War Changes Families

December 12th

Dear Journal,

I was sitting on the porch at the farm in Halfhill last night, just listening to the crickets chirping in the night air, staring at the moon, you know, just having some quiet peaceful time.  A fellow needs that sort of thing when he’s been busting his backside and just wants to be alone.  Kae is back and acting like she normally does, which is nice.  She seems to smile more at me these days and likes to give me hugs a lot of the time for no reason.  I don’t understand that either because I think that she was angry with me about seeing Josie and knowing that I will see her again.

I wanted some time to think about things because I had gotten a letter from my Mom yesterday that really upset me more than it should have.  It appears that we’re all moving again, out of Dalaran because it’s not safe there anymore for my Dad to even come home. What in the hell is going on?  Dad has lived in Dalaran for years and has always loved the place from what I can gather and now the poor man can’t even go home to run his business and be with his family anymore.  It made me sad, not only for myself but for the rest of the family.

I could tell that Mom was upset with the way that she wrote things because she didn’t sound like herself at all.  It seems that she is going to reopen the house in Shattrath again as well as meet with Dad to discuss the property that he has in Nagrand.  She even told me to be careful when I went to Stormwind because people are not real receptive to the Horde right now and that I have to wear those contacts to cover my eyes so the green won’t show.  I hate those things, they make my eyes feel lumpy and itch. It’s not like I can keep my head down and not meet anyone eye-to-eye even with a hat on these days because I’ve gotten so much taller since I’ve been here in Panderia.

It’s all because of Theramore and I’ve heard that Jaina Proudmore has gone off the deep end a bit since she set foot in Dalaran.  She’s trying to start up trouble even with the Kirin Tor being neutral, she’s really causing a stir – the news has even reached us here in Panderia.  It seems like the Blood Elves are being blamed for everything even if a lot of them didn’t condone what happened, they are all going to be punished for being of that race.  My Dad was more than a little heartsick with the bombing of Theramore and I even heard him make some rather traitorous remarks in regard to the Warchief, yet, he’s up here doing his duty because that’s the kind of man that he is. All of this political crap is just stupid, why can’t we just stop and think about what’s going on before we all go crazy.

I guess I’m not old enough to understand a lot of this political stuff, it just seems so idiotic and people act like what happened was the end of the world.  It wasn’t the end of the world but it sure did open things up even more when we went to Panderia and the Horde followed us in.  Yes, there’s a war going on with the Horde and the Alliance, that’s why I’m here, however, the Panderian are keeping things fairly well tempered with the aggressions between both factions. 

I was sitting on the porch and trying to mull things over in my head to see what I could figure out with it.  I did notice that the crickets stopped singing in the night and I saw a black shadow moving out in the field, which is not a normal thing.  I thought initially that it was some Hozen coming in the pilfer from my crops that were almost ready to harvest and decided that I ought to wander out that way and do some investigating. 

Well, I was a little surprised to see my Dad in the field, dressed like he normally does when he’s out scouting.  He smiled when he saw me and I think we both let out a sigh of relief because we weren’t going to have to battle it out.  He had come to tell me about what my Mom had already written me and he didn’t look too happy about it.  Yes, it must be hard for him to lose his home in Dalaran and have to move the businesses back to their respective capitals – Orgrimmar for the Horde and Stormwind for the Alliance. He was more torn up about having to uproot the family and have them go to Shattrath too, even though it was a home to us for a lot of years before he and Mother decided to get married in the Sindorei fashion. 

I’ll admit that when I first starting reading the letter from Mom, I thought that Dad had gone back to his philandering ways again and had dumped her for another Sindorei woman.  I was angry with him all of those times that he’d come back and then he’d leave us again to go off in search of whatever it was that he thought he needed.  We were like a temporary haven for him until the wanderlust would hit him again.  As I’ve gotten older and they got married, I’ve come to understand some of his reasoning for some of this and have grown to love and respect him for the man that he is.  He did what he thought was the right thing at the time even though it was wrong for his mate and his children.  I honestly don’t know how Mom put up with it, however, I guess she loved him no matter what he did.

Anyway, getting back to my conversation with my Dad.  It was pretty intense because he told me that he felt like there was a real danger coming in Dalaran and that any Blood Elf would be in danger and that included their families and their children, especially those of mixed heritage.  Well, that kind of opened my eyes a little bit too because that would have meant that Mom, my brother, my half-brothers and my grandparents would have all been in harm’s way because of the relationship with my Dad. I know that I’ve never seen him show his emotions but I could see the sadness in his face and he actually had tears in his eyes when we were talking.  He all but apologized to me for having messed up my life. 

I told Dad that it didn’t matter, that I have lived on the edge of society all of life because of my heritage and that it didn’t matter to me.  I still had him and Mom and the rest of the family – it was hard to see this proud man just kind of wilting in front of me. 

We even sat down in the dirt and he pulled a flask out of his tunic and offered me some of his special blend, which is really telling me that he has finally accepted me as a grown-man.  I even had one of those nasty cigarettes that he likes to smoke, which I can’t seem to develop a taste for, they just made my head reel and made my throat hurt.  I guess this was my first real man-to-man discussion with my Father and I have to admit that it made me feel good. I felt like I was on equal footing with him finally.

When we finally finished talking, we gave each other a hug and wished one another well.  I know I almost felt like it might be the last time that I see him for a while which definitely tore at my heart.  I don’t want the relationship to end now, not when it’s just really begun after all of these years.  I’ll keep an eye out for him in the field when I’m on patrol, as he does for me, and we’ll meet again at the market, I’m sure of it.

When I got back to the house, Kae was still sitting at the table working on some armor that she was bound, bent and determined to make and she politely told me that if I am going to Inn, to let her know so that she didn’t have to worry.  Then she told me that I smelled bad because of the cigarette smoke and the alcohol I had had with Dad.  So, there I had to go off and get a bath before we went to bed.

Now, I have to write to Josie and tell her the plans have changed for Winter Veil and that we will have to get together in Stormwind or Shattrath since we will no longer be living in Dalaran.  I hope she will still come to visit me here in Panderia too. This time I won’t be stupid and I’ll mail my own letter instead of asking Kae to do it for me.  I think that’s what pissed her off the last time.


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