Farewell Dalaran

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.


December 13th

Dear Journal,

I did make it back to Dalaran before Amyn and the rest of the family had left and I saw them all off, Agatha is staying behind and is cleaning the “now” empty house.  I know that I am really having a hard time balancing this journal while I’m sitting on the floor of what was once my office and I can feel the tears welling in my eyes every few minutes.

I’ve walked through the house several times, checking closets and things to make sure that we haven’t left anything behind and each time I would cross the threshold of the different rooms, I feel that catch in my throat that tells me I’m on the verge of tears.

This was a happy place for years and the only place I ever thought of as “home” through all of that time.  Now, to leave it all behind is almost more than I can bear.  There are so many memories linked to this house, both good and bad, however, mostly good happy times. I’ll miss walking in that slate foyer and smelling the wood of the paneling that never seemed to dissipate over the years.

I remember when I first bought the place, it had been abused by the previous owner and I had a lot of free time, so, a lot of my sweat went into the first remodeling of the place.  I know that Pan and I had never had so much room at our disposal before and sometimes I think that we both got kind of spooked with the way the noises would sometimes echo through the halls.

I was still a pretty financially soft hunter back in those days.  It took a long time to put everything together for the kitchen and have it the way that I wanted it back then.  Oh, by the Light, the stables were huge and a mess – I actually left most of my mounts and pets in Shattrath with Amyn when I first came up here.  It took me days, weeks even, to get things put in order so that I had a place for the animals that would be suitable and to hire my first employee, the stableman.

Oh sure, I slept on the floor for a long time in the master suite and promised myself that I would have a huge bed in here with black satin sheets and a soft black velvet comforter for it, the canopy over the bed came much later.  Everything came to pass in due time, even remodeling the fireplaces with black marble to make them look even bigger.  Oh, those were the days when I was still very single and still out in the field a lot – I probably would make it back to Dalaran twice a month if I was lucky. 

Now, the echoes are back in the house, the emptiness is almost overwhelming this time.  No laughing children running through, no friends sitting in the great room talking over drinks.  No, the only three things left in the house now are Pan, myself and Agatha.

Agatha is actually going to take care of the big house in Silvermoon and see what she can do to get the staff trained on the other one.  At least she’s not leaving my employment and yes, she cried when she started cleaning the house for the last time – we both loved it here for a very long time.

So, it’s time for me to get off my backside and head out, lock the front door for the last time and make sure that the wards are still set.  So, it’s good-bye Dalaran, thanks for the happiest years of my life and I wish you well.  Something tells me that we’ll be back some day.

Fnor Morningstar

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