Back To Living AGain

December 15th

Yeah Book!!

It’s me again!! Who else would be writing in here besides me is totally beyond any mindboggling thoughts at this time.  This is my journal and if anyone else wants to read this drivel, well, okay – go for it!

Well, seems like everything is closed up in Dalaran as far as Morningstar Enterprises goes and it’s all back in Orgrimmar for the Horde side of the business.  Fuck! I’m not sure that Fnor hasn’t gone off the deep end a little bit, however, I guess he would much rather be safe than sorry about things if they go the way he thinks they will.  I’ll admit that when I went to pick up my sister and our stuff, people didn’t act the same – kind of skittish.  I bet whatever is going to happen will happen in the next few days.

I know my sister was none too happy to leave Dalaran and was even less pleased when I suggested that she start her studies again in Silvermoon.  I mean, she still can’t remember everything that happened with Angelese, however, I think that she remembers more than she’s talking about.  It was a horrible time for her and it damned near cost her life.  At least I know that she will be somewhat safe there with Agatha taking care of things.  She just wasn’t too happy with the thoughts of going back to Silvermoon where she remembers so many bad things happened to her.

I just dumped my crap in Orgrimmar for the time being.  It’s not all bad in Orgrimmar, just dusty, dirty and noisy, twenty-four seven.  We won’t even talk about the crowds of people that seem to be coming into the city now.  It has been a huge overload of people and to be honest, I’m not sure how much Faendra is going to like living there most of the time now.  My duties keep me in Panderia and I make it a point to come back and check on things every few days – well, maybe we can spend some time together when I’m in town.

This fucking situation is crazy.  Not all Blood Elves sanctioned what happened at Theramore and we sure as hell didn’t all take a vote with that pea brain Warchief to declare an all-out war against the Alliance in this way.  We were honor-bound by an oath that we had taken years ago to follow our allegiance with the Horde.  This was back in the day when we were fighting for our lives against the Scourge and the Lich King.  Now, there comes the rub; rumor has it that the High King or whatever he’s called these days was working out some kind of deal for the Blood Elves to come to the Alliance and that’s all gotten blown to Hell and grown with some of the recent events. Politics, that’s all it is and they will ook you in the dooker every time you bend down to pick something up off of the ground.  I know that it is just crazy to be fighting people that you used to sit in the Lounge in Dalaran and have a drink with now and again, you know, talking about old times.

Yeah, I’m back in Panderia and sitting at Fnor’s little farm that Fnor has decided to give it a go.  I almost think that he’s doing that so he can build up another place to where his family can join him here, which isn’t such a bad idea.  I might start one of my own sometime in the future, but right now, I’m just trying to stay alive and keep these raw recruits we just got sent living long enough to see the other side of this bloody island.

I’m still not happy about leaving Dalaran either; however, I don’t think that we, Blood Elves, were going to be given much choice in the matter.  It was a great place to live and I enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t big enough for half the world to move up there with us.  Now, it’s going to be trips to Orgrimmar with all of the dust and dirt.

You’d think that Garrosh would have had the damned place finished with the remodeling and all of the extras being added since the demise of Deathwing, but, no, it’s hammering and yelling all of the time and the dirt gets into everything, food, clothes and let’s not forget that you need to dust yourself off before you even walk into your own apartment.  Just a fine layer of dust that seems to reappear no matter how many times you wipe it off in just a matter of minutes, which is terrible to think that you’re breathing that shit too.  Almost makes me wish that I hadn’t given up my spot in Thunder Bluff – it smelled like cows but it was clean.

Well, at least I’m over my sad moments from the other night.  I was damned lonely that the Panderian women were starting to look inviting; however, I don’t know that I’d ever get that desperate.  I guess I should just try to start mingling a bit more with some of the other people up here sometime because it sure would beat the hell out of sitting here writing and talking to myself.  One thing though, if I say something that I don’t like, I can at least tell myself to shut the fuck up.

I guess Fnor is opening his old place back up in Shattrath for Amyn and the little guys to live, that mage kid has gone back to Stormwind to study and I hope he can stay safe there. So, I suppose that Fnor and I will have to take turns in being away from the command post instead of both of us taking off.  I know that I kind of want to avoid moving back to Shattrath for a while because it’s where I grew up and picked up a lot of bad habits too.  I know that my sister sure made an ugly face when I told her that she could have a choice of going back to Shattrath or going to Silvermoon – I think she chose wisely.

This whole war situation is probably tearing a lot of families and future plans all up because none of us thought that the Theramore incident would have the long range affects that it had.  Not to mention, Garrosh getting a hair up his backside to take Panderia before the Alliance could get a good strong foothold in there.  That’s why we’re here – go make sure that those guys in Blue don’t get that piece of grass that rightfully belongs to the Horde.

I still spend a lot of time off alone here in Panderia.  I think sometimes it’s a good thing because I can be myself and no one expects anything of me.  I can go off and hunt for game, getting some great leather and fish when I want too.  This is some of the shit that Fnor and I like to do, when we’re not on duty and it’s something that some of the younger Rangers can’t seem to fathom.  It’s not like we have to be “balls to the wall” and going crazy with this war shit.  A man has to have the time to have some time for his own private thoughts and we’re not here to impress anyone. 

I know that I like being able to take the time to just think things through on my own.

Yeah, I’m still lonely most of the time and one would think that I would have gotten used to it by now.  Being lonely is a hunter’s lot in life because you’re never really anywhere to put roots down for long because that’s not where the game is.  I think I came close to having a real home in Dalaran, even if I didn’t own the building, it was where I was the most comfortable.





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