Taking Some Extra Time


November 21st


Dear Journal,


Well, looks like Dad and I both are going to be staying in Dalaran for the holiday rather than reporting back to duty in Panderia.  It’s okay though, I need to find some more time to think about things and actually get to do some things with friends that I haven’t seen for a while. 


I actually got enough nerve up to write to Josie.  I know that I haven’t heard from her in a long time but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still care about her.  Yes, I know that Kae is staying with me quite a bit in Panderia but nothing has happened there yet either.  I have feelings for both of them, however, nothing that seems to light that spark yet that I hear so much about.  I did talk to my Dad about it a little bit and he told me to go talk to my Mom about it because his track record with relationships wasn’t all that stellar and far be it from him to offer that kind of advice. It’s not like I am ready to settle down and start a family or anything of my own, I am still young and there is so much out in the world that I want to see and so many different things to try.


I actually heard back from Josie pretty quickly; guess I should have written before now.  I wasn’t all that sure that she wanted to hear from me anymore or not.  I guess I was wrong there, she sounded anxious to see me again.  I wonder if she is still living at the shop in Stormwind?  I bet that she is and that that Harrier fellow is still sniffing around.  I’m pretty sure that he’s already shagging the boss, so, why does he want to add Josie to the pack?  Oh yeah, Pack…wonder if there is something else that I don’t know about?  I guess I’ll find out what I need to know in due time, if there is any real time to be had.  I’m looking forward to seeing here again, it’s been quite a while since we’ve even talked. 


Yeah, I guess he’s right about that though because his relationship with my Mom hasn’t exactly been the norm, I suppose.  It took him years to finally realize that what he wanted out of life had been there all along and it caused all of us to endure a lot of pain that was unnecessary.   I wonder if all Blood Elves are that way?  Can’t say that Dawnglory is exactly a “stay-at-home-one woman” kind of fellow either.  I guess I’ll just have to learn that all on my own.  I don’t think it would be prudent to ask my Aunts about it either because they seem a bit different too, well, one of them is a Death Knight and that puts a whole different spin on things. 


Oh, Dad really likes one of the new cats that I have tamed.  I keep watching get that gleam in eye whenever he sees him.  Oh well, it was just one of those lucky chances that I took taming a new cat in a new country.  He is a pretty thing, a tiger that goes from white to gray in his marking with the bluest eyes that I have ever seen a cat have.  No, I still have Shine and will always keep him with me but he doesn’t seem to mind sharing space with the new one.  I know there are so many beasts in Panderia that have caught my eye, however, I know that I can’t afford to adopt them all and bring them back to Dalaran either – plus, I’m living on my salary that is considerably less than what I was making working for my parents.


I’m still kind of chuckling at Vashlan. He’s missing some of his free time in Stormwind and says that things are just too expensive here in Dalaran.  I’ll have to agree with him on that too because I think that all of the prices have gone up on things – must be the war.  He is trying to get Mom to let him go back and stay in Stormwind and some of his arguments are kind of valid and yet Mom gets that steely-eyed look and tells him that his instructors are better up here.  Oh well, he’ll probably keep sheeping the little guys until she relents and let’s him go back and see some of his friends in Stormwind for a while.


I will have to admit that I am enjoying my stay here in Dalaran because I can take a nice hot bath, just kind of lay there and soak for as long as I want.  Nothing pressing on my time and no tasks to go out and take care of right this minute either.  It’s just nice.  I’ve actually taken some time to read some books that my Mom had in her sitting room I know I was sitting here blushing and getting a bit uncomfortable with a few things in the books – I didn’t know a guy could do that sort of thing with a woman and she’d like it and the things a woman can do to a man…well, one of these days I’ll try these out with a woman that wants some excitement, I suppose.  Ewww, to think that my parents might be doing this is almost kind of disgusting because they are old people.  Oh, that almost made my brain hurt, I need to think about something else.


I wonder if I should take Josie some flowers when we meet?  It might be a nice touch or she might think it’s silly because I haven’t sent her any for a while.  I hope she lets me know when she wants to meet and it’s before I have to go back to Panderia.  At least she knows how to reach me here in Dalaran and in Panderia as well.  I don’t think it would be too smart for me to tell Kae about Josie though – she knows that I was seeing a girl in Stormwind before we got together, however, I think it would just cause problems if she knew that I was going to see her again.  What is it with women?  A guy can have a ton of guy friends and we all have fun together and it’s not a problem.  However, with girls, if you’re too friendly with more than a couple of them at a time, they get all weird. I asked my Mom about it and she said “It’s the nature of the beast, son.”  Whatever that means.


I guess I ought to go see if I need to do anything else here at the house, I want to take another trip to the tourney and get some practice in.  It wasn’t bad enough that my Dad beat me two out of three times jousting but the way that he looked at me afterwards told me that I was a bit rusty…to let an old guy like him beat me. I think I’ll just go by myself this time and see what I’m doing wrong and talk to some of the trainers to see what needs fixing.





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