Always Making Changes – Damned War

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.


December 11th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here this morning and wondering about a lot of things that are going on.  Yes, I know Dawnglory was none too pleased with the discussion that we had in regard to his relationship or lack of relationship that he has with my sister.  I may have been a bit too blunt and more than a little harsh with him, however, he asked for my opinion and I gave it to the best of my ability.  I may not have been as diplomatic as I should have been, but, that’s my sister he’s trying to get involved with on a deeper level.

I’m torn between protecting my sister and trying to maintain the relationship that Dawnglory and I have had for all of these years.  I know that I could never find another friend like him, he’s always covered my back and he’s always been steadfast in his friendship – even when he didn’t exactly agree with some of my ideas or orders.  Of course, it might have been better if the conversation had been held with Faendra included in the conversation as well because I might get a better insight as to how she really feels about the matter.  Are they both just shot in the backside with the romance of having a relationship in this time of war, like I see happening with so many others?

I am hearing more news of some civil unrest in Dalaran and it disturbs me greatly.  My wife and children are still in the city, however, I have come to some decisions that I feel might be the right thing for the current times.  If the Horde become unwelcome in the city, that pretty much shuts down Morningstar Enterprises in that area, doesn’t it. I think the idea of moving the offices for the Horde back to Orgrimmar, dusty and dirty as it is now, will be the best thing and have Amyn move her offices permanently to Stormwind will be the only alternative that we have right now.

My biggest problem is that I have had my home in Dalaran for several years now and the house that we have there isn’t just a house, it’s a home.   I know that I always felt that Dalaran was my escape from the strife and stresses of the rest of Azeroth.  I could go home to Dalaran, walk the streets unarmed and always feel that it was safe there for not only myself but for my loved ones as well.  Now, it seems that that may just be dwindling away with each passing day.  It was the only place that Amyn and I could openly live together and raise our children openly – it didn’t really seem to matter that she is Kaldorei and I am Sindorei and our two oldest boys are of mixed blood – no one seemed to notice it all that much.  Now, it’s changing and I don’t like some of the reports that I am getting from that area.

I’ve already sent letters to Amyn and Faendra to start shutting down the operations in Dalaran and to get their businesses back to Orgrimmar and Stormwind, that’s the only solution that I have for the business that has provided for us all of these years.   I know that Amyn will dread the thought of packing everything up and moving it yet again, however, it’s a choice that we have both made in the past and will continue to have to make these radical changes in the future, I’m afraid.

Now, as far as the family goes, we are going to have to relocate back to Shattrath where Amyn and I lived openly for so many years without much trouble.  It will be the only neutral city where we can keep the family together until I can make other arrangements for us.  Of course, I will have to take some time to check out the property in Nagrand and see how we are going to be able to enlarge the house there to accommodate the whole family.  Of course, I am assuming that Amyn’s parents will want to make the move with us or they may decide to go back to their house in Dolonaar.  It will have to be their decision to make because they are getting up there in years and I know that this constant shifting around is definitely difficult for them.  I know Amyn will probably want them in Shattrath, however, her Mom isn’t one that can just stay stuck in the city like she has been in Dalaran – the garden helped her feel more at home and I don’t think that we’d have the space in Shattrath for one, maybe in Nagrand.

I am still heartsick that my beloved wife was treated badly by one of the shopkeepers in Dalaran because of the fact that she is married to me.  There was always a sense of pride of that fact when we were in the city together and people just let us live our lives and our money was always good, no matter who we were.  Poor Amyn had to open a second account with her company name, Shadowmoon Enterprises,  so that the supplies could be purchased for the house without it going to anyone from the Horde.  Alliance money and Horde money has always been the same, why the discrepancy now?  I was angry about the whole thing at first but it also gave me a clue of how things will become in the city that I have loved for so many years.

I guess that I will also have to make arrangements for the house servants to be paid off and dismissed, except for Agatha.  I will have to make arrangements for her to go with us to Shattrath and Nagrand or have her take over one of the houses in Silvermoon.  She is more like family than an employee in my eyes and I won’t see her having to struggle to make ends meet.  I’ll let her make the decision though, I would hate to lose her after all of these years together.  She’s seen me through some pretty hard times as much as Amyn has, she’s probably the one that has seen both the good and bad sides of my personality and has taken it with a grain of salt without giving me a lot of grief for being a stupid idiot sometimes – especially with the number of mistakes I’ve made about my personal life.

I should have implemented all of these plans when I was home for the holidays, however,  I was in hopes that it would just be a rumor mill running on overdrive since the Theramore incident.  Yes, it was more than an incident, it was a bloody disaster and only one group of people can truly be blamed for it even though they were just following orders for that idiot. Warmongering bastard that he is.  Oh well, they do say that hindsight is twenty-twenty and I have a full scope of what may be happening in that fair city in the future.  It’s a crying shame that we, the Horde affiliates, will no longer be welcomed in a city that we helped build on a lot of different levels.

I’m just sitting here thinking about how things used to be in Dalaran.  How it always seemed to be the cleanest place in Azeroth and you didn’t have the poverty shoved in your face around each street corner.  I guess I am a snob in that regard because I always felt that living in Dalaran put you a full step above most of the other people in the other cities.  Now, that will be gone.  The peace and the sheltering of one’s soul in that city were the things that drew me there to begin with – my escape for the harsh realities of Azeroth will be no more.

I think my son, Kal, may have the right idea after all.  He’s really digging himself in to staying in Panderia indefinitely.  He has his farm, a nice little bungalow as well as the ability to enjoy himself no matter where he is.  He reminds me a lot of myself at that age.  I was always happy when I could work with my hands and see the different parts of the world.  When he is in Halfhill, he tells me that he just lets the War take care of itself, it never enters into his property nor what he has going on there either.  Of course, the older he gets, the more of a Kaldorei he is becoming – he definitely is in touch with the land, much more than I.  He seems happy for the most part and he is continuing to do his duty for the Alliance in spite of his heritage.

If it were at all possible, I would like to find some place in this new land to move my family too.  Some day when the war cools down, which it will, there should be a place here that we can live together again.  It’s a beautiful country and I know that the kids would be happy here and the Panderian way of life is very soothing, if not downright heavenly after having to deal with all of the political intrigues that we have to deal with in the cities.  Maybe I can find a place here for all of us sometime in the future – I know that Amyn would be in her element here.

Well, I guess that I need to get off my backside and start making some arrangements, maybe a trip to Outland to make sure that we will be able to get completely moved before the next holiday.  I was really looking forward to spending my leave in Dalaran, however, that doesn’t look too promising at this point.


Fnor Morningstar

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