Yes, Back In Panderia…more freaking questions on my mind

(Some coarse language that might be offensive to some readers – read at your own peril)


December 4th


Well, I’m back in the land of the furries again and I don’t know that I am real thrilled with it at the fucking moment or not.  Seems they have upped the stakes and we’re off to another area of the country.  It all looks the fucking same to me – no different from the last war, they are either going to try to kill you or eat you at some point or time.  At least it’s not like the Trolls, they’d either try to cook you and eat while you were still fucking alive or half dead. Oh well, you just have to stay on your toes and not let your mind wander all that much when you’re on patrol, that’s all.

I did have a great time with the holiday in Dalaran and getting to spend some time with Faendra.  We almost made it to the bed a couple of times but it seems that the fucking Fates have something else in store for us right now.  So, off I went, back to Panderia with some serious physical issues that needed to get resolved one way or the other.

When I landed back in the village, there was this really hot looking woman, slightly more than a little bit drunk and seemed to have some of the same issues that I was having.  She kept calling me Geoff, however, that was okay, she had nice tits and her ass looked fantastic.  So, me being me, she and I cuddled up in one of those little rooms with the screens around it and had a go at it.   Great set of eyes too!  Anyway, I was a little surprised when she didn’t charge me for anything, at least I wasn’t feeling all pensive – now, I just feel guilty and hope that she was practicing some kind of birth control because I sure didn’t have the big guy in a raincoat when we did it.  I know I left there with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step, however, I’m not sure how she left because she passed out and I left her sleeping there.  Never did get her name though.

Fnor was already rearranging some of the groups for the squads when I got back to camp and he just gave me a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears Rangers to run through the paces a bit before we headed out to Krasarang Wilds – now, that place you either live through it or you don’t.  It’s kind of weird place with these bug people that like to kill you in groups – never one on one, cowardly bastards.  Anyway, we were just trotting along the road and we saw a beach with a whole bunch of turtles on it – great eating they were too. He also told me about that Chieftain’s wife dying and the babies – he seemed to be pretty well broken up about it, however, I can imagine how he would take it harder with the wife and kids that he has – it made it more personal, I’m thinking.

I know that I have to look forward to slogging through some more dark, wet and muddy trails again today but it’s better than sitting on my backside and wondering what the next day might bring.  I don’t know where some of these recruits are coming from, however, I am beginning to wonder how they made the initial landing and survived it.  Oh well, that’s not my worry, I suppose.  My next project will be getting them through the next few months without them dying or getting me killed.

I know that I am just as happy to be back at work, however, I’d much rather be running the show from Orgrimmar some days.  At least I could sit down and enjoy a nice relaxing cup of coffee, chat with a few of the employees and not have to worry about getting rained on all of the time.  I don’t know what it is but every time I step out of my tent or even walk out of an Inn somewhere, it’s always bloody raining. Sure is making a mess of my hair.

I know that the time that I spent with Faendra is weighing on my mind this morning too.  I’ll admit that I have some pretty deep feelings for her, for me that is, however, I’m not so sure that I am ready to make that kind of commitment just yet.  Not only would it make a huge difference in my lifestyle that I have maintained through the years, it would also affect the way that Fnor and I interact with each other.  I mean, he’d not only be my business partner, he’d be my fucking brother-in-law too.  Is this something that I want to change?  I’m not real sure and there isn’t anyone that I can talk with about this either at this point.  I suppose I ought to man-up and talk to Fnor about it.  Do I want to get married right now, I’m not so sure. She’s attractive and all that – there are a lot of attractive women out in the world and I’m not so sure that I am going in the right direction with this.

I mean, aren’t you supposed to know right away when you meet the “right” one or is it something that grows over time?  This isn’t one of those Silvermoon “arranged” marriages, the only benefit that I would get out of it is that Fnor and I would be relatives and not just friends.

Well, just fuck it.  I guess I ought to gather my thoughts and get busy before I start just banging my head on the desk.   What’s love got to do with a war?  Not a whole fucking lot other than keeping your head distracted and getting your ass killed.

Fnar Dawnglory





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