Meeting An Old Friend in Dalaran


November 27th

Dear Journal,

I finally got to spend some quality time with Josie last night in Dalaran.  I would have happily met her in Stormwind but she says that with the political unrest there these days that it might not be safe for someone of my heritage.  Anyway, we met at the Inn and sat in the beer garden to talk for a long time.

I know that I wanted to explain to her that Stormwind has never been all that hospitable to someone like me before and it was going to be rather doubtful that things would be any different now anyway.  Sure, some of the people might be a bit more rabid in the likes and dislikes of the other races because they are still being fueled by the things that happened at Theramore.  Oh well, I still have to pass through the area to get back to the portal to Panderia anyway, I’ll slow down and see if I see anything that is going to interfere with my travels through there.

Jose looked absolutely beautiful last night.  The gown she had chosen to wear fit her perfectly and she just looked like she had stepped out of a dress shop to model it for everyone.  It had been so long since I had seen her the last time that I had almost forgotten exactly how pretty she really was.  The way she looked last night just made me feel very proud to be seen with her.  I always feel a bit awkward when I am with her because I know that I am so much larger than she is to start with physically but I’m not sure what she looks like as a worgen, I’ve never seen it. I just know that she has the Curse.

Sure, I’ve seen quite a few worgen in Panderia in their wolf form and a few that have been in their human form but I’ve never actually seen someone go through the transition from human to wolf and back again.  It must be something that they do privately or can they really control that part of it?  I know I should do a little more research on this to find out because it would be rather rude to just to walk up to someone and ask them about it, there has to be something written down somewhere.  At least I know that they can control themselves very well in battle and the aftermath.

We finally got to talk about a few things and I did get to clarify that she and Harrier aren’t an item.  I had deliberately stayed away from her there for a while because I didn’t want to cause her any trouble with the people that she works for.  Seems that Harrier has the hots  for Marjolaine, which wasn’t all that surprising considering that that is how it seemed to me to start with.  He still seemed like he was rather possessive of Josie as well.  From what she said last night, it seems like he isn’t even acting like a friend to her now, which I find equally disturbing.  I know that she depended on him for a lot of things and it appears as though that avenue is no longer available to her. She even kind of intimated to me that he was mean to her.  I hope she doesn’t mean physically mean because I might have to get involved in that because I don’t think that any real man could or would be abusive to a woman. Sure, a fellow can say mean things and hurt someone’s feelings, however, they don’t have to get physical about it.

I guess that the shop is real busy these days with Winter Veil coming up and people are out shopping and buying their gifts.  I guess that everyone needs watches so that they can act like they are paying attention to the time.  I don’t even own a watch, can’t see the need for it because I can usually tell the time by where the sun is located in the sky or at night, the light of the moons and where they are located helps me to tell the time pretty well. I bet they sell a lot of those little clockwork toys they used to have in the windows – the statues and such.

 I know that I have been working on a few things in Panderia, things that I can craft myself.  I wish I knew if Josie liked leather goods, if she does, I could probably make her a few things. I know I could make her some decent boots while she is in her human form that would look nice – the leather in Panderia is phenomenal.

I know that we both just enjoyed being able to talk to one another last night.  It’s been a while since we have been together alone and had that opportunity.  I thought that she was still angry at how Dawnglory acted when we were having dinner with the family the last time.  She was just getting to meet my family and Dawnglory just happened to be drinking more than he should and he was very insulting to her – that’s what I think anyway about his comments about worgen and such.  I still can’t believe that he sent me a can of flea powder in the mail just in case I was going to see Josie again. 

We talked about how things were going with her at the shop and how things were going with Pup, the little homeless waif that she picked up and took under her wing to raise.  I wonder if he is a worgen too?  I would think with the nickname that it’s a high probability that he is.

I did tell her that if Harrier was being such a nasty person that she could always use the apartment at the warehouse in Stormwind to stay in for a while.  I even offered her my room there so that she would be able to go there and actually have enough room for Pup to go with her if she ever decided to do that.

I don’t know exactly why I offered that place to her, it’s not like I was proposing or anything.  I just wanted her to know that she and Pup didn’t have to be unhappy with where they were living and if they wanted to escape for a while, they could.  I know that my Mother wouldn’t mind Jose and Pup using the place.  I don’t think Mom stays there very often these days because she’s always there to check on how things are going with the business, not everyone has taken off for Panderia just yet and we still have plenty of employees from what she said.

I will admit that I do miss working for my parents sometimes but I am learning so much more in Panderia.  I’m even a passable farmer. I’m saving up for a little house now and that is going to be rather nice to have if I am stationed there for a long period of time, which it looks like this war could last for quite a while.   Of course, that might mean that I am planning on staying in Panderia even after the conflict settles down, I haven’t really decided anything permanent yet.  I’m just enjoying being able to have a little place that I can call my own and I do really like farming – that must be from my Grandmother because she is constantly working in her little garden in Dalaran these days and says that it makes her feel closer to Elune and nature.

One thing I will have to admit to disliking in Panderia and that is the Hozen.  Okay, I know that they are grieving the Panderian and it’s our job to go out there and clean the area up by chasing the Hozen down.  The reason I don’t like them is that they steal your pants, yes, just your pants.  You’re standing there in the altogether sans trousers.  I don’t know about any of the other fellows but there’s just something wrong with fighting someone in just your loin cloth from the waist down – you’re kind of exposed.  You fight with the Hozen and get your breeches back, however, there is a certain loss of personal dignity in the process, don’t you think?

Oh, I did tell Josie that I would be taking some more leave during Christmas Veil and I’d like to see her again.  We’ve both promised to write to one another and that way we can at least keep in touch more than we have been.  I’m not worried about Harrier getting upset with her for seeing me either because it’s none of his business, he’s just being a cranky fellow.  I’ve also invited her to come to Panderia to see the farm and by the time she gets here, I should have my little house built.

No, I didn’t mention anything about Kae being at the farm with me either.  I didn’t know how Josie would take that bit of news.  It’s not like Kae and I are sleeping together or anything, although we do.  We just don’t have sex and it’s strictly a friendship at the moment and I’ll admit that the body heat isn’t all that bad on these chilly nights. Kae knows about Josie though and she knows that I am going to be seeing her again, her only reaction was a grin and a wink before she pushed me in the pond where we were fishing.  Damn, that water was cold too!  I suppose that I will have to tell Josie about my living arrangements before she comes up here, it wouldn’t be too great to spring that sort of thing on her.  I mean “Hi honey, this is my roommate, we sleep together in the same bed but we’re just friends.”  Somehow I don’t think that would go over very well.

I did see Josie back to the portal for Stormwind and just followed her shortly thereafter.  There was no reason for me to stay in Dalaran another night, my bags were packed and I could go back to Panderia either last night or come back this morning.  I opted to get back last night so I could check out the farm and see what kind of orders I have waiting for me.  Hope it’s not dealing with more Hozen.


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