War Can Bring Sorrow And Pain

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.


November 29th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here in my tent this morning with the worst hangover I’ve had in years.  Guess I needed to drown some of my sorrows a bit more than I should have.  Plus, I think I’ve almost been smoking non-stop since I opened my eyes.  At least I have some decent coffee today too, brought some of the coffee beans with me from Dalaran.

After spending some time in Halfhil last night, we all decided that we’d move a bit to the south to do some exploration of the area.  I wanted to make sure that my people would be safe from harm for some distance from this busy farming community and market place.  I remember how we would sometimes wait in the shadows and wait for our adversaries to leave a heavily populated area.

We ended up in Karasarang Wilds in a small camp of Tauren by the name of Thunder Cleft.  After spending some time talk with them, I was curious as to how they ended up out here in the middle of nowhere.  Apparently, they had taken their ships and destroyed them to make canoes and had traversed the river inland to this area due to a seer that was traveling with them that had a vision of this place.  The seer, Leza Dawnchaser was married to the Sunwalker Dezco, the Dawnchaser Chieftain.   I’ll admit that the camp was very well maintained and in an area that didn’t seem to be overrun with any vegetation and very typical Tauren.  I couldn’t help but notice that the Chieftain’s wife was very heavy with child and wondered at how they would have traveled this far with a lady in this delicate condition.   However, I know the Tauren well enough to know that a pregnancy will not keep them from their duty and it appears that Baine had sent them on this mission of exploration.

Of course we did share what supplies we had with us to help them make a fine meal so that we could all relax and visit for a while.  I wanted to talk to the Chief and find out his feelings for this war in this very far away land from his own people and mine.  It appears as though Baine is a much more thoughtful Chief to his people than Garrosh is to the rest of the Horde.  Of course, they felt that they had the blessings of the Earth Mother to guide them to this strange mist covered isle.

As we were talking, I couldn’t help but notice that Leza Dawnchaser was in some discomfort sitting there by the far and apparently so did her husband.  She went to lay down for a while with the promise that she would return and tell us a tale of the Tauren past. 

Naturally, I had a gut feeling that she wouldn’t be coming back to the fire to chat any longer that night because I just had the feeling that she was actually in labor and would soon be delivering her child.  I was right in that feeling, however, I had no idea the things that would happen that night.

The midwife/Innkeeper came to the Chief and told him that his wife was in labor and that she was not only extremely fatigued from the journey but she also need some medications to help with the delivery.  Naturally I volunteered the services of my Rangers and myself in gathering anything that they needed. I know that it seemed to be a lot of stuff and it took us a long time or maybe just the urgency added that stress that made it seem longer.  We gathered all that was needed and headed back into the camp and heard a woman give out a scream.   We quickly gave the midwife all of the items that she had requested so that she could assist the Chief’s wife. I have been around women delivering babies, but, this scream seemed more heartfelt and painful than any I’ve ever heard.  Poor woman was most assuredly suffering because I have never known a Tauren woman to cry out like that.

Apparently, this was a breach birth and the baby would not turn to come down the birth canal.  I know that the Chief was doing as much healing as he possibly could and the midwife was trying to get the little beast turned.  The poor Mother was being as strong as she could as well as doing all of the things that nature requires a woman to do when they are giving birth.

It was to no avail.  I was told to stand guard outside the tent and make sure that no one came near.  I would hear the Chief talking with his wife and reassuring her that things would be okay and I could feel the power that he was expending to heal her and the baby.  The poor midwife was working as hard as she could and told the Chief that there was nothing else that she could do – she might lose Leza and the baby.  I know that Light Walkers are as powerful as any Paladin can be and I could feel the power being spent in that small tent.  Poor Leza gave out one last mournful cry and the air grew silent.  The poor thing died, however, she did deliver two little twin calves .

There is something about a Tauren mourning a loss that just rips at my heart and soul.  The poor man was trying to be strong and not show his emotions, the women in the village were crying even as they prepared the body for burial swaddling.  The poor Chief walked over to his tent where the midwife had taken his two sons, yes, they were males and seemed to be perfect.  He told me that they were his sons and that they would honor their Mother all the days of their lives. It’s hard to see tears streaming down any man’s face, however, seeing a Tauren male weeping is probably the most gut wrenching thing that you can hear or see.

I asked him if there was anything that I could to help at this point.  This was a huge loss for the encampment, however, he told me that they had everything under control and the little calves would be well taken care of in the Tauren fashion.  I did offer to transport the younglings back to Thunderbluff if he so desired that.  He gave me a look that I won’t forget for  a while and took the answer to be “no”, not at this time.

My men were pretty well shaken, however, none of them were married and none of them had children.  I know it hit me rather hard because it brought back all of the memories of my own wife giving birth and the dangers that could have befallen her.   I can remember my ham-fisted efforts in helping her give birth to Vashlan, although she hissed and bit her lips, between the two of us, he was born.  The midwife showed up after he was born and helped clean up both Amyn and Vash when I stepped outside of the house and proceeded to hurl my stomach contents all over the ground.  I know that I wept with relief then that Amyn was alive ad that the baby seemed to be okay, even with the heritage mixing.  The midwife knew the circumstances and after crossing her palms with as much gold as I had in my money pouch, she left.  As she turned and left, she said something to me that I will never forget – she called Vashlan the devil’s spawn and that his life would be cursed because he was unnatural and an abomination.  I think now, that if I hadn’t of been there to deliver the child, the midwife would have killed him.

We all returned to Halfhil and went on to the Shrine of Two Moons to take our rest until this morning.  I was very happy that I was able to obtain a room for myself.  I needed to be alone for a while and I needed to let my emotions run their course.  It didn’t help that the bar was right across from my door and I know that the bartender looked at me rather oddly when I gathered up as much liquor as I could carry and went back to my room.  I know that I just sat there  and drank, wept, drank some more and thought that there had to be something that could have been done for the poor woman.

Amyn and I had  talked about having another child when I was home for the festivities and we have both agreed that this is not a good time to bring a baby into this world.  At least not into this world as we are seeing the changes that are taking place.  No, it wouldn’t be fair to either of us and it definitely wouldn’t be fair to the child.  We have four sons and should feel blessed with the Light and by Elune that we have been able to raise them in the manner that we have.  If Amyn had been with me last night, I think I would have spent my night sobbing in her arms because it hit me that hard.  I don’t ever want to lose my wife nor any of my children, it would make my life meaningless to continue on without them.

Oh, thank the Light.  My assistant just brought a potion from the healers and I should be able to function better in a little while.  I know that it will take me a long time to get the sorrow out of my heart and the harsh reminder that the things and the people that we love can be taken away without warning and very quickly.  I hope that Kal is going to be careful while he is here in Panderia, it would kill me if anything happened to him at the hands of the Horde.

Fnor Morningstar

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