A Change of Pace

December 5th


Dear Journal,

I will have to say that I feel more relaxed today.  Instead of constantly having my mind on my Sindorei and Kal, I am just sitting here kind of smiling to myself because of the fact that I took my youngest boys and my parents to the Faire last night.  I needed a change of pace; I was starting to feel like I was trapped with all of my worries and concerns.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not still worried about my men in the war, it just means that I have other things that I have to start focusing on or I will make myself mad with worry.

Oh, my parents hadn’t been to the Faire in years; however, they had their eyes all aglow just like the children did.  I really must start thinking of Vashlan in another way because he’s almost a man now; even if he does still like to pull those childish tricks of his with his little brothers.

Anyway, we spent the entire night down at the Faire.  Naturally, the two youngest boys spent most of their time either eating all that they could or getting into more mischief.   My parents were just in awe of the crowds of people and were a little bit concerned that not only was the Alliance there enjoying the Faire but the Horde was there as well.  As I said, they hadn’t been in years and they last time that they went, the Faire was in Goldshire and the Horde weren’t exactly invited to attend.   We had a marvelous time and I think that we ate more than we should have of all of that fired food.  My Dad especially liked the different spirits that he could try and definitely imbibed in those even if my Mother was frowning at him.

Vashlan was pulling a Kal routine in watching the ladies a lot this time.  I know that he knows about the birds and bees, however, I don’t think he really realized that there was something else in the world other than his books and his magic.  He honestly was so smitten with the sight of all of those females that he literally ran into a post that was in clear view – he got knocked on his backside with the impact and turned a brilliant red with his blushing.  I suppose it didn’t help matters any that I started giggling and told him to be more careful of his robes and to not trip on them.  Yes, I got that “Awww, Mom!!” speech that the boys like to do when I remind them that I’m a woman and have interest in looking at some of the fine specimens of males on display at the Faire.

I wish that Fnor and Kal could have been there with us, however, I understand that their duty calls them away and that’s just how it is.   I can’t say that I wasn’t sad that they weren’t there because I was – it won’t ever be a real family outing until they are able to join us again. 

I didn’t realize how much I had been allowing myself to wallow in my worries and concerns until we got away from Dalaran and got to go some place that wasn’t all talk of war.  Of course, there were people there that I could hear talking about the war when we were sitting near the cooking vendor; however, I tried not to listen in too much.  Why is it that people that are drinking always seem to have to speak louder than normal?  Drunk doesn’t mean you have to be so loud, or that’s just my opinion.

We really had such a good time and I have promised to take them all back next month when the Faire is open again.  I know that I am just enjoying how things were last night to dwell too much on the more weighty concerns that I have.

I am happy that Dawnglory went back to Panderia, finally.  It was all that I could do to keep an eye out on Faendra to prevent something from happening that might change things for them forever.  Oh, I understand that a man and a woman have needs and they will seek each other out, however, I knew that my Sindorei would be very unhappy if something had happened without him giving his seal of approval.  Dawnglory is a nice enough fellow but I honestly don’t think that he is ready to settle down yet and Fae is so young that my heart aches for her.

I guess the little guys are still suffering from overeating last night because they weren’t really interested in the food that my Mother and Agatha prepared this morning.   I know I spent half of my night at the Faire taking food away from them before they got sick.  So many sweets for them to get involved with and the drinks were nothing but pure syrup.

Naturally, they spent a lot of time on the merry-go-round and fighting about which one of them was going to ride the murloc on there.  Honestly, there were enough mounts to go around; you’d think that they wouldn’t have had to argue over just the one.  Yes, the canon was a great thing for them to do and I had to laugh at Vashlan because he did try the canon this time but got so tangled up in his robes that he didn’t look all that wonderful flying through the air with his undergarments in full public view. I will have to remind him that he needs to wear something different next time or at least wear the long pants under his robes – I honestly don’t think the boy thinks about things fully unless it’s magic.

Oh well, I do need to get up from here and get some of this office work done.  Faendra is acting kind of mopey since Dawnglory went back to Panderia, however, I’m sure that we will keep her busy enough that her mind will get occupied with other things rather quickly.  

I still have to make arrangements to get to Feathermoon this week and talk to my old Commander again.  She sent me another note this weekend and said that it was not really urgent but she wanted to talk to me as soon as possible.  I wonder what that is all about.



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