Panderia and Home For The Holidays


November 25th


Yo Book!!


Yes, I did make it back to Dalaran for the holiday and actually got to spend some time with Faendra, which was one of the main reasons that I came back anyway.  It’s been a while since we’ve spent any time together since Fnor and I decided to get stupid and go traipsing around Panderia.


I was really surprised that so many people had made it back to the house for the holiday but I guess that I shouldn’t be.  I know that there was plenty of food and lots of people that weren’t too shy about how much they stuffed their faces either.  I was really surprised to see Fnor and Amyn’s eldest here for the holiday, not because he wouldn’t fit with the family, however, he is supposedly real gung-ho with the Alliance faction.  Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, I’d already pissed him off with this furry girlfriend in Stormwind anyway, don’t think he’s ever gotten over that either.  I’ll admit that I had been in my cups and aired some opinions that may not have been socially acceptable.  I guess he’s not seen the girl since then, so, maybe it was all for the best.


My last real relaxing trip, if you can call it that was when I escorted that mage all over Shadowmoon Valley.  She said that she was studying ley lines or some such.  She acted more like a warlock than a mage but she kept saying she was a mage.  I’ll admit that it was pretty interesting and wasn’t that hard to do for the money that was involved.  Maybe I’ll run into her again sometime.  Yeah, I know, if I wasn’t already kind of involved with Faendra at the moment, I wouldn’t have minded hitting that a few times while we were out there in the wilds.  I hope that Ranger fellow is doing okay; I haven’t had a chance to talk with Faendra about all of the business and the employees in Orgrimmar just yet.


I know that when I walked in the door here in Dalaran, I was met with women in my arms almost immediately.  Both of them crying and hanging onto me like I was some long lost suitor or something.  Well, my sister I kind of expected to be a bit on the clingy and crying side of things but I wasn’t expecting Faendra to be in my arms like that either.  Felt kind of good, maybe there will be more to it before I go back to Panderia.


Man, that Kaldor has grown.  I don’t know how long night elves grow but he’s got to be over seven feet tall now at least and very heavily muscled.  I was really surprised at how much the military would change him but it sure has given him a boatload of confidence that he didn’t have before.  I know that he acts and sounds more like an adult now than he did the last time I saw him.  He’s always acted older than his age but he still had that dopey kind of way of doing things that just spelled out the fact that he was still very much the youngster.  I wish to hell that I could grow a beard like the one he has though, guess blood elves aren’t supposed to be that hairy or something but it sure is nice looking with the way that he’s had it groomed. 


I did get to slip off with Faendra for a while before my sister tracked us down, darn nosey girl.  If she had waited a little while longer, she might have caught us in an awkward situation because Faendra was really letting out all of the stops when she was kissing me.  I was very close to start taking her clothes off when we both whirled around as my sister comes waltzing into the corner of the garden where we were.  Another intimate moment destroyed by my sibling.  People wonder why I go to brothels.  Well, for one thing, I can get in there, do what needs to be done and I know that there won’t be any interruptions.


I know that I do kind of want things to be special when Faendra and I finally get to do the deed.  I don’t think that she’s been with another man yet and she does mean a lot to me and Fnor would kill me if I just deflowered his baby sister and went back to Panderia without something pending – like an engagement or something.  Am I ready to get married?  I’m not sure yet.  I care about her more than I ever have any other woman that I have met, however, I don’t know that I am all that ready to make a commitment to her, the way that a fellow should. 


I will have to admit that Panderia is a place I never expected.  Place is totally different from anywhere I have ever been, not to mention, the different people up there really kind of leave me bewildered a lot.  All I hear is “Slow Down” and if things got any slower, rigor mortis would set in.   Peaceful people for the most part and they sure don’t rush to do anything.  I’ve heard the term “laid back” used a lot in my past life when describing certain people, however, I’ve never seen a whole country like that before.


Yes, the fighting was pretty damned intense when we first landed, however, things have settled down somewhat for the moment.  I guess it’s just a Horde-Alliance Pissing Contest on who gets what of the resources in the country.  However, I have a strange feeling that he Panderians aren’t going to just hand over their country like so much leftover laundry or something.  They can fight and they don’t care which side you’re on if you do something that they disapprove of either.  Peace loving, yet, fierce warriors when they are protecting something from both the Horde and the Alliance.


Really strange women up there in Panderia too.  Kind of round, roly-poly little furry girls.  Might be kind of interesting but I’d have to be fucking drunk out of my mind before I would take a poke at one of those women.  I know they seem to be pretty strong too, just saying.  If you got one of those girls too excited she might accidently snap your back with her thighs – they are pretty hefty.  I know I can sit in the Inn and listen to them talk and they all seem to be rather soft-spoken for the most part.  I like how they talk and the way that they move.  Oh yeah, they can move real graceful like and then, all hell breaks loose and they can whirl like some kind of elemental that’s been goosed with some potent magic.  I have discovered that this Panderian like to drink some pretty potent alcoholic beverages most of the time, which makes for some interesting conversations sometimes. 


Sure, I feel okay following orders with Fnor; however, there are times that I wonder that he is just kind of marking time or something.  I know that he’s not pushing forward as much as I thought he would like the old times but he says that the orders are different now.  It seems like we’re going slower for some reason, we’re not all shot in the ass to advance ahead and set up new camps and settlements with our red flags waving.  He keeps telling me that things are different this time.  No shit, ya think?


We get dropped down on this strange land like we’re supposed to be handed the keys to the domain and we’re just kind of taking inches of the country at a time.  These Panderians talk about this stuff called “sha” – which means something that is all spiritual and stuff.  Can’t say that I have ever thought that a spiritual anything could kill you or take over what’s left of your mind like this place seems to do. All this mystical stuff is just weird.  It’s like living in Shattrath again with this invisible thing that would plug into your head sometimes – supposedly, it’s for the good of things.  We’ll just have to wait and see how this all turns out anyway.


The new Rangers in our company seem to be doing okay.  I feel really old next to them and some of them act like Fnor and I are old grizzled veterans that should have stayed home next to the fire and chasing kids off the lawn or something.  We’re not that old but I don’t think that either one of us has ever been a young as some of these fellows are.


I know that I am enjoying my time in Panderia; however, it has been nice to be back here in Dalaran.  I know that we have to go back and do our duty to the Horde.  I am going to start taking a bit more time to come back to civilization and visit with Faendra – maybe I can do that when my sister is attending her classes and out of the house.  Hmm, maybe even catch up with Fae in Orgrimmar for a while.  Oh well, I only have a few more hours here in Dalaran before I have to go back, so, I’ll get off my ass and go see what the rest of the crowd is doing today.  I hope it’s not jousting again, that Kaldor can sure pack a punch and has knocked me down more than a few times. 









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    • Fnar is probably one of my favorite characters because he has always been outspoken and the one to get into mischief because he has zero in the way of a “social buffer.” Thanks for reading and commenting.

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