Changes – Getting Used to Things – Starting to Enjoy Life Again


November 28th


Well, I haven’t had the time nor the inclination to write in this journal for a while because I’m still trying to adapt to this new lifestyle here in Darnassus.  Yes, it’s definitely a huge difference from my life in Gilneas, however, it’s something that I have no other choice except to adapt to it.  At least the Night Elves gave us all refuge here in their homeland which is more than I could say that was offered by some of the other races of the Alliance.

I think that we’re more tolerated in Stormwind than we are accepted.  Yes, I did get out and do some adventuring to see the world a bit while I have the chance, plus, I’m alone and it helped to pass the time a bit for me.  I still haven’t found any signs of my wife and daughters yet, nor my parents.  I guess that I should get used to the idea that my family is gone and I may never know what happened to them.  It still doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to search for them and still miss them more than I ever did.

I think that I am getting used to living in Darnassus most of the time now.  It’s a bit strange with all of the Night Elves and such and their traditions.  I do go and visit with my own kind, however, I do have to kind of smile to myself because I never knew there were so many nobles in Gilneas before I arrived in Darnassus.  I won’t ever say anything because if it’s something that makes them happy, so be it.

I will have to admit that I did enjoy the holiday last week.  I did over-eat and probably had more than enough to drink but I did meet up with a few new people and we all enjoyed the festivities together.  I met a young lady by the name of Felicity Fitzpatrick – she has a nickname that is kind of cute – Felley.  Anyway, we spent quite a bit of time together chasing those turkeys down together and she’s a damned good shot. I had to laugh when she asked me what pack I was in and if I was an Alpha though – never have quite figured that out.  So, I just told her that I ran alone most of the time.  I guess that she hasn’t found a proper Pack to run with either, so, I did tell her that she was welcome to run with me now and again.  I didn’t want to make any more serious overtures than that at this point because it might be a bit awkward if I do happen to find my wife again.

I will have to admit that she has a very nice human form – long red hair and very blue eyes.  She kind of reminds me of my wife a bit, however, I don’t think that  was as aggressive when I took her hunting.  I’m still getting used to people just running around in their wolf form when they are in the cities – I always consider it kind of rude, however, to each his own.  I like to take my human form when I am around people and save the wolf for when I’m out in the field – seems more fitting somehow.

I guess I will always miss Gilneas though.  I miss the countryside, my old friends and acquaintances.  One thing I do miss is taking my afternoon tea with my wife in the front yard of our house, just sitting under the trees and talking.  My, we could talk longer than it took us time to drink our tea and eat the little scones that she would have made that morning.  It was a lovely time.  I also miss watching my daughters try to act all grown up, balancing their plates and trying to sip their tea without making a mess of it.  Yes, those were good times.

One thing I have started doing is trying to get back to Darnassus for tea sometimes and it seems that Felley likes to do the same thing too.  I think that we might become friends over time and will enjoy one another’s company since it seems that we are pretty much alone and separated from the people that we knew at home.   I do think that she was in a higher social strata than I was at home, however, she doesn’t act all “noble” and stuff.  If I make a social error, she’s not all appalled at my actions – she just accepts me for who and what I am.

Well, I know that this isn’t getting any more coin in my pockets by sitting here and just letting my mind wonder around.  I need to get off my haunches and get back to work if I ever want to figure out what I am going to do with my life.  Can’t say that I plan on living forever in Darnassus, I’d like to have a little house of my own again and be able to have a place of my own.  I miss that.




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