A New Home In Shattrath

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

December 31st

Dear Journal,

Here we are already at the end of the year and awaiting the dawning of a new day tomorrow that bring in the New Year.  Where has the time flown and where has this year gone?  It’s something that I always ask myself when this day arrives – where has the time gone.  One thing I have noticed is that the older you get, the more fleeting the time seems to be and there seems to be no way to “Slow Down” as the Panderian remind us so frequently.

I’m sitting here in our bedroom in Shattrath, writing at my desk and having a nice cup of coffee that I made for myself this morning.  I do miss having Agatha bustling around the kitchen but I have a feeling that she is much happier in the houses in Silvermoon where she has free rein to run as she sees fit, I do trust her judgment on that as well.  Anyway, I will have to admit that I do miss the spaciousness of the house in Dalaran but that is not something that I can dwell on too much without becoming depressed.

We had a wonderful time for the holiday and I am sure that everyone is still enjoying their gifts as much as I have enjoyed mine.  My lovely wife bought me a new portable writing table that I can take back to Panderia with me and some new pens and inkpots – I needed those desperately since the ones that I had been using were getting to be quite old, me too, and getting to be more than a tad bit worn.  Now, I have a place to keep my journal, pens and a few other items all in one place.  I don’t know exactly what kind of wood the little portable writing table is mad of but it is very fragrant and reminds me of the times that I was able to slip into Darnassus undetected years ago.

I’ve spent the last couple of days in Nagrand overseeing the construction of the house there.  I do think that it is going to be quite the showplace once it’s completed.  Of course, we’re not making it so large that it will be easily seen by the casual observer and we haven’t encroached too terribly much into the area of the lake here in this hollowed out little cove of an old volcano, I’m sure.  We have plenty of room for the little guys to run rampant and of course the lake for them to swim in and we’re not too terribly far away from Shattrath, just far away enough to where we have the privacy that I like to have.

No, no, we won’t have eight suites of bedrooms, we’re down to six, which can be shared if push comes to shove and that will be it.  Of course, I’ll miss the bathrooms that we had in Dalaran with the heated water but we’ll get used to waiting on the water in the hot water cisterns to heat up unless I can figure out something that Vashlan can do to make the water stay hot all of the time.  I mean, he is a mage and there should be some kind of spell he can put on the cisterns that will keep the water hot each time it’s filled, right?   That’s how they did it in Dalaran, however, I’m not sure how often it had to be reapplied or if there were several mages that just did that sort of thing. 

The kitchen is rather small in comparison to what we had in Dalaran, however, it is more open to the great room where we will have the dining area as well.  It’s going to be cozy if not exactly spacious.  Fireplaces have all been installed already and I think that the place will be pretty much completed by the time I have to report back to duty in Panderia which won’t be for another ten days.

Of course, Amyn is all excited about the new place because it will be the first time that we have lived in a house that we have actually designed and built together.  Who would have thought that it would mean so much more to her than the mansion in Dalaran where she had free rein to do anything that she wanted to do.  I guess the whole thing boils down to the fact that no one else will have lived here except for our family, maybe that’s the real thing.  A new home, a new life and our family can be together without any concerns about any outside influence.  No, I don’t think that I will be offering many people an opportunity to come “stay” at the house for any extended periods of time either — it had gotten quite crowded in Dalaran a few times when I had offered the place as a sanctuary to some people that I had known that had needed it.

I know that it was hell to pay to get the marble for the fireplaces because I had to have that shipped in from Northrend.  At least the artisans were able to carve them neatly – they look rather simple and utilitarian but that’s how our life will be here in Nagrand.  Very simple, not real elegant, however, I think that we will all be comfortable.

Naturally, we will keep the house in Shattrath as well as the one in Nagrand.  I know that Amyn is enjoying spending some time with some of her old friends and the little guys seem to like going to school on the Terrace.   However, the house in Nagrand is going to be the place that I will consider home, it’s too crowded in Shattrath and sometimes I feel like there are just too many people in the city these days.

I know that I have seen an incredible influx of Blood Elf refugees that are supposedly from Dalaran, however, I find that a bit hard to believe – the place would have been crowded unbelievably if they had all lived there.  Who knows though?  I know that most of us used the city as a base of operations for our businesses or we were in and out of there so quickly that we just didn’t just seem to congregate around the city for socializing most of the time.  I’m just damned happy that I had the foresight to get my family out of there before everything went insane up there.

I’m kind of enjoying myself going out hunting with Kal now and again.  It does seem like old times and we seem to be able to talk more now.   I have to recognize the fact that he is no longer a child and that he has grown up quite a bit since he has been in Panderia.  I have to laugh at him every now and again when he starts talking about his little house and his farm – he actually seems to enjoy being a farmer, in fact, not some fellow that has a bunch of people tilling the land for him.  I suppose I’ll feel the same way once my little plot of dirt starts looking more like a home instead of just a place where some city fellow is growing veggies. I hope that I will be able to build a little house on mine one day and have Amyn bring the boys up for a visit, once things cool off a little bit more and it’s not likely to turn into a warzone if someone happens to see a Kaldorei woman living at my home.

Yes, I did seriously consider trying to resign my commission again and talked to a few of the people in Orgrimmar when I was passing through there and was told that resignations were not being taken because it was a “time of war” and the Horde needed every able bodied man in the field.  Well, I wasn’t exactly able bodied but I wasn’t severely wounded either, just the neck wound that is healing, finally.  I’ll do my duty for the Horde, however, I don’t think that my heart will ever be in it as it has been in past conflicts where we had a common enemy and it wasn’t just the Alliance that we were fighting against.  It seems pretty much a land grabbing thing to me right now and there is plenty of land to go around.  I’m sure that the Panderian people probably recognize the reasons why we are there and will eventually put a stop to it, I hope.  Right now, I just feel like my people are being used as fodder for Garrosh’s war machine and nothing more.

Well, war never makes sense at the time that it is going on.  It only makes sense that you were involved in something when you have the time to sit back and look at things intelligently when it’s over.  As to when this war will be over, no one even has a clue because it really has only just begun, it’s not going to be some quick and dirty conflict, it is going to take years for it to be truly resolved.

I will say that I have enjoyed spending the time with the family here in Shattrath.  It may not have been under the most ideal of circumstances, however, we were together sans Amyn’s parents, which she sorely missed.   Everyone seemed to put on their best faces for the time we were together and there weren’t any little family squabbles that seemed to put a damper on things.

The only troubling thing is that poor Faendra really must have thought that Dawnglory was going to propose to her and he hasn’t done that.  He didn’t even give her any kind of promise ring or anything of that sort while he was here.  I think Amyn and Felaran have tried talking to her about it but she still seems disappointed and sad about the whole thing.  I didn’t say a word to Dawnglory about it, that whole thing is between him and my sister, if anything comes of it, fine, if not, that’s fine too.  I learned my lesson about interfering with them when we were in Silvermoon.

I know that I am just enjoying being able to crawl into bed with my wife each night, holding her in my arms and the two of us talking quietly together.  Of course, other things will happen when you put the two of us in a bed, but that’s not the only thing I look to my wife for.  We’re friends, lovers, however, we’re truly becoming closer as companions.  The Sentinel and the Ranger, together we are probably stronger now than we have ever been in our relationship.

Fnor Morningstar


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I will have to admit that I have been more than a bit remiss in the last few days in writing or even making an appearance in-game. However, I got a gift for Christmas that I wouldn’t wish on anyone at this time of year.

The gift was a cold that seems to like to torment me quite a bit by just staying in the cranial region, runny nose, fuzzy feeling and ears that seem to echo mindlessly when you aren’t really paying attention. Naturally, my spouse has decided that I shouldn’t have this gift alone either, so, we’re sharing it.

It seems like I can get up for a while and then end up going back to bed because nothing makes any sense with the meds we’re taking.

Here it is New Year’s Eve and our plans are pretty simple. We have a nice bottle of champagne, however, we may not partake of that tonight as is our usual wont. We may just go to bed and wake up tomorrow and say Happy New Year.

Speaking of Happy New Year, I do wish all of you the best and hope that 2013 will be a good year for all of us.

Accepting Life for Winter Veil

December 26th

Dear Journal,

I never thought that I would have this much fun with Winter Veil this year but I think that finding Felicity and making friends with her has helped a great deal.  No, don’t get me wrong, I still miss my wife and my girls more than anyone could imagine.  I still hope that someday I will find them again, I’m still catching myself every time I see a woman walk by with the same hair color as my wife, just hoping.

Felley and I went to Iron Forge and I think that she was really shocked at how the dwarves actually live so close to the Great Forge, the celebration had definitely dressed the place up and she was in awe of everything.  We were able to get to the tree and able to get our gifts without too much trouble – there was definitely a crowd of people wishing to do the same thing.  Oh, I was in awe of everything too, especially the way that Felley looked in her winter red gown that I was able find for her before we left Stormwind.  I’m sitting here with a huge smile on my face because she was so happy with her gift even though it was more personal than what it should have been if we were following social amours and proper etiquette.

Oh, we really enjoyed going outside and letting our mounts run through the snow.  Of course, we had a bit of a frolic throwing snowballs at one another until we both just collapsed with the laughter.  She’s a damned good shot with those snowballs, however, I was able to wing a few in her direction that she couldn’t dodge completely.  We both maintained our human forms within the confines of the city, however, once we got far enough away from the rest of the folks and got out into the woods, we gave our wolves free rein.

I can’t really explain the freedom that I feel or probably what Felley feels when we both take on our wolf forms.  We’re totally free from the binding clothing that we wear as humans and can let our instincts carry us across the snow and the ice covered lakes.  With all of the fur, we hardly felt the cold until we were both chasing one another and tried to skid to a halt before we slid through a hole in the ice.  No, we weren’t hurt or anything, just noticing that even with a fur coat to cover our skins we still felt that chill blast of cold water as we fell in.

We were able to find a cave not too terribly far away from the lake and we were able to build a fire, trying not to glance at one another in our naked human forms.  I’ll admit that I took a peek and definitely like the sight that I was able to behold.  She is definitely a beautiful woman as well as a beautiful wolf.   I know that we enjoyed that time in the cave, drying ourselves before the fire and I think that if anyone walked by our little hideout, they would have heard two wolves chuckling inside.  I know it felt “right” for us to curl up closely together for just the sheer warmth of our bodies being so close together, it also felt “right” for us to be there together.

No, no, nothing happened in that cave other than sharing body heat.  I respect Miss Fitzpatrick too much to have made any advances to her other than just cuddling together.  Besides, my heart still belongs to my wife and my daughters and it would have felt like I was betraying both my vows and myself if anything other than being close would have happened.

It’s really strange how only a few months ago, I was bemoaning the fact of the Curse and now, I think that I have gotten to where I know that I will learn to adjust to it more.  I think initially, it was the not being able to control the beast when it wanted to appear, now, I’ve gotten the gist of it for the most part, although I will sometimes lose that control – depending on the circumstances.

I know that getting back to Iron Forge and feeling that warmth again was definitely more to our liking.  We definitely had a marvelous time at one of the Inns by having some hot chocolate to drink and having a decent meal prepared for us.  Naturally we both decided that having a little bit of the local alcohol wouldn’t be such a bad idea either and we were both surprised.  Everything just tasted so marvelous and I think that we both enjoyed each other’s company quite a bit. 

I would have liked to have been able to take a room for the night, however, with the crowding there, we would have had to share a room not only between us but with several others as well.  We opted to head back to Stormwind where we were able to find  an adequate room, even though it wasn’t as warm as the ones in Iron Forge might have been.

I know that we both blushed as we exited from behind the changing screens in our room in Stormwind and saw each other covered from head-to-toe in our night clothes.  We had a good chuckle as we crawled under the blankets, having used the warming pan to warm up the sheets first.  Oh yes, we observed the proprietary thing of having a bundling board between us, so, that in our slumber, the temptations wouldn’t arise.  We lay there stretched out and talked about our frolicking in the snow as wolves and we both fell asleep.

Getting back to Darnassus this morning was both entertaining and enlightening to both of us.  I suppose some people with more base levels of thought were thinking that we had gone off for some kind of romantic tryst since we hadn’t returned until this morning.   Silly people and their baser thoughts.  Sonshine just winked and grinned at me when we passed one another, us loaded down with our baggage and equipment.  Oh well, someday I’ll have to tell him how we spent our time.

After getting our things put away in our room in Darnassus, I checked our financial situation and decided that we could afford the luxury of just staying home today.  Felley is curled up on the bed and I’ve noticed that sometimes when she is sleeping, she lets out a little yip and growl – it’s kind of nice knowing that if she alters to her wolf that I would still be comfortable with her.




Love The Ones You’re With

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

December 26th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that it is nice being back in Shattrath although I do miss the creature comforts that I once had in Dalaran.  I miss my office, Amyn’s sitting room and our huge master suite with the private bath. Oh well, those days are gone and it’s time for me to get settled in here, even if it is a little bit crowded at the moment with all of the guests for the holidays.  My desk fits nicely under the windows in the bedroom and I can gaze out and view Shattrath any time I choose.  However, if I want to indulge in my nasty habit of smoking, I do have to step out the front door and sit on the porch.

I know that when I arrived home that I shocked Amyn a little bit.  Yes, I had lost some weight due to my fever that I had with such a minor injury – that throat wound was still just a troublesome thing and the scar that it was leaving makes me feel that much older somehow.  Of course, I explained to Amyn what had happened and how I had gotten – the whole story and she was mortified that it had happened at all, however, she understood.  Only she could have the knowledge from her own experiences in the past with the Sentinels.

Our reunion was everything that I had hoped it would be.  Just being able to see the little boys and seeing Kal with his brother Vashlan was well worth the trip.  All seemed as it should be even if we were in a new location.  It was just nice seeing us all gathered in one place where we could at least see that each of us was still giving around on this world.  It made me happier than I have been in years.  It was a shame that Amyn’s parents couldn’t make it, however, I can understand their reasoning behind it because of their ages and the fact that they have had to move twice in the last six months.  It still put a bit of a damper on the occasion for Amyn anyway.

I can remember the years when I thought I had everything a man could want for the holidays – I always had a nice young Sindorei woman on my arm that I thought I was in love with and I had the only thing that I didn’t have was a family of my own.  Oh, I would go to the parties with my Sindorei friends and we’d drink and laugh, exchange gifts but it always made me have a hollow feeling about things.  I’m glad that I woke up before it was too late and had lost the only real love in my life and my sons.

How Amyn has put up with me all of these years is almost beyond my ability to fathom at times.  She has been through so much because of me and, yet, she only gave up one time.  She took a Kaldorei mate and started a new life.  I know that there are times that she misses the man terribly, I can tell that when she looks at my step-sons a certain way because they both resemble him more than they do her. 

I almost hate to admit it, however, he was probably three times the man that I am.  Oh, yes, I met him on more than one occasion and he always very kind and understanding.  Of course, he would be understanding, he had a woman that very few people have ever really truly known, a home, children and a subtle happiness that I was still searching for at the time.  I know that Amyn mourned him when he died and his sons still miss their true biological Father, however, I am trying my very best to fill that gap for them.  Hunting accidents are always the worst when there isn’t some stupid war or conflict going on and his loss was felt very deeply by his loved ones.

Odd as it may sound to outsiders, we have one of his bows hung up over the mantle so that everyone can see it.  It’s in memory of the man that his mate and his children loved very deeply even though I was always lurking in the background somewhere.  I am proud to have been able to call him a friend and still admire him very much for the man that he was.  I wish that I had some of his skill as a hunter and the patience that he always had with his sons – there are times I want to thump them, however, they are still little guys and they have every right to be children.

Oh, we had quite the feast here.  It was wonderful being able to spend some time with the family.  My sisters seemed to be happy with the gifts that they received, although, I can’t understand why Felaran felt the need to cry when she got a kitten for a gift – a soft cuddly little fellow that she promptly named Blackstone. There are times that I think that my Death Knight sister still has some of her emotions from her previous life and this was one time that it showed.

Of course, the little guys had toys and games that they definitely enjoyed, much to our chagrin when they really enjoyed playing with the boxes and using them as “forts” for their toys to have all out battles with one another. I had brought back some little carved jade figures for them from Panderia, which they promptly turned into “warriors” to fight their battles with.  I ended up giving Vashlan a fur-lined cloak for the time that he is in Stormwind because his Mother tells me that it can get to be quite cold with the way the wind will whip through the city streets – I can honestly say that I have never been to Stormwind in the winter months. I think Kaldor was a bit surprised when I gave him a very nice cross-bow, however, I think that he will still use his long bow and probably use the crossbow occasionally. 

Ah, Amyn was very pleased with the armor that I had made for her in Panderia although the measurements were a bit off and she will have to have the adjustments made.  I always end up with the wrong measurements for her chest, I either have them made too large or too small, heaven forbid that this chest piece was too small.  I also brought her back some gems that I had picked up so that she can have them set into a necklace – yes, she got some jade too.  Of course, we have had our alone time where a husband and wife can exchange their emotional and physical gifts to one another – I can’t say that it was my best performance, however, I think that she understood about that.  It had nothing to do with any kind of dampening of my desire for her, it had a lot to do with the fact that I had been ill just a few days prior and was still recovering.  I’m sure that we will be able to make up for that during the time that I am home this time.

Dawnglory showed up with his usual blaze of glory and had everyone laughing so hard with his tales of his adventures in Panderia.  How he even let it be known that he is deathly afraid of the Panderian women.  I never realized that he actually was afraid of them for more than just sexual reasons, he’s petrified of them just for being themselves, I guess.

Faendra has stayed glued to Dawnglory’s side since he walked in the door. It still disturbs me a bit to think that she is going to give her heart to this man and he may not have made up his mind about what he would want their relationship to be.  He gave her some very nice gifts for the holiday, however, there was no ring in the gifts for her.  I think that he is trying to make up his mind and yet, he’s already decided about a few things. Faendra may want to settle down, have babies and a home, however, I don’t think that Dawnglory is ready for all of that domesticity that would grow from that.  I’m not going to say a word to either one of them about it and let Nature takes its course.  If they end up hurting one another, I am not going to let it change my relationship with my friend.  Yes, Fae is my sister and I love her more than life itself, however, I think that I understand where they both are in their lives right now.

I did have to laugh when we all saw Pan and Lumina slipping off for some of their own brand of “alone time” together.  Those two have such an attachment to one another that it is almost frightening and almost like they were people instead of our trusted feline companions.  You can almost see the years shed off from Pan when he sees Lumina, much like mine do when I see Amyn.

Yes, I’m having a wonderful time here at home with the family and I know that the days will fly by and I will have to report back to Panderia soon enough.  I will treasure this time with my wife and family when I go back to war and hope that we have more like this in the future.  One never knows what the Fates will have in store for you during wartime – I definitely have no idea how the Shas will influence our lives in the future either.


Fnor Morningstar




Getting Ready For The Holidays

December 24th


Dear Journal,

Well, I finally have everything unpacked in Shattrath that I intend on leaving here and still have the things that will go on to Nagrand packed away until the construction is finished.  My Sindorei should be arriving home today to spend the Holidays with us as well as Kaldor.  It will be nice to have them home again, I’ve missed the friendly banter that has developed between the two in the last few months.

Shattrath hasn’t changed all that much since I moved to Dalaran and came back.  Same people, same friends and same old thing with the exception of the fact that there seem to be even more Sindorei here than ever.  I guess with the dangers that were being discussed in Dalaran and a lot of them are persona non gratia in Silvermoon, they had no other place to go.  It’s not crowded yet, however, I am happy that we kept the house here so that we didn’t have to worry about where we were going to live.

Speaking of crowded, I never realized how much we had accumulated in Dalaran until we moved back here.  I know I spent a great deal of time just going through boxes and boxes of things and trying to decide what to keep and what to give away.  I suppose everyone accumulates stuff all of the time but I never realized how much Fnor and I had between us that were just sentimental things that are of no further use to us, other than the memories attached.  I mean, how many uniforms do we need between us?  I still had some of my old Sentinel garb that I don’t even know how I wore it back then, much less now after having four children.  Your body changes as you get older, or so they say.  No, I didn’t pitch any of Fnor’s belongings away because he needs to make those decisions, I don’t think he needs to keep his very first set of armor that he had when he became a Ranger, do you?

I did get rid of all of the baby clothes that I still had by donating them to the orphanage along with some more of the leather goods that I had made for them for the holidays. I mean, I didn’t need to hang onto the cradle that Fnor had made when Kal was born and I didn’t hang onto the beginner bows either because they were just taking up room. 

My Sindorei and I have made the correct decision in not expanding our family at this time.  We have no idea what is going to happen with this “new” war in Panderia and there was no sense in us bringing another little soul to have to defend for the next few years.  My oldest boys are definite proof that there is still a certain bias against their heritage, however, it still isn’t as flagrant now as it was a few years ago where they had to hide their differences by wearing masks and disguises. My two little Kaldorei boys are having the time of lives since we’ve returned to the place that they have spent most of their lives – they are truly little terrors and I know that I will have my hands full with them for quite a while with this war on.

I really miss my parents and I wish that they would reconsider their decision to not come here for the holidays because I know that the children will miss seeing their grandparents.  I suppose that they are correct in their opinions that they need to stay home and get things organized there again and get back into the routines that were disrupted when they moved to Dalaran with us. I will miss my Mother’s pastries and her kimchi the most right now.  She wants to stay home and tend her garden and I guess my Father wants to go out hunting with some of his old cronies – I hope that they won’t drink too much and do something foolish because they are all getting up there in age.  I know that sometimes my Father’s mind will tell him that he can do the things like he did when he was young man and his body just can’t deal with it like it did back then.  Silly old darling.

Faendra and Felaran are already here to see the family and I will admit that the two of them have been a great help with the little ones.  Fel really isn’t the motherly type, however, she does her best to keep them entertained and has taken them out foraging a few times since she’s been here.  However, I really do need to talk with her privately about some of her language – the boys have come out with some very different oaths since she’s been here.  Faendra is here to see Fnar, if the truth were to be told and I know that he will be arriving here shortly because his little sister is here, all aglow with the thoughts that she might want to take up residence here instead of Silvermoon.

I have to laugh because one of her main reasons that she wants to move to Shattrath is not because of her training.  It’s to get away from the iron hand of Agatha, the housekeeper.  I guess that Agatha has made it very clear of what she is going to allow to go on in the houses in Silvermoon as long as they are under her watch.  That means that Felessa has a curfew that she has to abide by or she has to go sleep at the dorm at school if she misses it.  I’m sure that Agatha has kept Dawnglory appraised of any indiscretions that may have happened.  Of course, Felessa is at that age where any man in uniform is going to be attractive to her. Oh Elune! I hope that she isn’t going to turn into the female version of her brother, I don’t know how my Sindorei and I could deal with two of them.  She’s always been a quiet little thing, especially after the last incident with the demon in Silvermoon, however, I am fully aware of what people say about “still waters run deep” and all that, it does make me worry.

I was very happy to get a letter from my beloved that told me that he is going to take an extended leave from his duties in Panderia.  Well, not that long of a leave.  He will be here until after the first of the year.  That means that not only will I get to spend some time alone with him but it also means that the construction in Nagrand will definitely be boosted up to high speed with him overseeing a large part of it.  What was once a little rustic cabin will be turned into another Sindorei showplace with adequate room for family and friends.

For the holiday, the sleeping arrangements have been altered somewhat and I am sure that Kaldor and Vashlan are not going to be too happy that they have share not only their beds but their room with their little brothers. I am going to have a very stern talk with Vashlan about not turning his little brothers into sheep any time they upset him, that has got to stop.  I have visions of him taking them to the market or something and selling them as livestock to some unsuspecting individuals.

Kal has already informed me that he will be spending some time with his girl from Stormwind, he just hasn’t said where they will be just yet.  He said that he is waiting to hear from her on that.  It almost sounds like he is trying to let me know that he intends on taking things to another level with that relationship.  I hope that he knows the ramifications that it might bring, I mean, she is from Gilneas and we all suspect that she has the Curse like most of her people.  I really need to talk more seriously with Fnor about it too because I know that Kal has a Kaldorei woman staying at this farm in Panderia too.  Talk about playing with fire and adding more heat to it.  He keeps saying that both relationships are platonic – well, it may mean that he hasn’t done anything physically with them yet, however, he’s not very smart when it comes to females, he’s that much like his Father.

Oh, I had better get busy and finish up with some of the baking.  I don’t think that Dawnglory’s sister knows how to cook really well and we don’t have Agatha here to handle the kitchen work like we did in Dalaran.  Oh, Fae does okay in the kitchen, however, Felaran does make more munitions in there than she does eatable fare.  I almost broke a tooth on the berry pie that she made last night, it smelled delicious and looked fabulous, however, I think one needed a very sharp axe to even cut it.  Yes, yes, I know that Death Knights don’t eat often, if at all, however, as often as she blew up the kitchen in Dalaran, I was hoping for some improvements in that area of expertise.

I need to make sure that I get our bedroom aired out today and everything in order before my Sindorei comes in.  He has mentioned that he wants to be able to sleep as long as he wants in that big bed of ours.  I hope he doesn’t want to really sleep all of the time because I have some other ideas that I want to try out with him.  He loves a good romp as much as I do.

I think that most of our friends are here in Shattrath, however, I haven’t been able to find the time to go out and look for them.  I heard tell that Raleth and Lalli are here already.  Lalli must be getting fairly large with her baby now and I am sure that Raleth is a nervous wreck.  I hope we can connect with them while Fnor is home, I know he enjoyed talking with Raleth.  I wonder whom else might be here?



First Winter Veil Away From Gilneas

December 21st

Dear Journal,

I guess that I have decided to start keeping a journal like everyone else has here in Darnassus.  Sometimes it is just as well to keep your thoughts to yourself rather than try to discuss them with anyone else here in our displaced community.

I should introduce myself, I suppose.  My name is Felicity Fitzpatrick and my friends call me Felley, most of the time.  I used to live in Gilneas before we got routed from our homes by those ugly Forsaken things.  Yes, I didn’t escape unscathed and I did get the Curse – seems a lot of us got that gift whether we wanted it or not.

I’m kind of sad at the moment because I keep thinking about how the snow will be falling at home, how my Mom would be up early every day baking more holiday goods – lots and lots of different kinds of cookies and candies.  I miss those smells.  Heck!  I just miss my house and my own bedroom.

I miss having someone come in and helping me get dressed in the morning, brushing my hair, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek and telling me that I was probably the prettiest girl in all of Gilneas. I miss seeing my Father sitting at the head of the table with that ever-present steaming cup of tea in front of him.  I miss hearing my Mother ring the bell and having the serving wenches bring the fare – oh, the food, I miss the food most of all.

I miss the parties that we would all attend at this time of year.  I would have a new gown for each party with shoes and bags to match.  My shiny auburn hair would be set aglow with jeweled pins and my Mother would always make sure that my bustle was just perfect to show off my tiny waist and rather larger than it should have been chest.  The smell of verbena that would come off my clothes from them being stored away in my armoire. Oh, those were good times and I had a pampered life – my parents loved me, I was their only child.

Now, I have a slightly used set of armor to wear when I leave the city and I don’t even own a dress, which sometimes makes me weep.  I never knew it was so hard to make money or even to find a place to sleep at night until all of this happened.  I know my parents aren’t here, they didn’t survive the onslaught of the worgen running wild through the town – I saw them slaughtered in front of me before I screamed and fainted. I awakened to find myself out in a field not far from the house, the house was burning and to be honest, I was less clothed than I have ever been away from the bath.  I just know that someone saved my life and left me with the Curse.

I have met someone here in Darnassus, a fellow named Oakelsey or something like that – he said to just call him Oak.  He seems nice enough and he seems to be a fair hunter, which, I think will help me in the long term because he seems to know all of these tricks that I have never seen before.  I know how to set a fine table and what linens to use when you have guests, however, I have neither table nor linens anymore, so, that’s not really a good thing to know, I guess.

I may have passed Abner when we were riding through town in our carriage, he does look familiar to me sometimes.  Maybe it’s just the way that he carries himself and the way that he talks to me, I’m not sure. He has been a good friend to me since we met. At least he has shown me how to use a bow properly and has taught me how to hunt.  He also taught me how to control my inner wolf and when to feel comfortable with it.  I know that sometimes, before I met Oak, the change would start and I would just lay down and curl up in a ball until it passed.  I’m not sure how I hadn’t gotten killed in Gilneas because I don’t know how many people would have passed up an opportunity to shoot a “sleeping” wolf that was curled up in a ball.  I know that when everyone was told to get on the Kaldorei ship to flee Gilneas, I just followed everyone else.

Oak has been so kind to me and has even allowed me to share his room without making any kind of advances to me. I think that he knows that I am from a different group of people, his parents were trades people as was he – he is still searching for his wife and daughters.  Poor man does seem to get rather distraught sometimes when he sees a woman with golden hair walk by – he always thinks it might be his wife. 

Oak is doing everything he can to start his new life here with the elves and I think that I will stick close to him.  I don’t know, maybe he is one of those Alpha males or something, I just feel safer with him and I am learning so much from him.  He even brought home a little tree for us to decorate with bits and pieces of things that we had found out hunting.  We actually found a little jeweled hummingbird that we put on the front of the tree so the light from the fireplace would make it glitter.   He’s promised me that we would make the trip to Stormwind and Ironforge to see Greatfather Winter for Winter Veil.  I’ve never been to Ironforge before and I hear that it is really kind of warm and scary with a lot of dwarves running around – I haven’t seen that many dwarves, if the truth were to be known.

Well, I had better clean up my armor a bit and make it shine as much as I can, I don’t have a gown to wear when we go traveling – no carriage either, just our mounts.  I wonder if Oak knows how to braid hair? I would like to put my hair up so I look a bit older and I’d like to look nice for him. Oh, maybe we can get some roasted nuts in Stormwind, if they have them there – I love those things.


Taking Leave To Spend The Holiday With The Family


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.


December 21st


Dear Journal,

I guess I’ve been pretty sick these last few days.  I know that I feel as weak as a kitten and as hungry as a bear must feel waking from his winter slumber.  I knew my neck didn’t feel right the other morning but I guess collapsing at the briefing didn’t really help matters any either.  I just passed out and hit the floor very unceremoniously, to say the least. I guess it could’ve been worse under the circumstances because I could have been out in the wild somewhere when it happened.

I know that I would have sold my soul for some ice water a couple of hours ago, however, I guess I was really a pain in the backside for my buddy, Dawnglory, however, he took it all in stride.  I didn’t think that I was that sick, however, I guess if  I had let it “go” a bit longer, I wouldn’t be sitting here and trying to scribble in this journal while I’m propped up in bed.  At least I have a few days to build my strength back up before I have to start taking command of things again.  I’m sitting here feeling rather pensive because Dawnglory is my second in command and there are times that I worry about that.  Especially when he gets a wild hair and decides to shift groups completely around from things that they are accustomed to doing – changing squad leaders is one thing that he likes to do the most, it seems.

Man, I am going to be in great shape when I go home for Winter Veil and I know that Amyn will be hovering around, which isn’t all bad as far as I am concerned either.  I know that the thoughts of having to settle back into life in Shattrath is going to be difficult for me because I am so used to the creature comforts of Dalaran.  The instantly heated hot water for a nice long bath is going to be one of the things that I am going to miss the most.

I’ve already applied for and have been granted an extended leave for the holiday for two reasons.  One, to heal this wound properly and to be with my family.  I’m not sure that Dawnglory is going to come home with me or not but I suspect that he will after he swings by Silvermoon to pick up his sister.  I hope that Kal will get some time away to come home, I’ve missed seeing him these last few days at the farm, although, I am sure that we are going to be watched like a hawk since this incident happened.

I know that I will feel one hundred per cent better once I am able to crawl into our nice big bed with my wife again, just feeling her arms around will tell me that I am indeed in a safe haven at long last.  I don’t know if she realizes how she makes me feel when we are just lying there and holding one another.  It makes me realize that I never have to be alone again, which is something that I have always feared and dreaded.  To just lay there in her arms and to take her scent into my nostrils, hoping that my mind would allow me to recall that scent when I get back to Panderia.  I know not many Rangers would have the opportunity to get to know a fiery Sentinel like I have for a wife.

We have known for years what a dangerous tightrope we walk with our relationship and it hasn’t been an easy trail to keep hidden.  I knew that when Kal was born it would be harder for Amyn to go on with her life with the Sentinels, then came Vashlan – the surprise baby, in more ways than one.  We lived our lives, such as they were, in Shattrath to avoid the constant scrutiny and the constant danger of people discovering our relationship.  With the kids, it was definitely a given that someone would figure out that they were not of pure Kaldorei blood, the green flecked eyes were a definite giveaway.  I know they had a tough time with some of the other children at times but Kal has big fists and Vash has a devious side that seemed to exact his revenge for him.

Now, it’s back to Shattrath for the lot, even my two little stepsons will be making some major adjustments.  This was the city where they lived with their Mother and her Kaldorei mate while I was off chasing a dream that wasn’t real at all – I had what I was searching for with Amyn and the children but was too stupid to realize it at the time.

I know that I will miss the chill Winter air that would occasionally blow through the streets of Dalaran and the way that it would awaken you when it blew through the curtains.  I think I will be missing a lot things that I always took for granted in Dalaran. If only things could have been different, if only we had been able to handle things diplomatically instead of turning everything crazy when Theramore happened.  If only some of us had had an inkling what that idiot in Orgrimmar had been planning – not all Blood Elves were involved in this debacle, yet, we are all punished for the actions of a few.  No one knows exactly how many were involved and the speculation runs rampant.

As soon as I am able to climb out of this bed without feeling the world tilt and spin, I’ll get some of belongings packed and head to Shattrath.  I suppose I should send a courier ahead or maybe it would be more fun for me to just suddenly appear on the doorstep?  I can just imagine the surprised look on my Kaldorei wife’s face when she opens the door and finds me there.  

Surprisingly enough, I haven’t received any kind of summons to report to Orgrimmar for anything after that accident.  Maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal or someone is just biding their time to add more fuel to the fire.  I haven’t even gotten a letter of reprimand which is pretty unusual in of itself.  I guess I shouldn’t sit here and stew about it because it is wartime and possibly it is not even considered a problem. I know that the gossip is flying in camp because Dawnglory has overheard some of it and he did say that sometimes when he enters an area where people are talking, they go silent.  I guess we will just have to wait for the other shoe to drop.

My mind keeps jumping around this morning.  I may need to put this aside and write more later.  I know that I am happy as can be that I will be going home soon.  Home to see my wife and children – that thought really does put a smile on my face and I know that I won’t be coming back here until after the first of the year, which is  a nice long respite. 

I have to stop writing because my silly cat, Pan, keeps nudging the book and it does make it hard to write on a moving target.  Maybe some more sleep is in order too, I do feel tired and I do feel like I could close my eyes and drift off for a little while.

Fnor Morningstar


He’s Just Dreaming…Really

December 19th


What the hell happened when I decided to go off fishing for a few hours on my own?  You guessed it, my best friend decided to get himself  fucked up and in trouble!  That’s what happened!

I had just decided that since we had done the thing, got the duty rosters out, the briefings done, that it would be okay if I took off and did something that I enjoyed for a while…alone.  Noooo!  How was I to know that some rookie would get his ass in a sling, cause a major uproar that wasn’t necessary and cause a bunch of people to die?

It’s not my fucking fault.

Fnor is in his tent, the wound on his neck wasn’t really properly cleaned and it’s infected.  The healers have been here a few times and they keep feeding him potions and changing the dressing on the wound, however, it appears that it is indeed a minor wound in the realm of injuries.  It’s still infected and he’s running a fever.  He doesn’t even know where he is half the time and it’s hard as hell to get him hydrated enough to help with the fever. He pushes the water away and starts thrashing around under the furs.

By the Light!  I know that a lot was going on that day, however, I think that things could have been dealt with differently.  Now, I’m sitting here worried that my friend could end up dying because of some mass hysteria about the fact that he killed an already wounded idiot.  Well, sounds like it was justifiable to me.  Oh well, I just have to go on what I was told and the hearsay that I have been able to garner since Fnor isn’t able to tell me exactly what happened in his own words.

Of course, he’s been delirious for part of the time and it’s been a bit chancy when he starts rattling off in Kaldorei like it was his second language (it is, but it sure doesn’t need to be spoken in a Horde camp)  and the last healer that came here left with some extra gold in her pocket.

It always creeps me out when they send out a Forsaken healer anyway.  If their patient dies, Light help us all, there is one way they can get rid of the corpse that always crosses my mind and it sure isn’t pleasant.

Anyway, the healer calls me into the tent to ask me why he’s talking in a language that isn’t really welcomed in our camp and I lied.  I told her that he had spent a great deal of time in the Barrens when he was younger and I was sure that he picked the language up there.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s lying there, mumbling away to Amyn and is sporting a good strong boner.  The healer cackled manically and asked me “Is that a new weapon we’ve not heard about yet?  Looks like a good strong polearm to me!! Doesn’t look like he’s thinking about war with that!”

I don’t usually blush but she sure had me going there for a few minutes.  I lied again and told her that I knew he had had a Kaldorei lover a long time ago and maybe with the fever that he was reliving that again.   A few people know that he has a Kaldorei mistress, however, they don’t know that he’s married to her now. They sure as hell don’t know that he has children either, although some know that he spends an inordinate amount of time away from camp sometimes. 

Yeah, I’ve heard the gossip here in camp since all of this shit came down.  I know that the two of us will probably be watched for a while until something else happens to draw the attention away from us.  It’s probably a bad thought to have, however, a new offensive attack would probably make things go away faster.  We just need to watch our step and make damned sure that no asinine fuckwad is watching if Fnor happens to talk to Kal at the farm.  I know we’re both treading on dangerous ground.

Of course, everyone here knows that we have a civilian business that we have to monitor from time to time which requires one of us to make a few trips to Orgrimmar to make sure that it is still going the way that it should.  I’m wondering if there is any way that Fnor could gracefully resign or something so that the heat would be off the two of us.  Hell, I wish both of us could resign but it’s doubtful that Hellscream would accept the resignations in a time of war.

Speaking of business!! It’s booming and I wish I had the time to spend with Faendra and some of the new employees that she’s hired.  Wartime has always been a profit time for us on a whole lot of levels, however, it’s just crazy right now.  I even have some contracts stashed away in my bags that I plan on filling in my spare time because we don’t have enough people up here in a civilian capacity right now.  Damn, the contracts for leather alone is enough to make you want to throw your hands in the air and celebrate the windfall.

Ah, good!! Seems like the fever is breaking again and he’s asking for more water and some food.  Maybe that last round was the end of it.  Maybe that Forsaken had better skills than I had suspected and the infection is finally subsiding. Damn it!  It sure does seem like he’s more fragile the older he gets sometimes.  I shouldn’t say that either because there isn’t that much of a difference in our ages and I seem to get through things pretty much unscathed.

How the fuck is it that I end up being a nursemaid sometimes?

Fnar Dawnglory




Back In Shattrath – Settling In

December 18th

Dear Journal,

Well, I still have more boxes to unpack and put more things away.  One would have never thought that I would have accumulated so much in the short time that I lived in Dalaran, however, a lot of the things that I have here are from the main house, things that Fnor has gotten over the years.  He told me not to leave anything behind, which I didn’t, however, I think we will need a place to store some of it since we don’t have the room in the house for all of it.  Maybe once the construction is done on the house in Nagrand, I can move them over there.

No, my parents didn’t come with us to Shattrath, I knew they wouldn’t the moment that I mentioned it and my Mother started to tear up.  They decided to go back to Dolonaar and their little house there rather than make the change to Shattrath.  They weren’t happy with having to move again, however, after I told them about some of the things that my Sindorei had told me, they were understanding of it at least.  I’m sure that Mother will be happier once she has the time to putter around in her own little garden and my Dad will be able to get away and do some of the things he enjoys, some light hunting and fishing.  I know that I already miss them more than words can say, it was nice having them near us, even if it was only for a short time.

Of course, Vashlan was the one that caused the more uproar about moving than any of the rest.  He was upset that he would have to leave his instructor and his friends there in Dalaran.  Now, he’ll have to go in search of another apprenticeship in Stormwind, which I know won’t be easy for him.  I’ve already sent out several letters to the various mages that I have knowledge of in order to find placement for him.  In the meantime, he can get settled back in at the apartment over the warehouse and try to connect with the friends that he had before he left for Dalaran.  If he truly isn’t happy in Stormwind in a few months, I’ll have to do it all over again in Darnassus. He could even stay with my parents, if he wanted too.  I know when I mentioned that he gave me that wrinkled nose look and told me that he’d like to live in Darnassus if it came to that because his Grandparents wouldn’t understand what he was doing because he was the odd one in the family.  I guess he has some feelings there that may have been hurt because he is the only mage in the family and we’re not exactly sure where that came from.

I guess the Bitterbeers went back to Ironforge for a while.  I did go to check on things in Stormwind and had hoped to run into Kal while I was there, however, Romey hadn’t seen him.  I sent word to the dwarves that their services were going to be required even more than ever since a few of the employees have decided to go off adventuring in Panderia as well as my son. I am kind of surprised that they didn’t follow Kal to Panderia for two reasons, they liked him a lot and enjoyed his company and I’ve heard talk that the beer is so much better in Panderia.  Of course, with them brewing their own, I’m sure that they would want to investigate the breweries, at least, in Panderia.

Luckily for us, the house isn’t that far from the Scryers Terrace and that is where the little guys will be attending school.  I certainly hope that they don’t start blowing things up like they did in Dalaran.  I don’t think that the people here would turn a blind eye to those antics.  I’ve heard talk that some of our old friends from Dalaran are already here although I haven’t seen them just yet, I’ve been too busy getting things put in order here at the house.

I know that I miss my Sindorei more than ever right now.  It seems like old times in a lot of good ways and bad ways too.  I can remember the months and even years that I have spent here in Shattrath with the children while he was off in search of something that he already had.  The way the rumors would fly and I would find out that he had taken up with some Sindorei girl, those were hurtful times for me.  If I didn’t truly love the man with all of my heart, I would have left a long time ago.

I can’t help but think about my Kaldorei mate while I sit here at the table writing.  If he were still alive, he’d have been here with me, helping me to put things away and telling me that everything would be okay.  He was totally different from Fnor in a lot of ways, he didn’t mind doing household chores and he definitely didn’t mind taking the children with him, to give me a few hours peace, when he would go out hunting.

The two little guys are having some trouble adjusting to being back in Shattrath.  The first thing they wanted to do was to go visit their Father’s grave, which we did.  Of course, we went there and they looked so surprised when we got there that I asked them what they expected.  The gravesite was in order and as it should be, however, I didn’t even think about this until they said it.   They were in hopes that he had somehow come back to life and the grave would have been empty – children wish for the strangest things.  So, we had to have a long discussion about that, how when a person dies that they are rejoined with Elune and, no, they don’t come back.  A few tears were shed and the first day in Shattrath was rather sorrowful for them.

Yes, they love my Sindorei as their “new” Father, however, they still have that love for their real Father that I will never try to dampen down.  He was the only Father that they had known for most of their lives and they are still trying to accept Fnor as their Father.  it will all come in good time but it almost breaks my heart when I still see them kind of jump and look at each Kaldorei male hunter they see walking around the city.  I suppose if they don’t settle down soon, I’ll have to go talk to someone to see what I can do to help them get past this.  At least they have found some of their old friends and have been playing with them a lot.

I think that my Sindorei will understand the changes and the way the young ones are acting because he told me that it was going to be hard for them to step back into a life that we had left behind when we moved to Dalaran.

I really miss my parents.  My Dad would know how to handle what I am going through with the boys, he always seems to understand and knows instinctively how to deal with things.  He truly has been a constant throughout the boys lives and I know they love him and respect him.  Maybe I can get them to come to Shattrath in a few weeks for a visit.  Well, they will be coming down for a visit to spend some of the Winter Veil with us.

Oh well, these boxes aren’t getting unpacked with me sitting here writing and I think I’m almost done with the things that I can unpack here.  I do wish that the construction on the house in Nagrand will be finished soon so that we can have some room in this house. 

I miss my husband. 




Thoughts – Visiting Stormwind

December 18th

Dear Journal,

You ever had one of those nights where you don’t really feel like sleeping and the harder you try, the more frustrated you get to the point that you just get up?  I’m having one of those nights now.  It doesn’t happen all that frequently, however, it does happen more here in Panderia these days.  I guess part of it is the fact that I am homesick for a place that the family doesn’t even live anymore.  I know we had only been there for a few months, however, it was such a huge change from Shattrath that I instantly fell in love with the place.  Crap, the new hadn’t even had a chance to wear off of my bed there yet before we had to move again.

I did manage to slip into Stormwind for a while yesterday to just check things out.  I wanted to see if anyone would make it a point to be insulting to me or even try to attack me there.  Nothing happened and I deliberately went to places that I knew would be more filled with people than just walking down the streets.  I even hung out in the Cathedral Square as well as the Trade District – nothing happened.  Of course, I’ll willingly admit that there did seem to be more guards around than what I remember from before but they didn’t even seem to glance at me or do anything out of the ordinary.  I even wandered over by the shop where Josie works in hopes of catching a glimpse of her, however, the place was packed and if Josie was even in there, I couldn’t have seen her anyway. I wonder if Harrier is still giving her a hard time of it?  I hope not because she doesn’t deserve to be treated badly.

I even took the time to go to the warehouse and the apartment there.  Of course, Vashlan has already moved all of this stuff back in from Dalaran ant there were books everywhere.  He wasn’t home because he must have been at his studies or over reconnecting with his friends at the Blue Recluse.  I doubt that he even realizes that there is a new kind of danger lurking around in some of the alleys of this fair city – those people that have a grudge against anything remotely close to Horde. I’m sure that Mother made arrangements for some of the employees here to keep an eye on him and make sure that he doesn’t come to harm.

I’ll admit that it was nice to see my old room hadn’t been invaded by anyone yet, everything was left just the way it was when I decided to go off to war.  It also meant that Josie hadn’t felt the need to come in and use the room either.  I did make that offer in all sincerity because no one needs to feel uncomfortable about the place they live and it sounded like Harrier was making her uncomfortable in the worst possible way.  Poor girl really does need to be careful with that fellow, he’s kind of different for an elf.

I would have liked to have stayed in Stormwind a little bit longer but I had to head back to Panderia for the obvious reason.  My time is not my own these days since I enlisted – I just had a few hours that I could slip away.

I wish I had had a chance to talk to Mother but she hadn’t been in the warehouse all day and Romey, our trusted Draeni accountant and attorney,  said that Mother was getting things settled in Shattrath and really didn’t expect her in for a couple more days.  Oh well, maybe I will get to talk to her in the next few days because I do plan to come back to Stormwind for a little while.  Maybe I’ll even go to the shop and act like a customer by purchasing a watch and maybe a couple of those little mechanical figurines that are in the window for the little guys for Winter Veil.  I know that it would shock Josie silly but at least I would be able to see her, even if would only be for a few minutes.

I think that I may have caught a cold while I was in Stormwind.  The differences between the temperature there and where I live in Panderia is totally different.  You could feel the chill in the air and the winter winds were very prevalent and I noticed them because of the fact that I hadn’t warn a warmer cloak and hadn’t brought any scarves or gloves with me.  Here in Panderia, there are times when I just sit around in a loin cloth when no one else is here at the house.  I have that stuffy nose and head feeling that you always get when you feel a cold first coming on.  Damn it, I can’t afford to get sick right now either because there is so much to do.

I think I’ll go brew some tea to see if that will make me feel better.  I do have a couple of hours before I have to get dressed and report back in for my next patrol.  If things go as planned, it will be a quick patrol and I’ll be back at the camp in a few hours and be able to head back to the farm where I can count on being able to get to bed early there.

Kae did act a little bit funny when I got back tonight though.  She knew that I was going to Stormwind for a while and she even asked me when I got back if I had seen Josie.  Of course, I told her that I hadn’t seen Jose and she kind of said two different things.  She told me she was sorry that I hadn’t seen her but was smiling – women are strange creatures.

If Josie does come to visit, I’ll definitely have to ask Kae to make some other arrangements for a few days or maybe we can put up a few screens so that there will be some more privacy, just in case.  I mean, I’m not planning on taking Josie to bed or anything but if the opportunity presents itself, I want to feel like it’s okay.  You know what I mean?  Who knows, they may meet and like each other.