Just Lonely & Drunk

December 11th


Hell yes, it’s me again and I guess you and I will be very close friends for a while since it seems that I need to mature a bit more and there is no one else to fucking listen to me at the moment.  It’s funny when you think that you have a shitload of friends and when you need them, they aren’t to be found.

I did have that discussion with Fnor, finally.  I don’t know if that was a good idea or not because I was informed that he thought I needed to mature a bit more before I decided to make any kind of commitment to a relationship. Oh, he was nice enough about explaining that with my past history with women that I was unable to settle down and he didn’t want to see his sister getting hurt at this point in her life.  I’ve always known that he was over-protective of his sisters, however, I didn’t realize that he would even put that before the friendship that we have had over the years.  I guess I just need to fucking bide my time.

What makes Faendra so different from other women?  Well, her beauty alone makes her different in my eyes, however, it’s the way that she thinks that has me more intrigued.  She’s not some simpering idiot from Silvermoon and she has a mental and physical toughness that is very much like her brother’s.

I know I haven’t always been the way that I am now.  I used to give a damn about what people thought about me, however, I reached a point shortly after joining the Rangers that it really didn’t matter.  I would never be able to get to the levels that I wanted too because of the fact that I was an orphan and I was raised in Shattrath – not the shining streets of Silvermoon.  The only connections I had with Silvermoon was through the Morningstar family and they didn’t have the really great connections either.  Oh well, I suppose I can try to change, try to be more caring and not jumping on every available woman that seems to be remotely interested in me.

Right now, I’m sitting in the Inn at the Shrine of Two Moons and getting sloppily drunk on my arse.  I’m lonely, I’m tired and wish that I could go back to Dalaran and spend some time there. Hell, I’d even happily go back to Orgrimmar for a while because there are people there that even know my name.  Here, in Panderia, there are so many people and I have yet to find anyone outside of my small circle of acquaintances that I can call “friend” or anything close to that.  War is hell in some ways, the biggest thing that I am finding is that it’s a lonely existence when you’re off the battlefield.  Sure there are other Rangers here tonight but we’re not from the same group and they have their own thing going.

Fnor and I have been talking about the business a bit when we can find the time and it looks like we’re going to be relocating the Dalaran offices back to Orgrimmar and Amyn will be relocating her offices to Stormwind.  Those days that we had as a “family” owned and operated cross-faction company in Dalaran are pretty much shot these days.  Fnor is worried that there might be some open hostility to the family and employees due to the fact that the majority of the employees are Horde.

Why do we have to have a land-grabbing war that is going to destroy everything we have come to take for granted.  Dalaran has always been a neutral city and now, there is some unrest and a growing bias against the Horde.  Not all Blood Elves were involved or condoned the actions taken by Garrosh in dropping that bomb on Theramore but we have to take the blame for it, regardless.  Most of us had no idea that that was what that pinhead had in mind sitting in his throne room in Orgrimmar.

Oh, fuck, guess I better find a bed to fall asleep in before I fall off of this stool and do a face plant on the floor.  Fnor would be none too pleased with his second-in-command making a public spectacle of himself up here.

I’m still not happy, however, the pain has somewhat dulled with the amount of alcohol that I have had in the last couple of hours.  I’m still lonely.

Fnar Dawnglory



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