A Time To Move…Now

December 11th

Dear Journal,

Well, just damn!  Now, I have to go talk to my parents and tell them that “we’re” moving again and see how they feel about it.  I think that Fnor will keep the house here in Dalaran but it’s going to be empty and I doubt that he will even rent the thing out.  I know that housing is really hard to come by, especially a place this size unless some Innkeeper would like to buy it out or something.  It’s my Sindorei’s white elephant of real estate right now, with the way that things are going.

I know I was looking forward to the holidays here in Dalaran even with the way that some people are acting these days. I was never concerned about my personal safety here in the city, however, I’m not so sure that it would be a safe haven for the little guys and my two oldest sons.  I can handle the personal insults and turn a deaf ear to some of the things that have been said, however, my sons aren’t quite able to turn the other cheek and ignore things because they aren’t old enough to do that yet.

 I had big plans to decorate the house with all of the decorations that we have accumulated over the years and have a big tree in the great room by the fireplace.  Now, it seems that all of that is not going to happen and it makes me sad.  This was to be our first real holiday as a family in Dalaran and I wanted to do it up right.  Oh well, everything has to change now, I suppose.

I guess that Faendra isn’t too pleased with the thoughts of having to move everything to Orgrimmar per Fnor’s orders.  She isn’t overly fond of the city because of the crowding, the dirt and the noise but she will have a nice place to stay in the apartments above the warehouse, just like we have in Stormwind.  Of course, she should stop to think that she might have a chance to run into Dawnglory a bit more frequently that way too – out of sight and away from her brother and myself.  If nature is to take its course, it would be best to have it out of our knowledge, at least.  Besides, I’m sure that she will enjoy working with Zippie and Dooddah once in a while because she says they always make her laugh.

I was going to surprise my Sindorei when he got home for the holidays.  I actually went to the tournament grounds, signed up and I have been taking lessons on jousting.  I don’t think that I am doing too badly and it is one place where I can escape for a little while too.  I guess I’ll have to curtail that activity since we will be moving away from Dalaran.  Just when I was starting to have some fun with it.  Of course, there may be a way that we can all still enjoy that part of Northrend without stepping on the toes of the people in Dalaran.  I guess I can surprise him at another time.

I hope that he tries to come back to Dalaran by the week’s end because there are some things that only he can handle with all of the changes.  I lack his diplomacy with certain things but I can sense his urgency in getting all of us out of Dalaran as quickly as possible.  I think that I will talk to my parents and have them take the little guys to Dolonaar for a visit today – one less thing for me to worry about at this point.

He always has a sense of foreboding that has always stood him good stead and I tend to go with his feelings on things like this.  It’s almost like a gift from Elune and the Light that he can find out or feel things long before the rest of the family.  That could be why he has more gray in his hair these days, his worries and his concerns about not only his family but the people that he has under his command. We can be thankful that we had a few years of false peace and now, it appears as though it is going to be all out War again, which makes my soul shudder to think what could happen in a city like Dalaran.  We’re so isolated up here in the sky and what we thought was protection from the world below us may just be our end. 

So much to do and so little time to get them all done.  I wish my husband was here to help me with some of this. Time to start packing and shipping things to Stormwind, Orgrimmar and Shattrath.



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