into our tender lovemaking.  His hands brushing gently over my thighs and breasts – the way he would touch each of my breasts, tenderly and then making my arousal even more so by touching me gently until my hips would start to move and my body was set to trembling.  Yes, my Sindorei hasn’t lost his touch. Oh, I hadn’t realized how much I had missed his body joined with mine, and I know I will miss it even more when he goes back to Panderia.


We have had a wonderful time with the family.  The trip the tourney is one that I won’t forget for a while because I finally got to try it out.  It looks so easy to do, however, my sore bottom tells me that it was a bit more strenuous that I had thought it would be or I’ve grown soft in the luxury that my Sindorei has provided for me.  I know that Fnor had this look of horror on his face the first time that I was unseated and then, he had to laugh as he helped me to my feet gently after finding out that I was physically fine, just my pride was damaged.


He and Kal had to do their thing at the tourney too.  I was surprised at how proficient Kal was and was even more surprised at how Fnor gave him fair competition.  Oh they were both determined to be the winner of their jousts and I think it finally came out fairly even.  The little guys were with us and my parents – my parents frowned at the way that Fnor wouldn’t back down on some of his jousting with Kal, however, they understood that this is how those two play together.  The Sindorei  Father trying to best his Kaldorei son.  I had to hide my smiles sometimes so that neither of them would think that I was favoring one or the other.


I was very happy to realize that Kal and his Father are finally treating one another with more respect.  I think that Kal has grown up in a lot of ways and maybe he can comprehend why Fnor is the way that he is now.  Kal has experienced war first hand now and he knows that this is a large part of what makes his Father the man that he is today.  I was very pleased that they both took the time to sit down together and talk man-to-man about things, how the war was going and some of the things that they had seen.  Naturally, I had my hands full trying to keep the little guys out of the way so that they wouldn’t start their usual antics and just let the two “men” become friends.  Seeing them together like this was a dream come true for me and I think that Fnor feels that he and his son have a lot more in common these days. Of course, I know the feelings that they are both having because Fnor and I would find ourselves in the same conflicts of conscience because we both tried to uphold both of our factions.  I can sometimes hear their voices raised in disagreement but they are both stubborn enough that neither one of them will leave the conversation, however, the subject is usually changed rather quickly.  Of course, poor Vash tried to join in the conversations once in a while but was quickly dismissed since he isn’t actually taking part in the conflict, he just goes by what he has read and the conversations he’s overheard.


As for things in Dalaran.  We haven’t had any trouble with anyone up here yet, however, I have a feeling that we might want to start thinking about making a move to another city.  Part of me would like to go back to Shattrath, however, I have become too accustomed to the luxury in Dalaran.  Fnor says the main cities in Panderia are glorious but there doesn’t seem to be a neutral main city.  There are a few villages that sound nice.  Kal keeps prattling on about his farm and how much land he has acquired, silly man.


I think the poor fellow is still pining away for the little girl in Stormwind.  I know that I haven’t seen her on any of my trips down there, however, Kal does ask about her.  No, no mail from her either.  I just wonder if that idiot Dawnglory embarrassed her too much with some of his drunken comments at the dinner table that night?  She did seem likeable enough and I know that Kal was fascinated with her, although, there doesn’t seem to have been anything physical there as far as I know.  Yes, I know that sons aren’t going to discuss their sexual adventures with their Mothers anyway.


Silly Sindorei just walked into the sitting room and started giving me that come hither look and proceeded to start doing one of those striptease things.  He always makes me laugh when he isn’t trying to be serious and starts teasing me like this.  I’ll admit that it doesn’t take much for me to want him as badly as he seems to want me.


Just a few more days together and he will have to go back.  My heart will break again and I will shed even more tears.  I am trying to figure out the fastest and easiest way to join him in Panderia, however, I won’t bring that up until I have all of the details. 







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