Good News and Bad

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.


December 6th

Dear Journal,

I am sitting in my tent this morning and having some coffee and just relaxing as best I can under the circumstances.  I honestly don’t mind being out in the field as much as one would think, I just miss the creature comforts that I would normally have in Dalaran.  Of course, I miss the family and I definitely miss waking up in the morning with Amyn snuggled close and holding her in my arms – I don’t have much longer before I take another leave and head back that way, Thank The Light!

I got some good news and some bad news this morning.  The creature that we had so much trouble with a few months past – the warlock, demon or whatever it was is no more.  Her name was Angelese and was the reincarnation of my past love, which was hard enough to visualize and even harder still to fight with the feelings that this brought back to me ten-fold.  I admit that I did love the girl back in the day when she was alive and I mourned her suicide for quite some time.  This thing that came back was not her.  She looked the same and every now and again there were would a glimmer of the woman that she once was, however, this thing was pure evil.

The remarkable thing about this entity is that it had taken on the appearance of the woman I loved and didn’t apparently understand that there should have been some kind of aging process that might have made it more believable.  Apparently, the healers in Silvermoon had been trying everything that they could to keep the comatose body alive and lost the battle.  They said that when they  went to check on her,  the body had started to deteriorate and finally just dissipated leaving nothing behind to even make someone believe that she had existed other than a few small fragments of bone and a lock of her ebony hair.  They send me the lock of hair from Silvermoon and I’ll admit that I have destroyed it with fire.  I want nothing to remind me of the times that we went through.

I know that I will sit down and write Amyn and let her know that we no longer have that burden to take care of  in Silvermoon.  The properties that I would have given back to the person that might have awakened eventually will stay in the Morningstar name in Silvermoon.  At least we have the release of that financial and moral burden removed from the books now.  I know that Amyn will be almost as relieved as I am with the change in things.  Faendra and Felessa can venture back to the house now without any further worries about this creature coming back to endanger them again.  It was indeed a horrendous time for all of us.

I have heard no further tales of any kind of political unrest in Dalaran recently, which is a good thing I suppose.  I just have a feeling that things might just change with Kirin Tor a bit and their ability to keep the city as neutral as it has always been.  I know that I would hate to leave the city, it’s been my home for quite a few years and I would hate to have to uproot my business and my family and try to relocate them to another area.  I’ll just bide my time and wait this out to see if there is any truth to some of the rumors that I have heard.   

I did get a letter from Amyn this morning and it sounds like she and the rest of the family had a marvelous time at the Faire.  I do wish that I could have been there with them but my duties definitely wouldn’t have allowed for me to be absent at this point. I would have liked to have been there to see the looks on the faces of her parents when they were seeing the sights for the first time.  They remembered the old Faire, the way that it used to be before it grew into what it is now under the careful tutelage of the goblins that have taken it over.  I bet that they were shocked and surprised, I know I was when I first went there and saw the changes.  Sounds like Amyn had her hands full with the little guys and poor Vash was having his usual absentmindedness show up again.  Poor fellow just doesn’t seem to catch onto things unless it’s in one of his books or is something that he is working on at this workbench.  He’s a mage and a damned fine engineer – I just hope that he survives living in the world with the rest of us.

At least Dawnglory is back in Panderia and from what I can gather, nothing happened physically between he and Faendra due to my lovely wife’s attention to things.  I can imagine that he was pretty frustrated with the way my Kaldorei woman would show up at the most inopportune moments , however, I am thankful that she did.   To be honest, I think that Dawnglory is a fine man in his own rights and is extremely diligent to his duties, however, I don’t think that the man is ready to make a commitment to any kind of marriage or even an engagement at this point. I don’t think it would be good for him nor Fae because I don’t think that either one of them is ready for that sort of thing.

At least I am starting to get back into my routine in Panderia and I am starting to enjoy some of the things here.  I have to laugh because I thought that Kal had lost his mind a bit with his involvement with the farming, however, I am getting into it myself and find it very soothing and therapeutic.   Plus, I do get to see Kal in Halfhill now and again and as long as I see his farm being attended too on a regular basis, I know he’s safe.

Naturally the war has heated up again and that’s not all that surprising either. It’s a shame that the Orcs don’t understand that they could actually get along with the other members of the Horde without trying to dominate the rest of the races.  I still think that Garrosh is unhinged or possessed by something that I can’t quite put my finger on just yet but I do feel that things are going to end badly for him.

Yes, I know that some of the conversations that I have heard are rather treasonous, however, I can’t help but admit to myself that some of the things that people are saying aloud are things that I agree with silently.

I had quite the shock a day or so ago.  I met the young Alliance Prince, Anduin.   I was very shocked at the circumstances and very shocked that I got to spend some time with him.  He’s so very young and so naive in the thoughts that he has in regard to the war.  I don’t think that this is going to be something that can be negotiated and we’ll all live happily ever after.  No, I didn’t capture him and no I didn’t carry him back to camp, as I would have under normal circumstances, he was under the protection of the Panderian.  I am just surprised that the kid was able to give his caretakers the slip like he apparently had done without some kind of pursuit from that group.  It was just odd seeing this young human out there amongst the wilds in Krasarang without some kind of bodyguard.

I’ll admit that with the way the boy acted, he is mature beyond his years, however, he still reminded me of Amyn’s two youngest on a lot of levels. I guess I could refer to him as a man-child, not quite a man and not quite out of his childhood.  He spoke very kindly about the Tauren Chieftain, Baine and I didn’t realize that Jaina Proudmore was his Aunt.  Of course, I’ve heard the rumors since Theramore that Jaina is quite the head case, which, under the circumstances, is completely understandable.

I have had some time to get off to myself lately too, which has helped my frame of mind considerably.  Pan and I ran up on quite a bit of game and I was able to take some truly exquisite hides.  I fully intend on putting something together for Amyn as a gift for the holidays – who knows, maybe some new boots that I am sure that she will like. Yes, I still make boots and I can still put together a decent set of mail armor when the time permits.

Fishing is one the pastimes that I am really getting involved in here in Panderia.  I am surprised that we all haven’t put on extra weight with all of the different foods that we can obtain here.  I know that if there was a way to get Agatha up here to learn some of the cooking recipes, we would have some great food at the house in Dalaran because I know that Kal and I both would be shipping goods home quite a bit.  I suppose that I could get some of the recipes and send them to her too, can’t say that I could see Agatha up here in her long robes and apron slogging it through the countryside.

I know that I need to get up and get ready for another full day here in Panderia.  I feel like I am coming down with a cold and would love to crawl back into my cot and sleep for another few hours, however, I don’t think that that would be a good morale booster for the other Rangers.  I’ll just drink some of this herb tea and hope that I feel better once I get out there and start moving around.

Fnor Morningstar

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