Heading back to Panderia


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

November 26th

Dear Journal,

At least there were no tearful good-byes this morning when I left, which made it a little bit easier for me to go back to my duties in Panderia.  I did do it right this time by getting ready to go before the sun even came up because it allowed Amyn and I to have some private moments together without the rest of the family being there.  Just being able to hold her in my arms and tell her how much I love her without other people standing around.  A man and a woman need those moments.

I enjoyed my time in Dalaran, spending time with the family and actually getting to know my in-laws a little bit better.  My Father-in-law is really kind of a special fellow and seems to understand how it is that I have to go off to fight like this because he says he’s been through it for centuries – just when you thought they’d got it right, another conflict will start up.  I really enjoyed the time that I got to spend with him, his telling me of Amyn when she was a little girl really was surprising and delightful – seems she was very headstrong even as a child.

I always hate leaving Amyn behind but it seems like it is harder to do the longer we’ve been together and the older we get.  We’ve been together long enough to be able to communicate without using words sometimes, just a look or a gesture is sufficient for us to understand.  I still think about all of the wasted years that I spent trying to keep her hidden and trying live a separate life from her, it was definitely a waste of time on my part.  I should have realized that this is how it was meant to be from the first day that I laid eyes on her. She is very much my love and my life, which I hope she never forgets that.

I will have to admit that I did notice some changes in Dalaran on this visit which causes me to wonder if we shouldn’t start thinking about relocating the family again.  Nothing openly hostile towards us, however, there is an undercurrent there that makes one feel a little less comfortable.  Yes, we’re pushing the boundaries by living there openly, a mixed race couple with their offspring.  No one has said anything to me about it, it’s just a feeling that I have.  When I start getting these gut feelings, I usually pay close attention to them. I suppose that I could start scouting out some of the villages in Panderia to see if they would be comfortable there – of course, that doesn’t exactly keep them out of harm’s way, in fact, it does the exact opposite.

I’ve always felt comfortable living under the auspices of the Kirin Tor in Dalaran, the mages have always been there and have kept things pretty much in order.  It’s an open city, however, with the political unrest after Theramore, I shouldn’t be all that surprised that there are changes going on even if they are under the surface for the moment.   I wish that I had had the time to search out Raleth and Lali to see how they were faring and to talk to Raleth privately.  I wonder if he has the same feelings that I do about the city at the moment?

I do still have the properties in Shattrath and Nagrand as some of the options as to where I could move the family if need be.  It might be a little bit crowded for a while until I get the house enlarged at the lake in Nagrand.  I guess I can start checking on how much it would cost to enlarge the house anyway because there is barely enough room  for Amyn and the children there right now.

Living in Shattrath or Nagrand will probably bring back some memories for Amyn and the boys since they have spent most of their time in that area.  It’s also where Amyn lost her Kaldorei mate a couple of years ago.  We briefly discussed it, however, nothing firm was put into place.  I wouldn’t worry that much about Vash and Kal going back there to live, however, the little guys would have a huge adjustment to make and I’m sure it would bring up the memories of their Father more sharply.  It’s something to think about and I’m sure that we will be discussing this a bit more.

I know that I am going to try to get back to Dalaran more frequently now because I feel like my command can move along in my absence without too much trouble.  Of course, I did leave Dawnglory in Dalaran for a few more days – he is still trying to court my baby sister and he had better be damned serious with that or he and I will have another dispute.  I’m sure that he got the gist of things when he and I had that battle in Silvermoon a few months back.

I can’t stop Faendra from sleeping with Dawnglory but I can sure make life complicated for both of them if they just decide to treat this as a dalliance.  Yes, I will admit that I had some other plans for Faendra in the regard of marriage to a Silvermoon family, however, an arranged marriage can be a miserable existence if there aren’t the proper feelings there.  I’ve seen several marriages fall apart in a matter of weeks due to things not being in the proper order.

Oh well, I guess it’s time for me to mount up and get back with the troops, I’ve lingered long enough here in the village to gather my thoughts and put my serious face back on.  Pan seems like he is ready to get out in the field again, he definitely loves the sport here – he seems like he’s a younger cat when we’re here.  I suppose I should let Amyn know that Lumina might be having some offspring in the near future because those two animals sure were giving it a go when I walked into the stables this morning.

I already miss Amyn more than words can express.  How is it possible that a man can love a woman even more as time goes on – the passion is still there, however, the depth of my feelings always seems to go deeper every time I go home to her. 


Fnor Morningstar

Another Holiday

Had a great time with the family on Thanksgiving, got to play with the grandkids, which is always a plus.  It’s funny how everything is exciting for a two-year old and they are always discovering new things.  A turkey is now a “Giant Chicken” in this little girl’s mind and she wasn’t quite sure it was dead enough for her to eat.

Had a great time playing WoW during the festival and got a lot of my characters maxed out on their cooking so that’s one less thing to worry about when I’m running around on them.  I’m such an altoholic that there are times I find myself spending more time on my lowbies than my high-end fellows.

Had a great time with the guildies, just chatting and enjoying the company all week.  Can’t say that my dailies were getting done consistently in Panderia, however, with the time that I have going between now and the next expansion, I’ll have time to get where I need to go.  I will get my one 90 geared up to raid eventually, however, it hasn’t been a real priority for me at the moment but I will get ‘er done…as Larry The Cable Guy would say.

I hope each and every one of you had a marvelous holiday and that you’re enjoying all of the leftovers.  Unfortunately, no leftovers at our house because my son hosted the event at his home this time.  We’re seriously considering going to the store and getting a turkey and making some “leftovers” of our own – it’s terrible when you start thinking about a leftover turkey sandwich and there is none in the house.

Panderia and Home For The Holidays


November 25th


Yo Book!!


Yes, I did make it back to Dalaran for the holiday and actually got to spend some time with Faendra, which was one of the main reasons that I came back anyway.  It’s been a while since we’ve spent any time together since Fnor and I decided to get stupid and go traipsing around Panderia.


I was really surprised that so many people had made it back to the house for the holiday but I guess that I shouldn’t be.  I know that there was plenty of food and lots of people that weren’t too shy about how much they stuffed their faces either.  I was really surprised to see Fnor and Amyn’s eldest here for the holiday, not because he wouldn’t fit with the family, however, he is supposedly real gung-ho with the Alliance faction.  Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, I’d already pissed him off with this furry girlfriend in Stormwind anyway, don’t think he’s ever gotten over that either.  I’ll admit that I had been in my cups and aired some opinions that may not have been socially acceptable.  I guess he’s not seen the girl since then, so, maybe it was all for the best.


My last real relaxing trip, if you can call it that was when I escorted that mage all over Shadowmoon Valley.  She said that she was studying ley lines or some such.  She acted more like a warlock than a mage but she kept saying she was a mage.  I’ll admit that it was pretty interesting and wasn’t that hard to do for the money that was involved.  Maybe I’ll run into her again sometime.  Yeah, I know, if I wasn’t already kind of involved with Faendra at the moment, I wouldn’t have minded hitting that a few times while we were out there in the wilds.  I hope that Ranger fellow is doing okay; I haven’t had a chance to talk with Faendra about all of the business and the employees in Orgrimmar just yet.


I know that when I walked in the door here in Dalaran, I was met with women in my arms almost immediately.  Both of them crying and hanging onto me like I was some long lost suitor or something.  Well, my sister I kind of expected to be a bit on the clingy and crying side of things but I wasn’t expecting Faendra to be in my arms like that either.  Felt kind of good, maybe there will be more to it before I go back to Panderia.


Man, that Kaldor has grown.  I don’t know how long night elves grow but he’s got to be over seven feet tall now at least and very heavily muscled.  I was really surprised at how much the military would change him but it sure has given him a boatload of confidence that he didn’t have before.  I know that he acts and sounds more like an adult now than he did the last time I saw him.  He’s always acted older than his age but he still had that dopey kind of way of doing things that just spelled out the fact that he was still very much the youngster.  I wish to hell that I could grow a beard like the one he has though, guess blood elves aren’t supposed to be that hairy or something but it sure is nice looking with the way that he’s had it groomed. 


I did get to slip off with Faendra for a while before my sister tracked us down, darn nosey girl.  If she had waited a little while longer, she might have caught us in an awkward situation because Faendra was really letting out all of the stops when she was kissing me.  I was very close to start taking her clothes off when we both whirled around as my sister comes waltzing into the corner of the garden where we were.  Another intimate moment destroyed by my sibling.  People wonder why I go to brothels.  Well, for one thing, I can get in there, do what needs to be done and I know that there won’t be any interruptions.


I know that I do kind of want things to be special when Faendra and I finally get to do the deed.  I don’t think that she’s been with another man yet and she does mean a lot to me and Fnor would kill me if I just deflowered his baby sister and went back to Panderia without something pending – like an engagement or something.  Am I ready to get married?  I’m not sure yet.  I care about her more than I ever have any other woman that I have met, however, I don’t know that I am all that ready to make a commitment to her, the way that a fellow should. 


I will have to admit that Panderia is a place I never expected.  Place is totally different from anywhere I have ever been, not to mention, the different people up there really kind of leave me bewildered a lot.  All I hear is “Slow Down” and if things got any slower, rigor mortis would set in.   Peaceful people for the most part and they sure don’t rush to do anything.  I’ve heard the term “laid back” used a lot in my past life when describing certain people, however, I’ve never seen a whole country like that before.


Yes, the fighting was pretty damned intense when we first landed, however, things have settled down somewhat for the moment.  I guess it’s just a Horde-Alliance Pissing Contest on who gets what of the resources in the country.  However, I have a strange feeling that he Panderians aren’t going to just hand over their country like so much leftover laundry or something.  They can fight and they don’t care which side you’re on if you do something that they disapprove of either.  Peace loving, yet, fierce warriors when they are protecting something from both the Horde and the Alliance.


Really strange women up there in Panderia too.  Kind of round, roly-poly little furry girls.  Might be kind of interesting but I’d have to be fucking drunk out of my mind before I would take a poke at one of those women.  I know they seem to be pretty strong too, just saying.  If you got one of those girls too excited she might accidently snap your back with her thighs – they are pretty hefty.  I know I can sit in the Inn and listen to them talk and they all seem to be rather soft-spoken for the most part.  I like how they talk and the way that they move.  Oh yeah, they can move real graceful like and then, all hell breaks loose and they can whirl like some kind of elemental that’s been goosed with some potent magic.  I have discovered that this Panderian like to drink some pretty potent alcoholic beverages most of the time, which makes for some interesting conversations sometimes. 


Sure, I feel okay following orders with Fnor; however, there are times that I wonder that he is just kind of marking time or something.  I know that he’s not pushing forward as much as I thought he would like the old times but he says that the orders are different now.  It seems like we’re going slower for some reason, we’re not all shot in the ass to advance ahead and set up new camps and settlements with our red flags waving.  He keeps telling me that things are different this time.  No shit, ya think?


We get dropped down on this strange land like we’re supposed to be handed the keys to the domain and we’re just kind of taking inches of the country at a time.  These Panderians talk about this stuff called “sha” – which means something that is all spiritual and stuff.  Can’t say that I have ever thought that a spiritual anything could kill you or take over what’s left of your mind like this place seems to do. All this mystical stuff is just weird.  It’s like living in Shattrath again with this invisible thing that would plug into your head sometimes – supposedly, it’s for the good of things.  We’ll just have to wait and see how this all turns out anyway.


The new Rangers in our company seem to be doing okay.  I feel really old next to them and some of them act like Fnor and I are old grizzled veterans that should have stayed home next to the fire and chasing kids off the lawn or something.  We’re not that old but I don’t think that either one of us has ever been a young as some of these fellows are.


I know that I am enjoying my time in Panderia; however, it has been nice to be back here in Dalaran.  I know that we have to go back and do our duty to the Horde.  I am going to start taking a bit more time to come back to civilization and visit with Faendra – maybe I can do that when my sister is attending her classes and out of the house.  Hmm, maybe even catch up with Fae in Orgrimmar for a while.  Oh well, I only have a few more hours here in Dalaran before I have to go back, so, I’ll get off my ass and go see what the rest of the crowd is doing today.  I hope it’s not jousting again, that Kaldor can sure pack a punch and has knocked me down more than a few times. 









Taking Some Extra Time


November 21st


Dear Journal,


Well, looks like Dad and I both are going to be staying in Dalaran for the holiday rather than reporting back to duty in Panderia.  It’s okay though, I need to find some more time to think about things and actually get to do some things with friends that I haven’t seen for a while. 


I actually got enough nerve up to write to Josie.  I know that I haven’t heard from her in a long time but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still care about her.  Yes, I know that Kae is staying with me quite a bit in Panderia but nothing has happened there yet either.  I have feelings for both of them, however, nothing that seems to light that spark yet that I hear so much about.  I did talk to my Dad about it a little bit and he told me to go talk to my Mom about it because his track record with relationships wasn’t all that stellar and far be it from him to offer that kind of advice. It’s not like I am ready to settle down and start a family or anything of my own, I am still young and there is so much out in the world that I want to see and so many different things to try.


I actually heard back from Josie pretty quickly; guess I should have written before now.  I wasn’t all that sure that she wanted to hear from me anymore or not.  I guess I was wrong there, she sounded anxious to see me again.  I wonder if she is still living at the shop in Stormwind?  I bet that she is and that that Harrier fellow is still sniffing around.  I’m pretty sure that he’s already shagging the boss, so, why does he want to add Josie to the pack?  Oh yeah, Pack…wonder if there is something else that I don’t know about?  I guess I’ll find out what I need to know in due time, if there is any real time to be had.  I’m looking forward to seeing here again, it’s been quite a while since we’ve even talked. 


Yeah, I guess he’s right about that though because his relationship with my Mom hasn’t exactly been the norm, I suppose.  It took him years to finally realize that what he wanted out of life had been there all along and it caused all of us to endure a lot of pain that was unnecessary.   I wonder if all Blood Elves are that way?  Can’t say that Dawnglory is exactly a “stay-at-home-one woman” kind of fellow either.  I guess I’ll just have to learn that all on my own.  I don’t think it would be prudent to ask my Aunts about it either because they seem a bit different too, well, one of them is a Death Knight and that puts a whole different spin on things. 


Oh, Dad really likes one of the new cats that I have tamed.  I keep watching get that gleam in eye whenever he sees him.  Oh well, it was just one of those lucky chances that I took taming a new cat in a new country.  He is a pretty thing, a tiger that goes from white to gray in his marking with the bluest eyes that I have ever seen a cat have.  No, I still have Shine and will always keep him with me but he doesn’t seem to mind sharing space with the new one.  I know there are so many beasts in Panderia that have caught my eye, however, I know that I can’t afford to adopt them all and bring them back to Dalaran either – plus, I’m living on my salary that is considerably less than what I was making working for my parents.


I’m still kind of chuckling at Vashlan. He’s missing some of his free time in Stormwind and says that things are just too expensive here in Dalaran.  I’ll have to agree with him on that too because I think that all of the prices have gone up on things – must be the war.  He is trying to get Mom to let him go back and stay in Stormwind and some of his arguments are kind of valid and yet Mom gets that steely-eyed look and tells him that his instructors are better up here.  Oh well, he’ll probably keep sheeping the little guys until she relents and let’s him go back and see some of his friends in Stormwind for a while.


I will have to admit that I am enjoying my stay here in Dalaran because I can take a nice hot bath, just kind of lay there and soak for as long as I want.  Nothing pressing on my time and no tasks to go out and take care of right this minute either.  It’s just nice.  I’ve actually taken some time to read some books that my Mom had in her sitting room I know I was sitting here blushing and getting a bit uncomfortable with a few things in the books – I didn’t know a guy could do that sort of thing with a woman and she’d like it and the things a woman can do to a man…well, one of these days I’ll try these out with a woman that wants some excitement, I suppose.  Ewww, to think that my parents might be doing this is almost kind of disgusting because they are old people.  Oh, that almost made my brain hurt, I need to think about something else.


I wonder if I should take Josie some flowers when we meet?  It might be a nice touch or she might think it’s silly because I haven’t sent her any for a while.  I hope she lets me know when she wants to meet and it’s before I have to go back to Panderia.  At least she knows how to reach me here in Dalaran and in Panderia as well.  I don’t think it would be too smart for me to tell Kae about Josie though – she knows that I was seeing a girl in Stormwind before we got together, however, I think it would just cause problems if she knew that I was going to see her again.  What is it with women?  A guy can have a ton of guy friends and we all have fun together and it’s not a problem.  However, with girls, if you’re too friendly with more than a couple of them at a time, they get all weird. I asked my Mom about it and she said “It’s the nature of the beast, son.”  Whatever that means.


I guess I ought to go see if I need to do anything else here at the house, I want to take another trip to the tourney and get some practice in.  It wasn’t bad enough that my Dad beat me two out of three times jousting but the way that he looked at me afterwards told me that I was a bit rusty…to let an old guy like him beat me. I think I’ll just go by myself this time and see what I’m doing wrong and talk to some of the trainers to see what needs fixing.





Just A Little Bit Longer


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.




November 20th


Dear Journal,


Well, I’m sitting here in Dalaran enjoying my cup of coffee and a cigarette or two because I can.  I was supposed to head back to Panderia yesterday morning; however, I am taking another week of leave so that I can spend some extra time with the family on the holiday.  I didn’t realize that when I took my leave that the feasting would be the next week. Oh well, my mistake.  It was easily rectified with a quick note to the powers-to-be and I’m here for another week.


I know that I was delaying my departure from Dalaran as long as I possibly could because I miss being with my wife and children.  I actually did leave and got as far as Orgrimmar before I just said the heck with it, I can take a few more days to spend with the family and I’m sure that my commanders will understand that too, if they haven’t all left and gone home to their families as well.


I know that Sunday night, laying there with a sobbing Amyn in my arms, I was sorely tempted to just not go back but I know my duty and my honor wouldn’t allow me to do that.  To see this beautiful and strong Sentinel  sobbing against my shoulder as she clung to me in the bed was even more gut wrenching this time that it was when I first went to Panderia.   Funny how things have changed since Amyn came to Dalaran and we were married.  To be honest, once I got it through my thick head that this is how my life should be and I should stop yearning for other things, I’ve been happier.  My wife, my children and friends – those are the important things.  Of course, the business will always enable me to maintain my family in the lifestyle that they have grown accustomed too.


I know that being in Panderia has been a real mind altering experience for me.  Sure, its war, like any war can be, however, this one feels different.  The Panderian people are a people that remind me more and more of the Tauren in Kalimdor – the feelings that they express in their beliefs as well as how they deal with everything at a pace that would drive most people mad.


I don’t think that I will ever get over the beauty of Panderia.  The lush green hills, jungles and fields almost mesmerize me.  Maybe it’s just the fact that the place is so exotic and totally alien to me because I can’t even begin to compare it to any of the other kingdoms that I have visited.  If beauty were left undisturbed like this has been for centuries, I’m sure that some idiot would have to find a way to destroy it or do their damnedest to wreck it. 


I know that I was laughing at Kal and his talk of his little farm that he has started and his dreams of actually setting up a house there was part envy on my part. There are times that I truly do envy him his youth and some of the naiveté that is still lingering there.   I know that I would like to be able to find a little place like his and just sit back and enjoy it the way that he seems too.  I’m sure that eventually things will settle down and I’ll be able to find a place of my own too – then, I will be able to bring Amyn over for a while too, I miss my wife and I know that she would fall in love with the place as much as I have.  There is so much here that I would like to show her, the land is unbelievably beautiful and there is still a feeling of peace in some of the more isolated areas that haven’t been tainted by the Horde or the Alliance just yet.  I would like to share those sunrises and sunsets with her – they are magnificent.  Of course, we could go back to the things that we used to do in Feralas too, just sitting a lake somewhere in Panderia and looking at the stars in the sky – oh, those were peaceful times. 


Yes, even though there is a war going on, I’m still finding the time to get off to myself and do some hunting and fishing.  Of course, some of the people think I’m taking unnecessary risks by not going out in a party but they have got to understand that I need some time alone.  I need to mull things over in my mind and to escape into the fantasy of my mind when I have the free time to do so.


Of course, Pan acts like a kitten most of the time when we’re out together these days and just enjoying the land.  He is as curious as he always was about things; however, I think that he has learned his lesson about the porcupines that roam around in the Jade Forest.  Of course, we have our own brand of these beasts in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms – they aren’t as big.  I know that he wasn’t real thrilled with the quills that he got in his snout; however, he did save his dignity a bit by killing the beast anyway.  I know that I have laughed at the silly cat a few times – the flying leaps that he would take at the cranes would cause me to get tears in my eyes with the laughter.  Yes, it’s just like things were when he was young cat.


I know that a freelance hunter could have a field day in Panderia.  The leather alone is phenomenal, not to mention that it’s even more plentiful that it ever was back home.  I know that I spend some time each week, when I can spare it, go out hunting and shipping it back to Orgrimmar for resale.  It’s profitable; just wish that I had more time to dedicate to it.  I know that if my time were my own, I could lose myself up here for months at a time.  I know that Amyn would be in her element here in this land, she loves to hunt and fish as much as I do.


No, I hadn’t forgotten what it was like to be in charge of a group of Rangers, however, these men are like a new breed, or maybe they are just young inexperienced troops in some things.  They are learning the new ways of this war as I am.  It’s not easy making some of the adjustments; however, everyone seems to be taking it in stride.  Yes, I’ve lost a few men and I’ve had to sit down and write those letters to their families, however, it could have been much worse.  The hardest thing about having a command and losing men in battle is to sit there and write letters of condolence to their families – I just imagine the pain they are enduring because I haven’t lost a child of my own yet, however, I have lost many friends in battles in the past.


I was laughing at my lovely bride yesterday when she said that she was going to go do some hunting for some turkeys outside of Stormwind.  She’s really proficient with this sort of thing and she wanted me to join her, however, I did beg off and was able to spend some time here in the office and just relax for a while.   I even need time alone when I’m here in Dalaran and it’s hard to come by with the kid in the house.  Of course, when Mom leaves, the little guys are left with their grandparent, which does give me some leeway with what I want to do.


Faendra and I had a chance to talk about the business and she seems to enjoying it as much as I always did.  However, she is wondering when Dawnglory is going to grace us with his presence again here in Dalaran.  I am assuming that she is still somewhat smitten with the culprit and I voiced my opinion on that again and all she did was give me this wolfish grin.  Well, to each his own, I suppose.  I told her that I thought that he would be showing up here by tomorrow night at least, he wasn’t going to miss the holiday, no matter what was going on in Panderia.


Speaking of Dawnglory again.  I am happy to say that he is just as awestruck as I am with Panderia.  However, he seems to be scared to death of the Panderian women for some reason.  I think that they have him in awe because none of them seem to take him seriously although I will have to admit that he has been behaving himself when it comes to the drinking and the carousing around when he’s off-duty.  Not that he has grown a halo or anything of that sort, however, he has been saying that he needs to get back to check on his sister and to make sure that she is behaving herself – I don’t think that he has to worry about her not behaving because I know that my sisters are keeping an eye out for her because she’s never been quite the same since that ordeal with the demon.


Oh, by the Light!  It’s getting late and I’m still sitting here just kind of daydreaming and letting my mind wander a bit.  Guess I should get off my backside and go see if Amyn needs or wants to do anything.  I know what I’d like to do, however, that would mean that we’d never get out of the bedroom until dinner tonight. 


Fnor Morningstar

This is What Dreams Are Made Of…


November 17th


Dear Journal,


It has been wonderful having Kal and Fnor back home for the last few days, however, I am feeling the sadness setting in when I think about the thing that they will be heading back to Panderia tomorrow night.  Fnor has laughingly told me that he is going to take the last possible portal and flight out of Dalaran that he possibly can.


I know the way that Fnor was able to sneak into the house and the bedroom still has me a bit alarmed because I am usually a much lighter sleeper than that.  To awaken and fight a naked blood elf in the bed with me was a bit alarming until the adrenalin kicked in and I realized that it was my beloved.  I know that we both laughed and cried for a few minutes as we lay there just holding one another – it seemed like it had been a lifetime since we had been together, although it had only been a few weeks.


Yes, we made love as only we can with one another, his body finding all of those secret places that he knows only too well.  To feel  him in my arms, his lips on mine and elsewhere were things that I had desperately missed.  The hunger of our initial passion was satiated with that initial savage assault we made on one another and then we settled back into our tender lovemaking.  His hands brushing gently over my thighs and breasts – the way he would touch each of my breasts, tenderly and then making my arousal even more so by touching me gently until my hips would start to move and my body was set to trembling.  Yes, my Sindorei hasn’t lost his touch. Oh, I hadn’t realized how much I had missed his body joined with mine, and I know I will miss it even more when he goes back to Panderia.


We have had a wonderful time with the family.  The trip the tourney is one that I won’t forget for a while because I finally got to try it out.  It looks so easy to do, however, my sore bottom tells me that it was a bit more strenuous that I had thought it would be or I’ve grown soft in the luxury that my Sindorei has provided for me.  I know that Fnor had this look of horror on his face the first time that I was unseated and then, he had to laugh as he helped me to my feet gently after finding out that I was physically fine, just my pride was damaged.


He and Kal had to do their thing at the tourney too.  I was surprised at how proficient Kal was and was even more surprised at how Fnor gave him fair competition.  Oh they were both determined to be the winner of their jousts and I think it finally came out fairly even.  The little guys were with us and my parents – my parents frowned at the way that Fnor wouldn’t back down on some of his jousting with Kal, however, they understood that this is how those two play together.  The Sindorei  Father trying to best his Kaldorei son.  I had to hide my smiles sometimes so that neither of them would think that I was favoring one or the other.


I was very happy to realize that Kal and his Father are finally treating one another with more respect.  I think that Kal has grown up in a lot of ways and maybe he can comprehend why Fnor is the way that he is now.  Kal has experienced war first hand now and he knows that this is a large part of what makes his Father the man that he is today.  I was very pleased that they both took the time to sit down together and talk man-to-man about things, how the war was going and some of the things that they had seen.  Naturally, I had my hands full trying to keep the little guys out of the way so that they wouldn’t start their usual antics and just let the two “men” become friends.  Seeing them together like this was a dream come true for me and I think that Fnor feels that he and his son have a lot more in common these days. Of course, I know the feelings that they are both having because Fnor and I would find ourselves in the same conflicts of conscience because we both tried to uphold both of our factions.  I can sometimes hear their voices raised in disagreement but they are both stubborn enough that neither one of them will leave the conversation, however, the subject is usually changed rather quickly.  Of course, poor Vash tried to join in the conversations once in a while but was quickly dismissed since he isn’t actually taking part in the conflict, he just goes by what he has read and the conversations he’s overheard.


As for things in Dalaran.  We haven’t had any trouble with anyone up here yet, however, I have a feeling that we might want to start thinking about making a move to another city.  Part of me would like to go back to Shattrath, however, I have become too accustomed to the luxury in Dalaran.  Fnor says the main cities in Panderia are glorious but there doesn’t seem to be a neutral main city.  There are a few villages that sound nice.  Kal keeps prattling on about his farm and how much land he has acquired, silly man.


I think the poor fellow is still pining away for the little girl in Stormwind.  I know that I haven’t seen her on any of my trips down there, however, Kal does ask about her.  No, no mail from her either.  I just wonder if that idiot Dawnglory embarrassed her too much with some of his drunken comments at the dinner table that night?  She did seem likeable enough and I know that Kal was fascinated with her, although, there doesn’t seem to have been anything physical there as far as I know.  Yes, I know that sons aren’t going to discuss their sexual adventures with their Mothers anyway.


Silly Sindorei just walked into the sitting room and started giving me that come hither look and proceeded to start doing one of those striptease things.  He always makes me laugh when he isn’t trying to be serious and starts teasing me like this.  I’ll admit that it doesn’t take much for me to want him as badly as he seems to want me.


Just a few more days together and he will have to go back.  My heart will break again and I will shed even more tears.  I am trying to figure out the fastest and easiest way to join him in Panderia, however, I won’t bring that up until I have all of the details. 







Playing Catch-Up

What a prolific bunch of people I know that have been just writing away while I have been occupied with other things.   Still trying to catch up with you all so that the storylines won’t die or at least get confused.  Sorry for my inability to keep up with all of it while I was busy with some RL stuff.

Back to playing WoW and loving every minute of it.  Great bunch of people and I will admit that I have been dragging my feet in getting leveled and geared worse this time than I have ever done in the past.  I think I just have too many characters and each one of them is a special one in my eyes.

Love Panderia with a passion and it has even brought my son back to the game with a little bribing from Mom.  Hey, it’s allowed!! I can’t begin to say how much I love the MoP area and I’m starting to figure out some of the new changes in the old content as well, can’t say I’m overly fond of some of that, however, we always have to adapt to things that we dont’ have any control over, amirite?

I’m loving the teamwork with Gingersnaps and SafeHaven these days, just wish that I could dedicate more time to it but the writing bug is trying to strike me again and I so desperately want to get caught up with the rest of you.