Meeting An Old Friend…Kind Of Makes You Smile

((When you keep hearing a song dancing through your head, there must be a reason for it – hence, a new character is being introduced – the song is “Walking On Sunshine” ))


December 7th

Dear Journal,

Well, if it hasn’t turned out to be one of those crazy days that you just kind of have to sit back wherever you are and smile.  Yep, it’s truly a small small world we live in these days, here in Darnassus, anyway.  I actually stumbled upon someone that I had known in Gilneas – I thought everyone and everything that I had known back in those days had gone down to the waste bin and bless and behold…I saw Son. 

No, he’s not my son, he’s a fellow that had two parents that were none too bright in the naming of their children but he was one of my best mates and closest friends back home.  Yep, Sonshine McBride was standing there under the big tree in Darnassus. Yep, another hunter friend of mine that I wouldn’t mind reconnecting with again.

Miss Fitzgerald and I had gone out and done some running around and hunting for a bit this morning, just for the joy of it, if nothing else.  The weather is changing and we could even feel the crispness in the air here in Darnassus.  I will have to admit that she not only is attractive in her human form, her wolf form is also dazzling.  I will admit for the first time that I feel almost remotely happy with my lot in life, even if it means that I have to be a wolf for part of the time.

Anyway, we got back to Darnassus and I saw this strapping fellow standing with the group under the tree talking.  I thought I recognized him, however, I thought I had best attend to Miss Fitzpatrick and make sure that she got back to her home okay and if the fellow was still down here by the mailboxes, I’d definitely give him a look over and talk to him for a bit to see if he was whom I thought he was.

Yep, it was Sonshine and he was and is just as bewildered as I am about all of the changes in our lives, however, he has one of those personalities that never stays down long and always seems to find the positive in something that most would be wallowing about in the negative side of it for months.  He was standing there, big strapping fellow with those piercing blue eyes that used to catch all of the ladies attention back home.

We wandered over to the local tavern and decided to talk about a few things.  He is as bewildered as I am about this new change in our lives, however, he has some real positive thoughts about it too.  He kind of likes the idea of being able to go “wolf” and track his prey a lot easier then.  I think he actually enjoys that part of it more than I do.   No, I don’t think that he is one of those Alpha fellows, just another fellow like myself.  He was saddened to hear about my family loses and said that he wished that he had been that lucky in some ways too, apparently, his aged Mother didn’t get the Curse, but he had managed to get her out of Gilneas and into Darnassus.  She was always a trial back home, however, Son tells me that she is expecting him to take care of her like his Dad did back in the day – no, I don’t mean it that way, I mean, keep a roof over her head and let her live out her last remaining days in the style that she would like to be accustomed too.  Seems he found a place for her to live in Stormwind, with a bunch of other old ladies and he goes there frequently to make sure that she is okay as well as sending her some gold now and again.

I know that we sat there for what seemed hours swapping tales back and forth about our new times here with the elves.  It seems like we should have run into one another before now but I guess today was the day for it according to the way things work out with Elune.  By the Light, it was good talking with him and I think that he and I may partner up and do some work together.  He always was the better tracker of the group we used to hunt with and I know that when he goes wolf, it’s got to be something to behold.

At least most of the people that I have met in Darnassus that are of the same ilk seem to be finally settling in and seem to be nice.  I told Son about Felicity and he was rather excited for me and would like to meet her sometime in the near future.  I’m sure that she will like him too but I’m not stupid enough to open myself up to the competition that might evolve under the circumstances though.  We’re good friends and we have always had that male rule of “don’t mess with another fellow’s woman” ingrained in us when we were just humans.

I don’t know why meeting an old friend has made me so happy.  It’s really kind of stupid to be so deliriously happy about something as small as that.  I think that what has made me the happiest is the fact that I am starting to find people that I knew back at home.  Maybe there is still some hope that my wife and my daughters might still turn up, who knows?

Well, I need to get busy here and try to see what Son has in mind for the next few days.  Maybe we can take a run through Darkshore and see if we can still hunt like we used too. Damn, he just makes me smile being around him, he always has such a great positive outlook on things and, believe me, I need that kind of influence in my life.


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